How to Improve Your Writing Style with Grammar Writing Tips

Your writing style is your voice on the internet. Do you speak like James Earl Jones or Napoleon Dynamite? Remember that your words on the page are the only thing that stands between you and your reader. They should catch the reader’s eye and draw them in. At the same time, you always want to make sure you are writing in proper English and not have any grammatical errors within your site content. These are all key components to not only creating a successful blog, but to also build a trustworthy and professional brand in the process.

The following tips will help you improve your writing style.

Make it Your Own

While styles grow and mature over time, there should always be some continuity in your writing. The ways you set up your ideas and interact with them as well as the words you choose to use all make up your “voice.”

Speak to your Audience

Not only does what you write matter but also how you write matters. You may a write a fabulous technical brief, but if it informal and uses too much slang it will not be given the attention it deserves. This applies to everything, if you write about informal things, be informal. Grammar is important, but it is not more important than keeping the reader’s interest. Writing to your audience means that you will write about nature and wildlife very differently compared to how you write about mobile broadband providers or furniture stores. You need to be flexible, and adapt your style accordingly.

Consider Your Audience

This applies to both how you write and what you write. If you usually write about technical issues, don’t suddenly start a series of posts about toilet training cats your audience will not only be confused but leave. In general, people have a certain tolerance about how often a writer can go off-topic. Some websites I read are for the person, but most are for the topic. if a writer goes off topic too many times, or spends too much time posting things that aren’t useful — like a new contest every week — I unsubscribe from the feed without looking back.

Use Catchy Titles

Constantly people claim that your first paragraph and your title need to be full of keywords. This is true to an extent, but even more importantly, you need to make it interesting. As more and more readers use RSS readers to keep track of a lot of blogs, this is even more important to stand out when they are scrolling down the list of titles.

Stay on Topic

When writing on a certain topic it is best to stay focused and not confuse the reader with too many other topics. It is best to write out all the different angles that you want to approach in an article and turn each angle into a new and informative article instead of trying to fit them all into one.

Watch Your Grammar

You don’t have to write like a grammarian and obsess over each comma and independent clause, but too many mistakes in too small of an area will leave even the most profound prose twisted, convoluted and unreadable. Using good grammar does not make your text boring. For most people the purposeful use of bad grammar isn’t artistic or trendy, so there really isn’t a good reason to not put in the little extra effort to make sure your commas are in the right places.

One of the best ways to improve your grammar, is to simply learn from the many different writing services and references guides online. Such resources can be found on free educational sites, or even custom writing job sites. If you still feel your writing isn’t up to the quality you are looking for, the option is also there to outsource your content and blog writing. Additionally, you can improve your writing skills by hiring essay writers at

Use What You Already Know

Too many times I’ve read posts by people who obviously have no actual idea what they are talking about, they just regurgitate information they found elsewhere or are trying to make money off of the latest hot topics.

Don’t Write Solely for Backlinking

Linkbait is okay once and a while, but too much of it and your writing style can be corrupted and you will lose all those links you gained. Remember, you are writing for people not search engines. Writing convoluted posts just so you can stuff in a few more keywords is not helping anyone. it may make you a little more money, but it won’t gain you real readers.

For every “linkbait” should be balanced by several real posts about whatever interests you. This will keep your hard-earned voice from being corrupted by the lazy, keyword stuffing style of linkbait writing.

Be Proud

Talk to any English professor and even they will tell you if you want to hear the most self-centered BS you should go to a gathering of English teachers. These people are some of the best writers in the world. Their control of language is supreme and they can cut to the core of a person without even trying. Why? Because they know their voice and have confidence in it, they allow themselves to trust in it without apology.

Part of being a good writer is being sure of yourself as a writer. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong as long as you are sure of the words you are writing. I used to advise my students that if they want their essays to sound the best, they should start from the assumption they are right and everyone else is wrong. All they had to do then was to prove it.