Jack Depp – Net Worth, Career Highlights, and Personal Life

Jack Depp is the son of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. He was born on April 9, 2002, in Paris, France.

As a child, Jack appeared in his father’s films Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) and Alice in Wonderland (2010).

In 2016, he made his acting debut in the short film Yoga Hosers. And while he has a large following online, he is quiet about his life and doesn’t have many (if any) active social media accounts.

Jack is currently attending high school in Los Angeles, California. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and skateboarding.

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Who is Jack Depp?

The son of Johnny Depp, Jack Depp, has appeared in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and other Hollywood productions.

Jack Depp, the son of British actor/singer Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Jack was born with the name Jackie Christophe Depp III.

He also has two sisters, Lily-Rose and Isabella.

Jack Depp Age and Birthdate

Jack Depp has attained such large popularity that many fans are curious about his age. So, now that you know Jack Depp’s age let us tell you how old he is. He was born on April 9, 2002, making him 20 years old.

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Jack Depp’s Personal Life

Jack Depp, known for being the son of Johnny Depp, was born on April 9, 2002, in Neuilly-sur-Seine-Nanterre, France. When it comes to his parents, his father is Johnny Depp, and his mother is Vanessa Paradis. Jack Deppe has an older sister named Lily rose.

She is also a well-known movie and fashion star. We can, however, provide you with the names of his granddads and great-grandparents. Andre Paradis, John Christopher Depp, Corinne Paradis, and Betty Sue Palmer are Andre’s maternal and paternal grandparents.

Jack Depp’s birth name is Jack Christopher Depp, and he has been interested in acting and modeling since he was a youngster. He followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an actor and model.

There are no further details about his education or early life, but we’ll inform you immediately if we hear anything. Jack’s nationality is American-French, meaning he has a different race.

Jack Depp Interview
Jack Depp has been featured in many different Hollywood profile articles, like this one in The List.

Jack Depp Career

Johnny Depp’s rise to fame began in the early 1980s when he was cast as Officer Angelo Pappas on the TV series 21 Jump Street. In an interview with The Guardian, he recalled that when he auditioned for the part of Tom Hanson in 2015, he was “broke” and “didn’t want to do a television series.”

To land the part of Finnegan, he lied about having a “terrible flush” that had just happened. He nevertheless signed a contract and went to Vancouver the next day after “getting there, signing some paper, doing the screen test.”

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Though it doesn’t have much information, Jack Depp does has an IMDB profile page.

Jack Depp Net Worth – $1+ Million USD

In 2022, Jack Depp’s net worth will be between $1 million and $5 million. His position as a celebrity has resulted in a significant amount of money for him at such a young age.

Given all the controversy surrounding him, Johnny Depp is still a household name in Hollywood. This article isn’t about following the court cases. His value is far more significant than his net worth. Johnny Depp will have a net worth of $200 million in 2022.

Johnny Depp is a film and television actor and producer best known for his performances in Edward Scissorhands and the Pirates of the Caribbean series, both of which were produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Johnny Depp’s net worth in 2022 is the topic of this article, so let’s look at it further.

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Jack Depp FAQ

Is Jack Depp named after Jack Sparrow?

It would only be fitting for the son of Johnny Depp to be named “Jack”, after the infamous “Jack Sparrow”, but this is not a known fact.

How long were Johnny and Vanessa together?

Jack Depp is the son of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. They were together for 14 years, and seperated in 2012.

How old is Jack Depp now?

Jack Depp was born on April 9, 2002, which makes him 20 (as of 2022).

Jack Depp Wiki

Born: April 9, 2002, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Parents: Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis
Movies: Yoga Hosers
Nationality: American, French
Siblings: Lily-Rose Depp
Grandparents: Corinne Paradis, Betty Sue Palmer, John Christopher Depp, André Paradis
Uncle: Daniel Depp

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