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James Corden is a renowned British singer, actor and television host best known for his role in the musical play One Man, Two Guvnors. His career has spanned across various television shows, feature films and Broadway productions.

Born on August 22, 1978 in Hillingdon, England to Malcolm and Margaret Corden, James began his acting career at age 12. He first rose to fame with his performance of music hall entertainer Max Milligan in Martin Guerre at the National Theatre in London. This performance earned him an Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor in 2003.

Following this success, he starred as Timms in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys at the Royal National Theatre alongside Dominic Cooper and James Buckley. This won him the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2004 and an Evening Standard Theatre Award nomination.

In 2006, James appeared in television series Fat Friends before joining the cast of Gavin & Stacey as Smithy alongside Matt Horne, Joanna Page and Ruth Jones. For his role, he received two British Academy Television Awards and three British Comedy Awards.

He has also starred in films such as The Three Musketeers (2011), Begin Again (2013) with Keira Knightley, Into the Woods (2014) with Meryl Streep, Kill Your Friends (2015) with Nicholas Hoult and Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016). In 2018, he starred in Peter Rabbit alongside Daisy Ridley.

James has also been a successful television presenter, hosting The Late Late Show with James Corden since 2015. He has won five Emmys for his work on the show and in 2020 he was awarded a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album for producing ‘Hairpsray Live!’.

In 2021, he made his debut as a producer of the television series The Prom alongside Ryan Murphy.

James’ latest film project is an adaptation of musical play One Man Two Guvnors which will be released by Netflix later this year.

Overall, James Corden is one of Britain’s most popular actors and television hosts who continues to entertain audiences around the world. His impressive career highlights and accolades make him a true star of the entertainment industry.

James Corden’s Age, Height, and Body Features

James Corden’s Age, Height, and Bio

Looking for the latest and most accurate information on celebrities or social media stars? You are in the right place! James Corden is a comedian, TV host, actor, producer, and writer. Here is everything you need to know about James Corden.

How old is James Corden, and where was he born?

Born: August 22, 1978 (age 44 years), Hillingdon, United Kingdom.

How much is James Corden worth?

Net worth: $70 Million

Who is James Corden married to?

Julia Carey (m. 2012)

What are some of James Corden’s most popular acting roles?

The Late Late Show With James Corden, Trolls, Into the Woods, Peter Rabbit

How many children does James Corden have?

Carey Corden, Max Corden, Charlotte Corden

What is the height of James Corden?

Height 5′8″, Weight 203 lbs

What are James Corden’s measurements?

Measurements: 44-42-14 inches inches

James Corden’s Quotes on Life

James Corden is one of the most famous personalities in TV and movies today. Known for his comedic style, James successfully transitioned from comedian to a TV host and earned a huge fan following in the process. Here are some latest sayings by James Corden.

  • “I want to act, I want to write, and I need to follow good directors.”
  • “I met my wife; she barely owned a television and worked for Save the Children. We sat down one night, and we fell in love, and that was it.”
  • “I love hard work. ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ was so physically tiring I ached all the time, but I took a massive amount of pride in the fact that I only ever missed two shows.”
  • “No one could have predicted on day one of rehearsals, that a year and a half later we would have shot a film and all be living in New York. It was surreal.”
  • “I guess I have a faith. I have an overriding feeling that all of this can’t be for nothing. But then I also fully understand that it might be.”
  • “I love ‘Jerry Maguire.’ I absolutely love it.”

James Corden Net Worth – $70 Million

James Corden FAQ

What made James Corden famous?

When Corden was chosen to portray the sarcastic Timms in Alan Bennett’s play The History Boys at the National Theatre, it was his big break. In 2006, he stayed with the show throughout its tour of Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as its Tony Award-winning Broadway run.

Does James Corden have a TV show?

The Late Late Show with James Corden (official site) airs on CBS.

Why is James Corden in Doctor Who?

Before going on to become a well-known TV personality in America today, James Corden had two cameos as Craig Owens, the Doctor’s honorary companion, in season 5, episode 11, “The Lodger,” and season 6, episode 12, “Closing Time,” in 2010.

How much does a ticket to see James Corden cost?

James Corden tapings, like most TV shows, are free to attend! They are provided by 1iota and typically issued a month or so before the scheduled shooting date.

James Corden Wiki

Born: August 22, 1978, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
Spouse: Julia Carey (m. 2012)
Children: Carey Corden, Max Corden, Charlotte Corden
Height: 5′ 8″
Siblings: Ruth Corden, Andrea Henry Corden
Albums: One Man, Two Guvnors: Original Cast Recording Featuring The Craze
Parents: Margaret Corden, Malcolm Corden