John Chow Blog Review and How to Start a WordPress Blog

John Chow is a well-known blogger, entrepreneur, an internet marketer who has made his fortune by teaching other online entrepreneurs how to make money online. But before he was the internet guru that everyone knows today, he was a beginning blogger like many others. How did he make his fortune?

John Chow: Biography

John Chow was born in a small farming village in China, but his family immigrated to Canada when he was only seven years of age. He had a dream to take advantage of the capitalism that was available in the United States and Canada by starting his own business as an internet blogger.

He began a blog called and figured out a way to make a regular income by exploring topics that he knew his readers would be interested in. John is the author of the famous book, Blogging Secrets and Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Come Mogul. The second book Make Money Online made it to #1 on the Best Seller list within the first week of its release.

Chow has also written other books that focus on the blogging lifestyle and has been featured in publications such as The Vancouver Sun, the New York Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few.

In addition to his prowess in top media outlets and the Amazon book market, he has also been featured in several different radio and television shows such as The Lab and Global Morning News.

There have also been TV documentaries made about him.

John Chow’s Blog

John Chow’s blog is famous for being one of the greatest resources out there to help people start and grow their online businesses. His numerous successes as an online blogger have helped him to help millions of beginning bloggers to reach for the stars and cut out their niche area to see big profits.

In the New Trends publication, there is a closeup review of John Chow in which he proudly proclaims that he is the 1% who have been able to create the kind of income that most people only dream of. He states in the article that he is making $40,000 per month, more than many people make in a year.

Chow is also a great example of “working smarter, not harder.” His massive wealth has been created by working only around 2 hours per day. He does this using a secret formula that he says will help anyone to use one of three business models that help create and maintain true wealth online.

John Chow: YouTube Channel Profits

In addition to being an internet guru on his website and blogs, he also has a good following on YouTube, the world’s primary video social media outlet. He has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 28,000 on his Facebook page.

What makes John Chow special?

So what it is that makes John Chow special? Is it his books that teach people how to maximize their web presence and create a blog that uses the proven techniques of affiliate marketing or Adsense ads?

Perhaps the answer is that John seems to know how to create a collection of income streams that continue to make him money over time. He also seems to be quite skilled at connecting his web properties in such a way that it attracts quality targeted traffic time after time. He, like many successful online entrepreneurs today, is extremely focused and he knows what he is good at.

He also features some different types of media assets that allow him to bring it all together. Below are some of these best avenues that he uses to promote his products and ideas.


Blogging is John’s primary income, and he is willing to help starting bloggers using the WordPress platform to set up their first blog free! This is one of the things that sets John Chow apart from the many other bloggers out there. He knows which SEO plugins to use, too and he will show beginning bloggers how to incorporate the right plugins to bring in quality traffic.

Live Events and Online Conferences

John doesn’t stop with blogs. He also hosts a number of fascinating and engaging online conferences on the web on a regular basis. He takes advantage of amazing tools such as the Clickfunnels site and often hosts numerous online events that help connect beginning bloggers with his award-winning books and programs.

He co-hosts many of these types of events with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs to help them get started as well. You’ll learn a lot of important information by attending John’s online web events, and you can keep up with the schedule by going to his main site.

Ad Networks and Affiliate Marketing

At the heart of John Chow’s fortune is his ability to utilize the magic of ad networks and affiliate marketing to create his “cash cows.” Affiliate marketing generates income for bloggers and marketers by getting people to click on links and purchase products that you get a commission on. Some affiliates pay out up to 50% or more while others only pay around 4% or less. John knows how to find the ones that pay off at higher gratuity rates, and he saves you lots of time when searching for opportunities.

Books and Authorship

There’s nothing like writing a book to draw attention to yourself and your brand. Chow has done this with two best-selling books that have helped him corner the market in the internet blogging space and create an income for himself time and time again. You can find his books on his main website and blogs, as well as earlier in this post.

Chow has made a good living on his books and other media content, and he is an excellent example of someone who has used all of the media outlets, tools, and social platforms to cultivate what could be called a “content farm” that illustrates his expertise in a big way.

What this is really about is branding. The idea of branding is to take all of your assets and digital assets and pull them together in a meaningful way. We’ve all seen bloggers who may have a nice website that is pretty focused on their primary talents or products. You may go to their blog and see that they have some excellent tips on how to create a business or increase your income online. But then you go to their Instagram and see pictures of their pet deer or their family Thanksgiving. This may be cute to some, but you lose credibility when all of your digital assets do not work together to promote your brand without losing how you look professionally.

John Chow knows how to put all of his digital assets together on multiple platforms that leave the impression that he is the “god of internet marketing.” At least, that’s what many of his followers seem to think!

John Chow’s Web Kingdom

If you doubt this, take a look at his web properties and see why he has been able to create an empire by only working a couple of hours a day. And then dare to dream that you could do it too!

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How to Start a WordPress Blog Like John Chow

If you’ve followed John over the years, you will already know that his blog started with zero traffic and really didn’t even talking about making money online for several months after he launched it. In fact, it was one of his readers that challenged him to start making money with his blog, then look where it is today.

The most important thing to remember here is that blogging definitely takes a lot of time, work, and effort if you want to make it big. On the flip side, the good news is that if you want to¬†create a blog of your own, it’s extremely simple and will only cost a few pennies per day.

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With John Chow inspiring millions of users every month through his blog, he’s become one of the top bloggers in the world today — and even more amazing, one that has taken their blog from $0 per month, to $100,00o+ a month, without spending a lot of money in the process. Be sure to keep checking out his blog for more useful tips, and to also get started with one of your own!