Labyrinth Characters: Goblin Kingdom Residents

When it comes to the fantastical world of Labyrinth, one cannot help but be mesmerized by its intriguing characters. Among the many inhabitants of the Goblin Kingdom, the goblins themselves stand out as curious and enigmatic creatures. But who are these goblins? Where do they come from? And what role do they play in the magical Labyrinth? Let’s unravel the mysteries and delve into the fascinating world of the goblins in Labyrinth.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The goblins are the main residents of the Goblin Kingdom in Labyrinth.
  • They have diverse physical features, ranging from small eyes to wings and tails.
  • The origin of the goblins is unclear, but there are hints that they may have been human children turned into goblins.
  • Goblins are known for their stupidity but can also have other careers, such as cooks, shoemakers, and musicians.
  • Mayor Spittledrum is one of the intelligent goblins who oversees the bureaucratic management of The Goblin City.

Description of Goblins in Labyrinth

Goblins in Labyrinth are a remarkably diverse race with a wide range of physical characteristics. Some have small eyes while others have large, protruding ones. They can have horns, wild hair, wings, or even a tail. The goblins’ physical appearance is often used for comic effect in the film.

Contrary to the suggestion that goblins were once human children, Return to Labyrinth indicates that Jareth found the goblins dwelling in a swamp over 1000 years prior to Sarah’s journey into the Labyrinth. Jareth decided to become the King of the goblins because he found them amusing.

“Goblins are, of course, clever little creatures. Clever enough to grow gills when faced with the threat of the Bog of Eternal Stench, and wise enough to steal their king’s necklace from his own pocket!”

– Hoggle

History of Goblins in Labyrinth

Thousands of years ago, the goblins were ruled by members of their own species in a democratic government. However, the government descended into anarchy, unemployment, and unruliness. Jareth then assumed the role of King of the Goblins and made them his slaves. He re-created the Labyrinth according to his vision and hid himself in its center. Jareth maintained control over the goblins through his intelligence, magic, and ability to intimidate them.

Dissent among the goblins started after Sarah’s victory in the Labyrinth, and they threatened to remove Jareth from power. Jareth appeased them by appointing Pajan Spittledrum, a general from The Goblin Army, as the Mayor of the Goblin City. However, Jareth’s powers eventually weakened, and he tricked Sarah’s brother Toby into becoming the next King of the Labyrinth, while Jareth sought out Sarah on Earth.

The goblins revolted against Jareth and were temporarily suppressed by the sorceress Mizumi. Toby was viewed with suspicion by some goblins, and General Candlewic plotted to remove him from power. Eventually, Jareth resumed his role as King of the Goblins and Toby persuaded him to take up his responsibilities again.

“The goblin’s allegiance is to Jareth now. You could pit them against each other, but they are nothing, if not loyal.”

The Goblin Kingdom: Before and After

To provide a clear understanding of the impact of Jareth’s rule, a comparison between the pre-Jareth and post-Jareth eras in the Goblin Kingdom can be made. The table below summarizes the changes:

Aspect Pre-Jareth Era Post-Jareth Era
Government Democratic rule by goblin leaders Dictatorship under Jareth
Labyrinth Not reimagined; basic structure Recreated according to Jareth’s vision
Goblin Roles Varied careers, including cooks, shoemakers, and musicians Mainly slaves to Jareth; limited career options
Goblin City Management No specific leadership role Mayor Spittledrum appointed by Jareth
Goblin Loyalty Unified kingdom with loyalty to their leaders Dissent and power struggles under Jareth’s weakened rule

Goblin History

Despite the transformation in governance and goblin roles, loyalty to the Goblin King remained a defining characteristic of the goblins in the Labyrinth. Despite disagreements and unrest, they remained bound to Jareth, showcasing their enduring loyalty. This dynamic played a significant role in shaping the history and society of the Goblin Kingdom.

Known Goblins in Labyrinth

Within the vast and mysterious Labyrinth, several goblins stand out as notable figures. Let’s take a closer look at some of these known characters:

Goblin Name Description
Skub A mischievous goblin known for his pranks and clever tricks.
Candlewic A conniving goblin who plots behind the scenes to further his own agenda.
Mayor Spittledrum An intelligent goblin who oversees the bureaucratic management of The Goblin City, ensuring its smooth operation.
Professor Maelgrot A knowledgeable goblin with a passion for research and study, often sought after for his wisdom.

These goblins play integral roles in the enigmatic world of the Labyrinth, each adding their unique flavor to the story. Now, let’s delve deeper into the intricate society that exists within the Goblin Kingdom.

known goblins in labyrinth

Goblin Society in Labyrinth

Within the world of Labyrinth, the goblins play various roles and hold positions of importance in goblin society. While the Goblin Army is the primary organization where many goblins find employment, its reputation for incompetence and inability to protect The Goblin City precedes it. The army consists of diverse forces, ranging from foot soldiers to mounted guards, led and guided by Jareth, the powerful Goblin King.

However, goblins are not limited to military roles alone. They also occupy positions as cooks, shoemakers, musicians, and other vocations within their society. This diversity reflects the rich tapestry of their culture and the breadth of talents and skills possessed by the goblin population.

An exemplary example of a goblin with higher intelligence is Mayor Spittledrum, who oversees the bureaucratic management of The Goblin City. His role demonstrates that goblins possess not only physical attributes but also intellectual and administrative capabilities.

“The goblins, though known for their perceived stupidity, have demonstrated an array of talents beyond what is commonly portrayed.”

The multifaceted nature of goblin society in Labyrinth contributes to its complexity and depth, showcasing the unique characteristics and capabilities of these fantastical creatures.

Goblin Society Roles and Positions

The following table illustrates the different roles and positions occupied by goblins within Labyrinth:

Position Description
Military Soldiers, guards, and various army forces
Cooks Goblins responsible for food preparation
Shoemakers Goblins skilled in crafting footwear
Musicians Goblins who provide entertainment through music
Bureaucratic Management Goblins overseeing administrative tasks and governance

The diverse range of roles and positions held by goblins within Labyrinth’s society highlights their adaptability and contribution to the functioning of the Goblin Kingdom. These iconic characters bring depth and intrigue to the fantastical world of the Labyrinth.

goblin society

Labyrinth Structure: Brick Corridor and Brick Maze

In the vast and intricate Labyrinth of the Goblin Kingdom, adventurers encounter an array of challenging sections. Two noteworthy sections are the Brick Corridor and the Brick Maze. These areas not only test the navigational skills of those who dare to enter but also showcase the enigmatic nature of the labyrinth itself.

Brick Corridor: A Mysterious Entryway

The Brick Corridor serves as the gateway to the labyrinth. It consists of two towering walls constructed of dark brick, intermittently adorned with obelisks that reach towards the sky. As one ventures through the corridor, they might encounter hidden openings that lie concealed, awaiting discovery.

labyrinth structure

Those who embark on this perilous journey must navigate the treacherous path, staying vigilant for secret passageways that lie in wait. The Brick Corridor, with its imposing presence and concealed openings, sets the stage for the trials that lie ahead.

Brick Maze: A Twist of Fate at Every Turn

Beyond the daunting Brick Corridor lies the intricate Brick Maze. This section challenges even the most astute adventurers with its peculiarly curved walls and perplexing steps. The maze is designed to disorientate and confuse, as its ever-shifting walls rearrange themselves randomly, creating a disconcerting sense of bewilderment.

Amidst the winding paths, small goblins scurry, adding an additional layer of challenge to the already perplexing maze. As explorers maneuver through the convoluted corridors, they must also face the Four Guards, formidable sentinels who guard a crucial route. To gain passage through this pivotal point, adventurers must successfully solve the riddle posed by the Four Guards, testing their wit and agility.

The Brick Maze stands as a testament to the mystifying nature of the labyrinth, challenging the resolve of those who dare to uncover its secrets.

Other Sections of the Labyrinth

Besides the Brick Corridor and Brick Maze, the Labyrinth also consists of other sections that add depth and intrigue to the mystical realm. Each section presents unique challenges and encounters for those who dare to venture within.


The Oubliette is a sinister form of dungeon hidden within the Labyrinth. Accessed through a hatch in the ceiling, it serves as Jareth’s dark and gloomy prison for his enemies. Within its depths, despair and isolation reign, making it a fearsome place to be forgotten.

Underground Passages

The Underground Passages are a network of dark and dimly lit tunnels that wind their way beneath the Labyrinth’s surface. These eerie passages are adorned with huge stone faces known as False Alarms, strategically placed to discourage progress and challenge the resolve of those who traverse them.

Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze is a bright and meticulously cultivated section of the Labyrinth. It is adorned with intricately shaped hedges that create a complex labyrinthine path. Within this section, topiary figures come to life, adding an enchanting and whimsical element to the journey.

Fiery Forest

The Fiery Forest is a section of the Labyrinth where Sarah encounters the mischievous Fire Gang, known as the Fireys. This peculiar and lively group of creatures thrives within a realm of flickering flames and playful chaos. Their antics add excitement and unexpected twists to Sarah’s adventure.

Bog of Eternal Stench

The Bog of Eternal Stench is a vile and repugnant pool that emits unpleasant noises and odors, serving as a deterrent to those who approach. This infamous section of the Labyrinth tests the endurance and resilience of those who dare to face its foul presence.

Enchanted Forest

Within the Labyrinth lies the enchanting and magical wilderness of the Enchanted Forest. This lush and vibrant section is teeming with mystical creatures and awe-inspiring wonders. It captivates the senses and adds an ethereal beauty to the journey.

Junk City

Junk City is a sprawling land within the Labyrinth, filled with discarded objects, debris, and remnants of forgotten treasures. It serves as a testament to the fleeting nature of material possessions and creates an atmosphere of both chaos and intrigue.

labyrinth sections

These diverse sections of the Labyrinth each contribute to the depth and richness of the world within. Navigating through these perilous and fantastical realms tests the courage, wit, and determination of those who seek to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Whether encountering menacing creatures, solving riddles, or braving treacherous environments, the Labyrinth’s sections reveal the true character and resolve of those who dare to enter.

Gremlin’s Kingdom in Labyrinth

To the west of the Goblin Kingdom lies the gremlin’s kingdom. The castle, carved out of a stone mountain, is a magnificent sight to behold. Most of the kingdom exists beneath the surface, with tunnels and paths stretching throughout the mountain. The boundary between the castle and the mountain is blurred, making it difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins.

The ruler of the gremlin’s kingdom is the wise and powerful gremlin queen. She governs with grace and wisdom, ensuring the harmony of her realm. The gremlin queen is also a devoted mother, raising four children who each possess unique temperaments.

Visitors to the gremlin’s kingdom are enchanted by its mystical beauty, intricate architecture, and the peaceful aura that surrounds it. It is a realm filled with wonder and mystery, inviting adventurers to explore its hidden treasures.

gremlin kingdom

The Enchanting Gremlin’s Kingdom

“The gremlin’s kingdom is a place of magic and charm, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the craftsmanship of the gremlins. Every corner holds secrets waiting to be discovered.” – Traveler’s Journal

Two Kingdoms in Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is home to two neighboring kingdoms: the Goblin Kingdom and the Gremlin Kingdom. Each kingdom has its own ruler and unique characteristics that add to the intrigue and adventure of the Labyrinth.

The Goblin Kingdom, ruled by Jareth, the Goblin King, is known for its diverse population of goblins. These mischievous creatures with their eccentric appearances and antics bring a sense of whimsy to the Labyrinth. The Goblin Kingdom is also home to the renowned Goblin City, a bustling hub of goblin activity and culture.

On the other hand, the Gremlin Kingdom, situated to the west of the Goblin Kingdom, is ruled by the powerful gremlin queen. The castle of the Gremlin Kingdom is carved into a stone mountain, creating an imposing and mysterious atmosphere. The subterranean nature of the kingdom, with its intricate network of tunnels and paths, adds to its enigmatic allure.

Both kingdoms have their own unique structures and inhabitants that make the Labyrinth a rich and captivating world. The Goblin Kingdom showcases the intricately designed Labyrinth and the bustling Goblin City, while the Gremlin Kingdom offers a glimpse into the hidden depths of the mountains and the rule of the gremlin queen.

goblin kingdom and gremlin kingdom

Goblin Kingdom

Features of the Goblin Kingdom Inhabitants
The Labyrinth Goblins of various appearances and abilities
The Goblin City Goblin King Jareth and his subjects

Gremlin Kingdom

Features of the Gremlin Kingdom Inhabitants
Stone mountain castle Gremlin Queen and her four children
Subterranean tunnels Mysterious and powerful gremlins

The Two Kingdoms’ Relationship

The Goblin Kingdom and the Gremlin Kingdom have a complex relationship. While they are neighboring regions in the Labyrinth, their rulers and residents have different characteristics and roles. The Goblin Kingdom, ruled by Jareth, the Goblin King, is known for its diverse population of goblins who serve as his slaves. On the other hand, the Gremlin Kingdom, ruled by the gremlin queen, is said to be older than the former goblin queen. The exact nature of the relationship between the two kingdoms is not explicitly mentioned in the factual data, but it can be assumed that they maintain their separate identities due to their distinct rulers and geographical locations.

gremlin kingdom

The Goblin Kingdom, under the control of Jareth, operates as a centralized authority where goblins are subjugated and treated as servants. Jareth’s rule and dominance over the goblins are reinforced by his intelligence, magical abilities, and ability to intimidate them. In contrast, the Gremlin Kingdom, led by the gremlin queen, may have a different power structure and relationship with its inhabitants. Although specific details about the gremlin queen’s rule are unspecified, it can be inferred that her leadership style and treatment of her subjects differ from Jareth’s oppressive governance in the Goblin Kingdom.

The Labyrinth: A Challenge for Heroes

The Labyrinth, located in the heart of the Goblin Kingdom, is a formidable and intricate structure that presents a daunting challenge for heroes, exemplified by the experiences of Sarah Williams. This complex maze is teeming with a myriad of sections, treacherous traps, and formidable obstacles. It serves as a crucible that tests the mettle of brave and determined individuals who dare to venture within its twisted corridors.

Those who step foot in the Labyrinth must possess not only physical courage but also sharp wit and cunning. The Labyrinth relentlessly challenges the intelligence and problem-solving skills of those who attempt to navigate its labyrinthine paths. With each step, heroes must unravel its secrets, decipher puzzles, and overcome various sections such as the Brick Corridor, Brick Maze, Oubliette, Underground Passages, Hedge Maze, Fiery Forest, Bog of Eternal Stench, Enchanted Forest, and Junk City.

Ultimately, the journey through the Labyrinth culminates in the climactic confrontation with Jareth, the enigmatic and powerful Goblin King. This final encounter in the heart of the Goblin City represents the culmination of the hero’s arduous quest and personal growth. The Labyrinth serves as a transformative journey, where the protagonist not only rescues her brother but also discovers her inner strength, tenacity, and resilience.


Who are the main characters in the movie Labyrinth?

The main characters in Labyrinth include Sarah Williams, Jareth the Goblin King, and various goblins.

What are the physical characteristics of the goblins in Labyrinth?

The goblins in Labyrinth have diverse physical features, such as small or large eyes, horns, wild hair, wings, or even a tail.

What is the history of the goblins in Labyrinth?

The origin of the goblins in Labyrinth is unclear, but it is suggested that they may have once been human children turned into goblins. Jareth found the goblins dwelling in a swamp over 1000 years prior to Sarah’s journey into the Labyrinth.

Who are some of the known goblins in Labyrinth?

Some of the known goblins in Labyrinth include Skub, Candlewic, Mayor Spittledrum, and Professor Maelgrot.

What roles do goblins have in Goblin society in Labyrinth?

Goblins in Labyrinth can have various roles in society, including being part of the Goblin Army, cooks, shoemakers, musicians, and more. Mayor Spittledrum oversees the bureaucratic management of The Goblin City.

What are the sections of the Labyrinth in Goblin Kingdom?

The Labyrinth in Goblin Kingdom consists of sections like the Brick Corridor, Brick Maze, Oubliette, Underground Passages, Hedge Maze, Fiery Forest, Bog of Eternal Stench, Enchanted Forest, and Junk City.

What is the Gremlin’s Kingdom in Labyrinth?

The Gremlin’s Kingdom in Labyrinth is a neighboring kingdom to the Goblin Kingdom, ruled by the gremlin queen, and located to the west. It is a subterranean kingdom carved out of a stone mountain.

What is the relationship between the Goblin Kingdom and the Gremlin’s Kingdom in Labyrinth?

The relationship between the Goblin Kingdom and the Gremlin’s Kingdom is not explicitly mentioned, but they are separate kingdoms with different rulers and characteristics.

How does the Labyrinth serve as a challenge for heroes?

The Labyrinth in Goblin Kingdom is a complex maze that tests the bravery, intelligence, and determination of those who attempt to navigate it. Heroes must overcome various sections to reach the Goblin City and confront Jareth, the Goblin King.