Lewis Howes Blog Review: His Blog, Podcast and the School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is a former professional Arena League football player. He is the host of “The School of Greatness” which is a talk show that is captured as a podcast. He has interviewed well-known millionaire business owners such as Joe Polish and many others who have discovered better ways of living. Some of the most notable guests are listed below.

In addition to all of the above, Lewis has become a world-famous blogger, entrepreneur, podcaster, and has even launched his own event, titled “Summit of Greatness”.

Lewis Howes’s Blog

Lewis Howes’s blog is focused on becoming great. His “School of Greatness” is the theme that covers every part of his blog and he includes a wide array of super great talent to visit with him on his podcasts. His podcast is the focal point of his blog, and it brings life to his concept of the “School of Greatness.” Show topics include everything from how to improve your diet, be healthier and more energetic, discovering your true self, and other important topics that help a great number of people.

There’s a sign-up at the very top of his blog that invites you to become a member of his circle by getting weekly updates on his School of Greatness tips and ideas right in your email.

Lewis Howes Stellar Guests

Howes has many celebrities and experts on his podcasts. They also film a video version so you can also view most of them on YouTube as well. All of this is accessible on his blog. Below are links and descriptions to three of his most prominent guests that he has featured on his show in the past.

Joe Polish

Joe Polish is an expert blogger and content creator who helps business owners learn how to maximize their impact in the modern world and make your brand unique. He distinguishes between marketing and branding in that marketing is more about selling products, while branding should focus on specific aspects of your brand that truly connect to customers and increase your credibility.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone, who was a teen star in such films like “Poison Ivy” and “The Crush,” shared with Lewis Howes on one of his podcasts that she struggled with self-worth issues as a young twenty-year-old. She explained that being in movies did little to help her sense of self-worth and confidence, but changing to a vegetarian and forsaking animal meat was the bridge she used to feel in self-control. “The Kind Diet” is a book she wrote about eating better by making better healthy choices in your diet.

Mike Posner

Mike Posner is a poet, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. He joined Howes’s show to discuss the importance of embracing life. He says that living a great life is not as much about what one does as it is about finding your purpose and reaching a true level of happiness through self-discovery.

Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes is the host of The School of Greatness, a popular podcast that features interviews with some of the most successful and inspiring people in the world.

Each episode is packed with actionable advice and motivation, making it perfect for anybody who wants to improve their life or business.

Recent guests on the show include Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Arianna Huffington.

If you’re looking for some inspiration and practical advice, be sure to check out The School of Greatness.

Best Articles and Case Studies on the Site

Lewis doesn’t spend a lot of time writing blog posts. Instead, he pours most of his energy into creating dynamic podcasts with stellar guests that are known to millions. These superstar guests offer unique insight into his show based on their own life experiences, career knowledge, and other talents. Tony Robbins was a recent guest on Lewis’s podcast, and he talked about his Ultimate Guide to Financial Success and Happiness.

In this show starring Tony Robbins, you’ll hear about the difference between being rich and poor regarding real value rather than just measuring it with money or financial strength alone. Listen to the podcast yourself to learn more about how to create real wealth and to find your way around dealing with your financial challenges and investment strategies.

You can hear the Robbins interview by clicking the link above. Howes talks about how this speaker influenced his life when he first heard him in a live conference. He said that he was able to exude such confidence to his audience that he inspires others also to have confidence in their abilities and offer something unique to the world.

Robbins points out in the interview that creating passive income is the key to wealth. This can be done in some ways including writing books, creating media that is purchased over and over again, or investing in real estate or the stock market. Trading time for money keeps you poor, he states and that poor people only “consume,” but rich people “own.”

Robbins has an optimistic view of the future for individuals, and he is a financial expert as well as a life coach and author/entrepreneur.

Lewis Howes’s Books

In addition to Howes’s well-known podcasts, he also writes many of his books. Some of the most intriguing titles that have created a great passive income for him are listed below:

Lewis Howes’s Online Content

Take a look at Lewis Howe’s online content and bookmark them to return to often. You’ll learn a lot and have fun too!

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How to Start Your Own Entrepreneur Blog Like Lewis Howes

After you have checked out Lewis Howes’s blog and listened to some of his famous guests’ podcasts, you should think about how to create your own “celebrity” blog. One of the things that stands out about Howes’s blog is his overt use of podcasts to create hype for his brand. Rather than just writing articles of sharing posts on social media and his site or selling things, you get a true sense of community when you listen in on his podcasts, and you feel like you are a part of his group.

If you want to start your entrepreneur blog, start by focusing on a theme. What will you focus on? What is your niche area and what are you good at? What influencers could you reach out to create hype for your brand in the way that Lewis has done on his blog.

If you reach out to influencers and tell them that you want to promote their vision as well as your own, you may be surprised at the number of people you can get to help you out on your site or blog.

Start with a great idea. Then find a list of topics you plan to address through your blog. You can write articles, create podcasts as Lewis Howes does, or even produce short videos that allow you to share your ideas with your target audience.

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Take it a step at a time. Then get a web server such as Bluehost or WordPress and start writing. You’ll be surprised how you can grow your audience if you work at it a little every week. Combining your digital assets and focusing on a great idea is the key to success when it comes to creating your brand and building your audience.

There’s no better time than today to get started. So get inspired. But get up and do it. You’ll never regret getting something started when it is based on a worthwhile goal.