Lily James Net Worth – How Rich is James in 2023?

Lily James, the talented English actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her captivating performances. Her journey to success has been accompanied by significant financial growth, leading many to wonder about Lily James’ net worth in 2023. Let’s delve into her earnings and salary to get a closer look at her financial standing.

lily james net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Lily James has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  • She gained recognition through roles in “Downton Abbey” and Disney’s “Cinderella.”
  • James has starred in various successful films, including “Baby Driver” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”
  • Her net worth is a reflection of her talent and success in the entertainment industry.
  • James continues to take on challenging roles and has upcoming projects lined up.

Early Life and Education

Lily James, whose birth name is Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, was born on April 5, 1989, in Esher, Surrey, England. She grew up in a family of artists, with her mother being an actress and her father a musician. James attended the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, where she honed her acting skills and developed a passion for the arts. After completing her education at Tring Park, she went on to study at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

During her time at Guildhall, James immersed herself in various theater productions and gained valuable experience working alongside industry professionals. She dedicated herself to her craft and showcased her talent through her performances. In 2010, she graduated from Guildhall, ready to embark on her professional acting career.

James’s early life and education played a significant role in shaping her into the talented actress she is today. Her exposure to the arts from a young age, combined with her formal education at renowned institutions, provided her with a strong foundation for success in the entertainment industry.

lily james early life

Family Influence and Artistic Background

“Growing up in a family of artists, I was surrounded by creativity and a deep appreciation for the arts. My parents instilled in me a love for acting and music, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in the performing arts. I am grateful for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my journey.”
– Lily James

Lily James’s family background played a significant role in her artistic development. With her mother’s influence as an actress and her father’s musical talents, James was exposed to various art forms from a young age. This nurturing environment sparked her passion for performing and fueled her desire to pursue a career in acting.

Through her early life and education, Lily James laid the groundwork for a successful career in the entertainment industry. Her dedication, talent, and family support have propelled her to achieve notable recognition and establish herself as a versatile actress in both film and television.

Career Breakthrough

After graduating from drama school, Lily James made her professional acting debut in the TV show “Just William” in 2010. She gained wider recognition for her role as Lady Rose in the popular TV series “Downton Abbey.” However, it was her portrayal of Cinderella in Disney’s film adaptation of the fairytale that propelled her to mainstream success. This breakthrough role led to more prominent roles in films like “Baby Driver,” “Darkest Hour,” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

James’s career took off after her success as Cinderella, and she quickly became a sought-after actress in Hollywood. Her talent and versatility allowed her to take on diverse roles in various genres, showcasing her range as an actress. From action-packed thrillers to historical dramas and romantic comedies, James proved her ability to captivate audiences and deliver standout performances.

“Playing Cinderella was a transformative experience for me. It opened so many doors and allowed me to explore different genres and characters. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way since then,” said James.

In addition to her notable roles in films, James has also made appearances on stage, demonstrating her versatility as an actress. Her performances in theater productions further solidify her status as a talented and well-rounded performer.

Notable Roles:

  • Lady Rose in “Downton Abbey”
  • Cinderella in Disney’s “Cinderella”
  • Debora in “Baby Driver”
  • Elizabeth Layton in “Darkest Hour”
  • Young Donna Sheridan in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”
Film Year
Baby Driver 2017
Darkest Hour 2017
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 2018

Lily James’s career breakthrough in “Cinderella” marked the beginning of her rise to stardom. With each new role, she continues to impress audiences and critics alike, solidifying her position as one of Hollywood’s most promising talents.

lily james breakthrough

Filmography and Notable Projects

Lily James has established herself as a versatile actress with an impressive filmography. She has showcased her talent and versatility in various notable projects, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. From fairytale adaptations to historical dramas, James has proven her ability to captivate audiences with her performances.

Notable Films and Roles

James has appeared in a range of films, each showcasing her ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters. In Disney’s “Cinderella,” she portrayed the iconic princess with grace and charm, earning praise for her enchanting performance. In the action-packed thriller “Baby Driver,” James showcased her versatility as she played a fiercely independent woman caught up in a dangerous heist. Her role as Elizabeth Layton in “Darkest Hour” earned her critical acclaim and further demonstrated her ability to bring historical figures to life on the big screen.

Film Role Awards/Nominations
Cinderella (2015) Cinderella Nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress – Drama/Action Adventure
Baby Driver (2017) Deborah Nominated for Empire Award for Best Actress
Darkest Hour (2017) Elizabeth Layton Nominated for Empire Award for Best Supporting Actress

Upcoming Projects

James continues to take on exciting projects that showcase her range as an actress. She will be starring in the upcoming film “The Dig,” a historical drama based on a true story. Additionally, she has been cast as Pamela Anderson in the highly anticipated series “Pam & Tommy,” which explores the scandalous relationship between Anderson and Tommy Lee. With each new project, James proves her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles and deliver memorable performances.

Lily James’ filmography is a testament to her talent and dedication as an actress. With each project, she continues to push boundaries and challenge herself, solidifying her status as one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

lily james films

Lily James’ Personal Life

Lily James, known for her talent and versatility as an actress, prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. She was previously in a relationship with actor Matt Smith, but they ended their relationship in 2019. James has managed to maintain a level of privacy and does not often discuss her personal relationships in interviews or public appearances.

When it comes to her family, Lily James was born into a family of artists. Her mother is an actress, and her father is a musician. Growing up in such a creative environment likely influenced her decision to pursue a career in acting. However, details about her immediate family and upbringing are not widely known, as James tends to focus on her professional accomplishments rather than her personal background.

With her commitment to maintaining privacy and focusing on her career, Lily James continues to captivate audiences with her on-screen performances. Her dedication to her craft, along with her ability to portray diverse roles, has earned her a well-deserved place in the entertainment industry.

lily james personal life

Other Ventures and Endeavors

Lily James has not only made a name for herself in the acting world but has also ventured into various other endeavors. Her talent and popularity have opened doors for collaborations with renowned fashion brands, making her a sought-after ambassador for several advertising campaigns. Through these brand collaborations, James has been able to showcase her style and influence in the fashion industry.

In addition to her involvement in the fashion world, Lily James has also showcased her impressive acting skills in theater productions. She has taken on challenging roles in both stage and screen performances, proving her versatility as an actress. James’s dedication to her craft and ability to captivate audiences on different platforms have solidified her position as a multifaceted performer.

Furthermore, James has used her platform to support charitable causes close to her heart. She has actively participated in philanthropic efforts, focusing on areas such as children’s welfare, environmental conservation, and mental health awareness. By leveraging her influence, James has contributed to making a positive impact in society.

Through her various ventures and endeavors, Lily James continues to expand her portfolio and explore new opportunities. With her talent, versatility, and dedication to both her craft and philanthropy, James is undoubtedly making a mark in the entertainment industry and beyond.

lily james other ventures

Lily James’ Current Projects and Future Plans

Lily James, the talented English actress, is keeping busy with several exciting projects in the pipeline. She has been making waves in the entertainment industry with her incredible performances and shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s take a look at Lily James’ current projects, upcoming movies, and her future plans.

Current Projects

Lily James is currently working on two highly anticipated films that are set to showcase her versatility as an actress. In the upcoming movie “The Dig,” James stars alongside Ralph Fiennes in a historical drama based on the true story of the excavation of Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon burial site. This project is already generating buzz and is expected to be a success.

Another exciting project that Lily James is involved in is “Pam & Tommy,” a biographical miniseries where she portrays the iconic Pamela Anderson. The series chronicles the turbulent relationship between Anderson and musician Tommy Lee, played by Sebastian Stan. This role is a departure from James’ previous work and demonstrates her range as an actress.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Lily James has a promising future in the entertainment industry. She has proven her talent and versatility through her diverse range of roles and projects. James has expressed her desire to continue pushing boundaries and taking on challenging roles that allow her to showcase her acting skills.

With her rising popularity and critical acclaim for her performances, it is likely that Lily James will continue to be in high demand in Hollywood. She strives to collaborate with talented directors and fellow actors, further establishing herself as a respected and versatile actress.

As her career progresses, Lily James aims to explore different genres and expand her repertoire. She has a passion for storytelling and is dedicated to honing her craft. Fans can look forward to seeing James tackle a variety of roles and captivating audiences with her captivating performances.

lily james current projects


Lily James is currently involved in two exciting projects, “The Dig” and “Pam & Tommy.” These films showcase her versatility as an actress and are highly anticipated. Looking ahead, James plans to continue challenging herself with diverse roles and collaborating with talented individuals in the entertainment industry. With her talent and dedication, she is poised to have a successful and fulfilling career in the years to come.

Lily James’ Assets and Investments

Lily James, with a net worth of $8 million in 2023, has made smart financial decisions and investments throughout her career. She has diversified her wealth by investing in various assets, including real estate properties both in London and Los Angeles. These properties have contributed significantly to her overall net worth.

James owns a luxurious house in London, a city known for its prime real estate market. This property not only serves as a place of residence but also as a valuable investment. Additionally, she owns a house in Los Angeles, strategically positioning herself in the heart of the entertainment industry. These properties not only provide comfort and luxury but also serve as long-term investments that can appreciate in value over time.

In addition to real estate investments, Lily James has also explored other ventures to grow her wealth. However, specific details regarding her investments in businesses and other financial assets have not been publicly disclosed. James maintains a private approach to her personal finances, focusing on building a strong financial foundation for her future.

Through her strategic asset allocation and investment choices, Lily James has not only secured her financial well-being but also positioned herself for continued success in the entertainment industry. Her astute financial decisions, coupled with her acting talent, have allowed her to establish herself as a prominent figure in Hollywood.

Philanthropy and Charitable Work

Lily James is not only a talented actress but also a compassionate philanthropist. She actively supports various charitable causes and organizations, using her platform and influence to make a positive impact on society. One of the causes that is close to her heart is children’s welfare. James has been involved with organizations that provide support and resources to underprivileged children, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, and a safe environment.

In addition to her work for children’s welfare, Lily James is also passionate about environmental conservation. She believes in the importance of preserving our planet for future generations and has actively supported initiatives that promote sustainability and protect our natural resources. Through her involvement with environmental organizations, James raises awareness about climate change and advocates for eco-friendly practices.

Mental health awareness is another cause that Lily James actively supports. She understands the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting mental well-being. James has been involved in campaigns that raise awareness about mental health, encourage open conversations, and provide support to those struggling with mental health challenges.

Lily James’ Charitable Work

James’ charitable work extends beyond financial contributions. She actively participates in fundraising events, raises awareness through social media, and collaborates with organizations to develop impactful programs. Her dedication and commitment to philanthropy serve as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to make a difference in their communities.

Causes Supported by Lily James Organizations
Children’s Welfare Save the Children, UNICEF
Environmental Conservation Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund
Mental Health Awareness Mind, Mental Health America

“I believe that it is our responsibility to use our resources and platform to create a positive impact in the world. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for all.” – Lily James

Lily James’ philanthropic efforts showcase her commitment to making a positive change in the world. Through her support for causes like children’s welfare, environmental conservation, and mental health awareness, she continues to inspire others to get involved and contribute to the betterment of society.

lily james philanthropy

Conclusion and Future Outlook

In conclusion, Lily James has made a remarkable impact in the entertainment industry with her exceptional acting skills and versatile performances. From her breakthrough role in Disney’s “Cinderella” to her notable appearances in films like “Baby Driver” and “Darkest Hour,” James has proven her talent and garnered critical acclaim.

Looking ahead, Lily James has a promising future with several exciting projects in the pipeline. Her upcoming roles in films such as “The Dig” and “Pam & Tommy” showcase her versatility and ability to take on diverse characters. With her rising popularity and strong presence in the industry, James is expected to continue her success and establish herself as a leading actress.

Not only has Lily James achieved financial success with a net worth of $8 million in 2023, but she has also demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy. Through her charitable work and support for various causes, James uses her platform to make a positive impact on society.

All in all, Lily James’s talent, dedication, and financial stability set the stage for a bright and fulfilling future in the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on challenging roles and expand her career, James is poised to make a lasting mark and inspire generations to come.


What is Lily James’ net worth in 2023?

Lily James has a net worth of $8 million as of 2023.

Where was Lily James born?

Lily James was born in Esher, Surrey, England.

What are some of Lily James’ notable roles?

Some of Lily James’ notable roles include Lady Rose in “Downton Abbey” and Cinderella in Disney’s “Cinderella.”

Is Lily James currently married?

No, Lily James is not married.

What other ventures has Lily James been involved in?

Lily James has collaborated with fashion brands and worked on theater productions.

What upcoming projects does Lily James have?

Lily James is set to star in the films “The Dig” and “Pam & Tommy.”

Does Lily James own any properties?

Yes, Lily James owns properties in London and Los Angeles.

How has Lily James contributed to charitable causes?

Lily James has supported organizations focused on children’s welfare, environmental conservation, and mental health awareness.

What is the future outlook for Lily James’ career?

With her talent and rising popularity, Lily James is expected to have a successful and fulfilling career in the years to come.