15 LinkedIn Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2023

Is it any wonder that LinkedIn grew their numbers so extensively in the last four years. They have a valuable sector of the market, and more and more budding employers and employees are leaping onto the platform in heaps.

Yet, it does not look to be stopping anytime soon. You could say that it is a marketer’s playground. You can look forward to valuable clients, a vast user base with massive organic reach provided you share relevant content.

What are the exact numbers to consider?

And how will you use these numbers in 2020 to reach your marketing goals?

You’ll find out these details below as we look into the essential LinkedIn stats for marketers in 2020.

Total number of LinkedIn users

There are a total of 675 million LinkedIn users. LinkedIn has recently seen a surge of users and engagement on the platform, with many influential business leaders pitching their tent in the LinkedIn landscape. They aim to share their message and broaden their influence by gaining a bigger audience overall.

This is quite useful for any budding marketer, as there is a vast user base to market to when making either native content or running ads to improve engagement.

And it’s also important to note that the LinkedIn crowd is highly engaged. They love to comment, share, and generally be part of the conversation.

Not to mention, they also have a strong need to protect their brand on the platform in front of their colleagues, managers, and subordinates. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a top recruiting site, so most of the best graduates use the platform to find connections and ultimately get a job.

If facebook helps you keep close to the ones you love, then users of LinkedIn are trying to stay close to their work associates so they can get that new promotion or next new contract.

You should aim to join the platform and get to know the conversations that are happening and how they could relate to your business. Also, consider the trends and how you can use them for your offers.

Take a keen interest in users on the platform as it will help you get more clients and improve your business’s profit-generating activities.

Total number of monthly active Linkedin users

And while there are many users on LinkedIn, those users are not always active. So let’s take a look at actual users who are engaging on the platform consistently. You’ll find that there are almost half of the total number of users.

The number sits at 310 million. And while it’s not as high as Facebook engagement, you can still see that the number of users actively waiting to be engaged or start a conversation with a brand is enormous.

Aim to get into the platform’s analytics and find out when users are most active and set times to work on LinkedIn then.

Use the data you acquire and keep on testing new content and marketing strategies.

Also, find the influencers on the platform. Comment and engage because when you do, every one of their followers also sees your comments.

Users based in the US make up a significant number on LinkedIn

Things may have changed over time, and more countries are slowly increasing their income per capita, but  US citizens are your major spenders across all platforms.

Therefore, knowing that 167 million LinkedIn users are from the US is critical. It will inform your marketing strategy and help you understand your demographics.

Users from the US are more prone to buy and use services online. This means that you can also get your brand in front of them using LinkedIn.

There is more data based on US buyers, so you do not need to compile this information when creating marketing campaigns.

Overall, you’ll be able to emulate other marketers that are targeting the US demographic, and model their campaigns.

The number of new Linkedin members

A good sign of growth is when you look at how quickly new members are taking up a new platform. It’s true when LinkedIn started; it was a slow road to success.

Over time, and based on the number of reputable users entering the app, it attracted more and more people aiming to increase their reach.

Therefore, every second, two new members download the app and sign up for LinkedIn.

As the platform releases more and more data, you will also have access to more potential top earners coming onboard the LinkedIn train. These will usually be recent graduates.

Knowing that your potential market is there, you can start understanding these demographics better and creating offers for them to buy in the future.

New users mean that there is a big attraction to the platform, and that only comes from high engagement or referrals from friends or colleagues.

70% of Linkedin users live outside the US

Earlier, we mentioned that a large group of users are from the US, but it’s also good to know that more than 70% of LinkedIn users do not live in the US.

Most of the users in other countries are stemming from emerging economies that look set to have a significant impact in the future. This includes the likes of India, Brazil, and the middle east.

And while current economies are inconsistent, and there are significant fluctuations right now due to COVID-19, emerging economies look set to rise significantly over the next decade.

Knowing this allows you to start to understand these countries’ leaders and entrepreneurs so that you can use your marketing know-how to sell to them.

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content distribution

LinkedIn has become the number one platform to distribute content for B2B marketers. This is significant, especially compared to Facebook and Twitter, who used to compete for this top spot.

94% of B2B marketer opt to use LinkedIn to share their content and bring in new business.

LinkedIn is a more intuitive platform for businesses to meet other businesses and form relationships. The main goal here is that LinkedIn serves as the middle man to form these relationships and share information about each other’s brands and business.

And while no sale happens on the platform, it does open the door for business to occur via a Zoom call, email, or personal meeting.

280 billion Feed updates are viewed annually

You probably do know that checking your Feed on a variety of social platforms is the norm, and it’s practically the first thing that you do in the morning. The same has occurred with LinkedIn.

They saw that 280 billion feed updates are viewed over one year.

Users are posting a lot more, and also waiting patiently for more updates to follow so that they can like, comment, and send direct messages to people on the platform.

This means that your overall impressions will be significant when you make content that is valuable to the LinkedIn network and your audience.

And over time, LinkedIn also promotes or shares your content giving you an even wider reach.

They often send updates to people on the platform who are interested in a post you wrote, helping you gain more reach and engagement—knowing this as a marketer enables you to create the content that LinkedIn wants to promote.

Medium length titles perform better on LinkedIn

Titles matter, and even on LinkedIn, most marketers strive to do their best when it comes to titles. It’s the first point of contact between your readers and you.

You have to make it count, and now LinkedIn has done some research and found the optimal size for titles.

Your title should be between 40-49 characters for users to take notice of and engage with your content. This simple step of auditing your title and making sure it’s easy to digest and understand can bring way more people to read your post and engage. And the more people read and engage, then your reach for the next post grows significantly.

The important thing is that you must ensure the content delivers as well. Always aim to serve up an attractive title with content that is valued, and it will be just the right mix to boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Simple articles without video do well on LinkedIn

This is quite different from other social media platforms who love video, and it performs better. LinkedIn user’s preferences are surprisingly unique.

The users prefer to have their articles without videos included. While images perform well and you should add around 8 to each post, videos tend to fall short.

Although, if you do wish to post a video, you can do so as a separate post, it should be personable and engaging.

That generally means, leave out the more commercial style of video and do a video with you talking about a specific topic or experience in your field. These videos are highly engaging.

It means that you will need to start employing more videos separately from your long-form content, as it will bring more organic reach for your brand. 

Message ads give a 40% conversion rate

You may have wondered how ads do on the platform, and as you would imagine, it does quite well. Better in fact than other platforms where LinkedIn ads have a 40% conversion rate.

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, these ads are sent as direct messages to you, and you can see it’s tagged as a sponsored message. These messages are gaining traction and getting many corporate executives to take up offers and get into offline meetings.

Linkedin already has excellent organic reach, and will always push good content as much as possible because they want their valuable audience to remain on the platform.

Their ads platform might be slightly more expensive than Facebook; however, you’re paying for the quality of the audience, who are more likely to build a relationship with you and then buy at a later stage.

If you are patient in your approach, you can use LinkedIn ads as a useful lead generation tool to build relationships with big influencers on the platform. Later on down the line, and once you’ve built trust with the network, you leave room for sales.

51% of US College Graduates use LinkedIn

Earlier, we mentioned that there are two new users every second, and that’s due to an increase in US college graduates. They are getting on board LinkedIn for the many opportunities that present themselves. You’ll find that 51% of college graduates in the US use linkedIn.

The employment sector has shifted significantly over the last two decades, and graduates find it tough to find well-paying jobs. They often find themselves in entry-level positions despite attaining good results and advanced degrees. The world of work has changed, and the graduates who build a solid social profile put themselves in front of the line when it comes to being employed by fortune 500 companies.

Understanding these aspects at play, you can also seek out graduates and understand them well and grow with them as they enter the world of work.

In time, their income will grow, and they will also remember your brand if you’ve built solid brand awareness on the platform.

Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to buy LinkedIn

Microsoft has always been a dependable company that makes secure financial decisions for their company and their shareholders. Therefore, when they chose to buy LinkedIn, they knew that they had a great platform on their hands that will bring significant revenues downstream.

Slowly but surely, the progress on the LinkedIn front is bringing in massive gains for Microsoft.

This means that LinkedIn looks set to have a great run, especially under Microsoft’s diligent care and attention.

What does it mean for you as a marketer?

It means that you know that your efforts and time spent on LinkedIn will not go to waste.

LinkedIn is just getting started and will continue to support your digital marketing efforts and explode your reach.

Average time spent on LinkedIn

The reality is that social media is quite addictive, and we always want to know what’s happening. It’s human nature, and marketers know this all too well. The good news is that even if LinkedIn is used mostly for work purposes, there is still a social media element. So much so that the average user spends 7 minutes and 25 seconds on the platform.

Compared to Instagram and Facebook, it may seem short, but remember, this is a platform for busy professionals, so they usually have little time to spend. Generally, when they are on the platform, they will skim the posts or save it to view later.

Alternatively, many CEOs will tag their management teams, and the content gets shared in this way. Knowing this, you will need to optimize your strategy by ensuring that your titles are easy to read and share, and the content is skimmable. This means headlines and main points are a must. 

You have to make it as easy as possible to share your content by ensuring that it relates to your target audience. 

Mobile users are responsible for over half of LinkedIn traffic

Mobile users are increasing avidly over time, and it’s not any different when it comes to LinkedIn traffic. It’s now set that 57% of LinkedIn users are scrolling on their apps on a mobile device.

A good idea is to optimize all of your content for mobile and ensure that images and additional info are available through the app.

You never want to have your users have to click through to multiple steps. Knowing that they are busy professionals, use their attention well, and create user-friendly content.

LinkedIn SlideShare has 80 Million Users

If professionals are mostly using the LinkedIn platform, you can be sure they have a slide deck available and ready to share. LinkedIn SlideShare is home to 80 million users.

It’s good that they use the Slideshare platform as an aid to help users. This is great because users can simply link to their Slideshare account and quickly drop their useful presentation in their Feed on LinkedIn.

Aside from that, you can benefit from sharing content on different topics, insights, and helping your audience learn a great deal.

This is excellent as you can make your old content new by repurposing it for LinkedIn. And the best part is that Slideshare is searchable and indexed by search engines. You will increase your reach overall, and help your audience along the way.

Final Thoughts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for business if you know how to market to your ideal audience that lives on LinkedIn.

Think about how many corporate executives and CEOs are roaming the LinkedIn sphere and start creating your strategy around these details.

You need only get onto the platform and notice a large number of videos, and personable interactions that are going on to see the mass potential. If anything, you’ll need to create a brand page for yourself and start creating quality content.

It’s time to go all-in on LinkedIn to get the best benefit and leverage the organic reach on the platform.

If this post on 15 LinkedIn Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020 helped you, please leave us a comment and let us know below!