Who is Marisol Yotta? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Height, Age, Social Profiles and Lifestyle

Do you know who Marisol Yotta is? If not, then you are missing out! She is a popular fashion model, social media influencer, and famous Instagram personality. Marisol is well-known for her splendid modeling photoshoots and online content.

She has been trending on Instagram for a while now. This post will teach you about Marisol, her life, education, family, parents, career, fame, husband, lifestyle, net worth, etc. You will also learn about her upbringing in Santa Monica in Southern California, her Christian family, her real birth name, age and birth date, and much more.

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Marisol Yotta Bio and Wiki Data

Full NameMarisol Yotta
NicknameQueen M
Date of Birth25 June 1991
Age31 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA

Marisol Yotta’s Life and Education

Marisol Yotta was born on June 16, 1987, in Berlin, Germany. Marisol is of German ancestry. Marisol is a citizen of Germany. Marisol Yotta’s age is currently 34 years old and eight months old, according to February 2022 popular fashion model standards.

Marisol’s zodiac sign is Gemini, as determined by her birthday. Marisol’s family celebrates her birthday on June 16 each year. With the Gemini sign lifestyle in place, this may be while she is living such a lavish lifestyle.

Marisol’s birth name is Marisol Ortiz. We don’t know where Marisol went to school. Perhaps Marisol attended school in her hometown, near Santa Monica.

According to the reports, Marisol has a degree from a prestigious institution in Germany. Marisol Yotta, however, has not mentioned the name of her school or university yet.

Marisol Yotta Family

Marisol is a Christian. Currently, there is no internet information regarding Marisol’s family. We could not discover Marisol’s parents’ names on the internet at that time because we did a lot of research. However, you likely won’t see much personal information or photos of her family with following her social media account.

According to reports, Marisol’s father is a businessman. And Marisol’s mother is a housewife by profession. We don’t know whether or not Marisol has siblings in her family. As of now, Marisol has kept her family out of the press’ reach and away from her personal social media.

Marisol Yotta Social Profiles
All of Marisol Yotta’s social profiles can quickly be found in Google.

Marisol Yotta’s Physical Appearance

Marisol Yotta is a stunning human being and is often searched online for her specific body measurements. Marisol is 5 feet 3 inches tall when measured in height. The weight of Marisol’s body is about 55 kg. She has lovely brown eyes and long black hair with a shine to it. She is of mixed race, which would also make her a perfect candidate as an OnlyFans star, and this is already something she is currently working on.

Marisol Yotta is a gorgeous, pleasant, ebullient woman with a beautiful personality. She has a charming disposition. Marisol has an outstanding face with a nice smile. She adorns herself in fashionable attire. With such beautiful attributes, many people wonder if Marisol has had any plastic surgery done, and this is something she has pointed out through her Instagram account with before and after pictures.

Marisol Yotta Body Measurements

Height (approx)In feet & inches- 5′ 7″
Body Measurements40-24-34
Breast Size40″
Chest size40 inch
Waist24 inch
Plastic SurgeryYes
Dress SizeNot Known
Shoe size6 US
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel Brown
Weight121 lbs. (in pounds)
55 kg (in kilograms) [Approx.]
Skin ToneVery Fair
Body TypeBold

Marisol Yotta Career – Fashion Model

Marisol has long been interested in modeling. Marisol’s enthusiasm for the profession led her to pursue a modeling career. She also participated in various projects and put out a lot of effort to succeed as a model. She also had surgery on her body to enhance her appearance. 

Marisol Yotta is a well-known figure in the modeling world. Marisol works as a prominent fashion model. Marisol also performs other duties as a social media influencer and content producer. In her professional modeling career, Marisol has acquired a lot of popularity and success.

She’s already accomplished quite a lot at such a young age, and much of this can be attributed to her bode measurements and how Yotta presents herself.

Marisol Yotta on Instagram
Marisol Yotta has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram

Marisol Yotta Net Worth, Income Sources, and Lifestyle

Marisol’s income comes primarily from modeling agencies, fashion companies, paid promotion, commercial campaigns, brand advertising, etc. Marisol makes a considerable amount of money from her primary sources.

Marisol also supplements her income with her OnlyFans account. Marisol has a high standard of living. And Marisol leads a happy existence, according to the reports. According to the statistics, Marisol Yotta’s net worth will be between $2 million and $3 million in 2022.

Marisol Yotta on Instagram

Of the many different platforms that Marisol is on, her Instagram is definitely the most popular and where she got her start. With over 80,000 followers, he audience is always waiting for more and can’t wait to see what she will post next. The majority of photos placed on her Instagram personality account, are all about her looks and different fashion and clothing items she wares.

Marisol Yotta on TikTok
Just like all social media influencer, Yotta is growing her TikTok audience daily.

Marisol Yotta on TikTok

As popular as Marisol is on Instagram, her TikTok following is growing at a rapid pace. This is a clear sign that her audiences are looking for a free subscription to videos and photo updates from Yotta, this is where you want to be. In addition to her 100,000 followers on TikTok, she also has more than 500k likes.

Marisol Yotta on Twitter
Marisol knows the importance of keeping her Twitter audience updated with new pics.

Marisol Yotta on Twitter

In comparison to Marisol’s following on IG and TikTok, her Twitter count is quite small at just around 35,000 followers. This is simply because the other two platforms are growing at faster rates and are focused more on Yotta’s videos. However, she continues to update this social channel as well, sometimes including her married husband, links to her website, he daily wife duties of dancing around the home, living it up in California, and much more.

Marisol Yotta on YouTube

While it might seem like Marisol is taking advantage of every social networking platform out there, you won’t find a channel of her own on YouTube. However, you will find a collection of YouTube videos from other content creators. The majority of these are focused on her personal net work, wiki info and life story.

There are a few on her personal story and how she generated over a million dollars since first becoming an online content creator and focusing on her own brand. However, there are plenty of Marisol interview videos and wiki types as well.

Marisol Yotta YouTube
The best way to find Marisol Yotta videos, is through a simple YouTube Google video search.

Marisol Yotta’s Husband

Marisol is married to her husband Bastian Yotta. Bastian Yotta is the name of Marisol’s husband. Mr. Yotta is a successful entrepreneur by trade. Before their marriage, Marisol and Bastian Yotta were dating each other. They exchanged vows in Germany in January 2021, with a spectacular wedding ceremony as a centerpiece. However, some media reports indicated that the pair are no longer living together.

It is yet unclear. There is no information on Marisol’s children at this time. At the moment, Marisol Yotta is primarily concentrating on her professional modeling career. She enjoys what she does.

Marisol Yotta Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: 80k+
  • YouTube Subscribers: Calculating…
  • TikTok Subscribers: 100k+
  • Twitter Followers: 35k+

Marisol Yotta FAQ

Who is Yotta Marisol and what’s her age?

Marisol Yotta is a Berlin-based fashion model and social media influencer who has several millions of followers online. After growing her online brand and presence, Marisol focused her efforts on content creation and being a business woman.
As for her age, she is 32 years old as of 2023, and was born on 25 June 1991. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Is Marisol Yotta married?

Yes, Marisol Yotta is married to Bastian Yotta, who is a German multi-millionaire businessman. The two got married in a super lavish ceremony just six months after their initial engagement.

Where does Marisol Yotta live?

Marisol Yotta currently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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