How to Create Explainer Videos in Minutes with mySimpleShow

Explainer videos are one of the best tools you have to create and promote your brand presence with your target audience. With so many bloggers and websites focusing on text content and SEO, not as many are taking advantage of online video and how easy it is to convert existing content into whiteboard or explainer videos.

Using the magic of animation, stop motion video or other techniques, you can create an original explainer video that focuses on your primary message that you need to get across to your fans.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are videos that explain a process, product, or a procedure that needs to be explained to a particular group of people for a purpose. For example, corporate managers might create an explainer video that explains a process to staff members that they need to know to do their jobs efficiently.

For business owners who wish to sell a product, they may want to explain how to use the product to help customers learn how to use the product correctly. Using videos to account for a process can help to generate create interest in the product and motivate them to purchase it.

Platforms for Explainer Video

Once you create your explainer video, you will want to put it online and find platforms that will help you increase your targeted traffic. Social media such as Facebook, online blogs, and YouTube are three major platforms you’ll want to make sure you have content with.

Having the Right Tools

Having the right tools to create explainers when you need them is important if you want to create content that sells products or wins customers over. One of the best tools available online today for creating explainer videos is mySimpleShow.

simpleshow is an excellent tool for creating explainer videos that help you explain a process or procedure from beginning to end. Some of the best features that you’ll find within the mySimpleShow platform include:

Storyline creator – You can use the storyline creator to develop your story idea that you want to share with your audience. mySimpleShow can help you create a great story line and then help you enhance it with the other tools available on the platform.
Story illustrator – The Story illustrator will help you to illustrate your story in a way that will get you on the radar of your coveted audience. You can add pictures from the gallery and use the Explainer Engine to enhance your story with meaningful images and other assets.
Voiceover narration – Great video often includes well done narration that complements your video in a professional way. You can either record your voice or use the voice-to-text tool that comes with the mySimpleShow software.
Preview and edit – You can make changes quickly and easily with the mySimpleShow platform. Preview as you go and make changes at any point while creating your videos.
Publish and share – The publish and share feature allows you to save and share your videos in .mp4 format or export it to your YouTube channel.

The ability to create animated videos to explain a major concept or product that you want to promote makes this a valuable tool for business owners.

Removing the Clutter

One of the best things about this video creation tool is that it takes color out of the mix and uses simple black and white illustrations and images to communicate the message. The background is white, also so this takes something complex and makes it more straightforward. If you keep your message simple, you are less likely to confuse the viewer, and you’ll be sending a clear message as to what you want them to do after they have viewed your video.

The old phrase, “Keep it simple,” is a good one to remember if you just want to create a quick and easy video that gets your message across loud and clear!

How to Create Stellar Video for Online Use

Tools are important, but you need to do your research to create an outstanding video that makes a difference to your target audience. Knowing your audience is important. But you also need to consider the purpose of your explainer video. There are some different reasons that you may want to create an explainer.

Now, with all of this in mind, this about the massive amount of content you likely already have published on your site. Instead of just leaving it as text content and having it die out over time, you could take that same text and create a compelling explainer video of your own. A great example of this can be seen below.

1. To inform; educate

Most explainer videos are educational and informative in nature, even if they also carry a strong sales message. People expect explainer videos to inform people about something. So you may want to look into your customer service emails or surveys to see what your customers want to know and create a video around that.

2. To persuade or sell

Using the power of digital animation and video, you can create a compelling video that persuades people to look into your products or to purchase a product. Choosing your language carefully that you use in your persuasive videos helps to create more interest in your brand and products.

3. To inspire to action

Every video should inspire people to take some type of action. But explainer videos should have a powerful message that inspires people to action following the explanation. This will add to your message and increase your chances of conversions.

Always begin with the end in mind. If you want to make sales with your video, you may have information within your video message, but your focus should be on your sales message. Make sure and include the primary features that make your product appealing or focus on only one or two primary features that will attract your audience.

4. To generate leads

If your goal is to generate leads, you do not have to focus on making that one sale. Instead, focus on gaining enough interest in your products or services that you get people to take action by subscribing to your newsletter or email list.

Using the tools within mySimpleShow, you can create a video that explains the advantages of subscribing to your service so that you will generate interest in your brand. Remember, to use an explainer video to get leads; you only need to generate interest. This gives you a list of potential prospects that you can sell to on a regular basis, rather than getting one sale for one day.

5. As a PR tool

If your goal is to get the attention of your target audience, you can use mySimpleShow to promote your brand to gain followers, investors, or fans.

Combining the aspects of mySimpleShow with Facebook and other social media platforms, you can leverage the power of both and create a higher degree of credibility for your brand.

To Promote an Idea

No matter what your products, services, or concepts are, you can use mySimpleShow to promote it. This press release illustrates how one company used the software to promote an idea that they are trying to promulgate in the media.

There are many different video tools out there that you can choose from today to create and promote video content. Online video is the single most valuable digital asset you have today whether you want to create a brand or generate interest in an idea.

As shown in the examples above, you can view examples of whiteboard animations that were produced by mySimpleShow and then decide for yourself what you want to do with your explainer video. In short, it’s all about turning your existing or new content into visuals that your audience can absorb at a much faster rate, and then they are on the go and using their mobile or tablet devices.

Using a simple process of black and white illustrations, you remove the complicated process of adding color and other elements that tend to clutter the message that you want to get out to your target viewers.

Try some ideas free by visiting their site, and you can create your explainer video using their innovative platform.