Neil Patel Blog Review and How to Start a Profitable Marketing Blog

Neil Patel is one of the most influential blog owners in the world, and he is known all over the world for his internet marketing expertise and prowess. He has single-handedly helped thousands of companies grow from a small or mid-sized business to a large corporation or conglomeration.

Marketing is considered one of the most challenging aspects of online business. No matter how good your product or services are, most online website business owners share the same challenges when trying to corner the market on marketing.

Many do not understand that there’s a difference between marketing and branding. Marketing tends to focus on the products and services, while branding is a broader technique that incorporates tools to help the entire brand to gain strength across platforms and to maximize the tools you have at your disposal to succeed.

How does he do it?

Neil Patel learned his techniques by co-founding several Fortune 500 companies that have now taken the world by storm including Amazon, New Egg, Kissmetrics, and many others. There were many other companies such as Google and HP when he was in his twenties. He began his “career” in the tech field when he was only 16 years old and he continued his work into the field of internet marketing at a very early age.

Born in London, England, he says on one of his main sites that he always had a desire to go into business for himself and make his own path while also helping others. He moved to Orange County, California when he was only two years old so this put him in the middle of the Silicon Valley area which gave him exposure to the tech industry in a big way.

Being of Indian origin, Patel says his family struggled at first since they were new to the area but they quickly assimilated and his mom got a job as a teacher. His parents worked hard to support the family, and they were a success as a result living reasonably comfortably in a middle-class lifestyle.

Patel was accepted into the elite John F. Kennedy School where he thrived as a successful student and began his official career in the marketing and technology industries.

Introduction to Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel is known for his amazing ability to apply the skills he has learned through his experience in internet marketing to help businesses reach their peak and optimize their SEO. He has an active presence on as well as, a company he also founded to allow people to measure the effects of their business online.

SEO Analysis and Uber Suggest

As stated earlier, Patel is an expert in SEO analysis. This involves the careful analysis of all of the elements of SEO that help make a site successful. SEO involves the following components:

  • Link-building- Link-building includes a wide variety of techniques that include incoming and outbound links.
  • Quality content- Google has stated that having high-quality content is the main thing you must do to be successful with online content.
  • Keyword use- Keyword usage can be improved and monetized more when the correct keywords are chosen.
  • Outbound links- Outbound links are not as important as inbound links but they are an important part of the picture when building your web properties.
  • Call to Action tips- An effective call to action increases your overall SEO. Neil shows you how to do this on many of his podcasts and articles.

You’ll find articles, podcasts, and other materials on Neil Patel’s main site and blog. He often features these topics on his blog to help anyone who wants to learn more about optimizing their own blogs and websites to create an income from their online content.

There are many ways to make money with a website or blog. Neil Patel has learned many different ways to do this and he teaches you how to do this through his online content. Whether you want to sell digital products, physical products, or informational products, you can find plenty of resources that will help you increase your revenue through many channels including social media, forums, and email marketing plans.

Best Articles and Case Studies from the Blog

If you are a beginning website or online business owner, you have a lot to gain from checking out Neil Patel’s content. He shines in the blogging and internet marketing niche areas as his well-known sites indicate. His multiple business relationships with other companies also reflect his excellent ability to help steer companies in the right direction with his innovative sense of marketing and social media skills.

One of the best case studies on his main site The Advanced Guide to SEO on the QuickSprout page. This guide is in the form of a PDF document that can be either read on the site or downloaded to keep and read later. This document focuses on important topics such as site speed, SEO techniques, link building tips, and much more. This guide reflects a lot of the issues Patel deals with on a daily basis and he shares his expertise with anyone who wants to learn more about how to master SEO.

How do you know a guru when you see one?

Why is Neil Patel considered an internet and blogging guru? Is it because, like many other online gurus, he has shaved his locks in favor of the bald look? Is it because he loves to blog? Is it due to his ability to turn small companies into a multi-million dollar enterprise? Perhaps. But Neil Patel has spent many years fine-tuning his ability to understand and apply the rules of the internet to create an award-winning process that works almost every time it is applied.

For anyone who wants to improve upon their approach for online content, look no further than Neil Patel’s website and blog. You’ll find a wide variety of articles and podcasts, resources, and links that will prove to be useful for your online business. Nothing is guaranteed. But Neil Patel brings a wealth of knowledge to his websites, and he shares them through his digital media and other assets on his sites.

Neil Patel’s Web Properties

Below are the primary pages hosted or maintained by the blogging guru, Neil Patel. You’ll find lots of relevant information on these sites. Start with his main blog and see what tips you can pick up there. Then move on to his social media sites. Add his social media to your “liked” pages and subscribe to his email newsletters and you’ll get updates on Neil Patel’s work in internet marketing on a regular basis.

Main Page:

Below are Patel’s main sites. But you should also visit the site and site if you want to sign up for some great tools to help your business grow.

Here is another great resource developed by Neil Patel. It features his podcasts that he has used to reach many online business owners to share the gold with them regarding internet marketing strategies.

Social Media Accounts:

How to Start a WordPress Blog Like Neil Patel

When you look at the massive success Neil Patel has had over the years, it’s definitely enough to make one jealous. However, it’s also important to remember that this didn’t happen overnight, and it’s been more than two decades in the making.

This is also true of his blogging efforts. As you can see throughout this write-up, Neil has multiple businesses, blogs, and site properties that he is constantly working on at all times. As advanced and complicated as his business might be, the good news is that it’s quite simple to get started with a blog of your own.

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With the internet changing all the time, SEO and online marketing is often changing with it. To stay up with the latest trends and keeping an eye on what’s working best, be sure to follow Neil Patel not just through his blog, but also on his various social media platforms and YouTube channels as well.