Ninja – Age, Net Worth and Twitch Influencer Profiles

Ninja, real name Tyler Blevins, is a professional gamer and Twitch streamer, while also serving as an internet personality. He rose to prominence through his Fortnite streams on Twitch, which garnered him millions of followers. Ninja has since parlayed his success into other ventures, such as creating YouTube videos, appearing in television commercials, and even designing his own line of clothing.

Despite only being active on Twitch for a little over two years, Ninja has quickly become one of the most popular streamers on the platform. He is known for his high level of skill in Fortnite, as well as his entertaining commentary and lively personality. Ninja has broken several Twitch streaming records, including becoming the first person to reach 10 million followers on the platform.

In addition to his success on Twitch, Ninja has also found success on YouTube, where he has over 20 million subscribers. He often posts videos of himself playing Fortnite, as well as other games, and his commentary and humor have made him a hit with viewers. Ninja has also appeared in television commercials for brands such as Samsung and Red Bull.

Most recently, Ninja has partnered with Adidas to create his own line of clothing and footwear. The partnership is said to be worth millions of dollars, and it is yet another example of Ninja’s growing influence in the world of gaming and entertainment.

There is no doubt that Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, is one of the most popular gamers in the world. His entertaining streams and videos have garnered him millions of followers, and he has used his platform to launch successful ventures in other areas such as YouTube and television. With his latest partnership with Adidas, Ninja is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Ninja is one of the most popular streaming gamers on Twitch.

Ninja Net Worth

It’s no secret that Tyler Blevins, aka “Ninja,” is one of the most popular and successful gamers in the world. But just how much is he worth?

According to Forbes, Ninja’s net worth is an estimated $25 million. That includes his earnings from sponsorships, Twitch subscriptions, YouTube ad revenue, and tournament winnings.

Not bad for a 28-year-old who only started streaming full-time in 2017!

So where does all of Ninja’s money come from? Let’s take a closer look.

As we mentioned, a large chunk of Ninja’s income comes from Twitch subscriptions. He has over 200,000 subscribers on the platform, which generates around $350,000 per month.

Ninja also makes money from sponsorships and advertisements. He’s currently sponsored by companies like Red Bull, Uber Eats, and Adidas. It’s estimated that he earns over $500,000 per year from sponsorships alone.

Finally, Ninja has also won several esports tournaments throughout his career. He took home the first-place prize of $100,000 at the 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am tournament, for example.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Ninja is doing very well for himself! And with his popularity only continuing to grow, there’s no telling how much money he could make in the years to come.

Interesting Facts About Ninja

  • Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a 26-year-old professional gamer from Grayshill, Illinois
  • He is best known for playing the video game Fortnite
  • In March 2018, he broke the world record for most views on a Twitch stream by streaming with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster
  • In August 2018, he signed a exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer platform
  • He is married to Jessica Blevins and they have two children together
  • Ninja’s favorite food is sushi and his favorite drink is Mountain Dew
  • He has a Yorkie named Gracie who often appears in his streams
  • He has won several esports tournaments, including two Halo Nationals tournaments and a Fortnite Pro-Am tournament

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