Popular Blogging Topics with Examples of Each

As bloggers, one of the most common difficult tasks is trying to continually come up with great content for our sites. When deciding the niche and concept for your blog, one of the first things you need to consider is whether you will have enough content to create for the life of your site.

Instead of jeopardizing the future of your blog and putting your content creation at risk, what you need to do is look at some of the most popular blogging topics that have been covered across many different sites on the internet. It’s not so much about re-writing content to make it original for your site, instead it’s about how to format and create this content to make it something that your audience finds value in and also wants to share with their audience. The benefits of creating quality content for your site is much more than giving your audience what they want, it’s also about improving your SEO, increasing social activity and also gaining high quality backlinks to your site.

Below we are going to cover some of the most popular blogging topics and places to look when trying to come up with new content ideas for your blog.

Popular Blogging Topics & Resources

As mentioned earlier, as the owner of your blog you should already have a good understanding of what your audience is looking for when it comes to content. Now you just need to come up with some new ideas for not only how to develop and deliver that content, but also any new and recent updates or discussions on the topic as well.

Be sure to check out each of the recommend tools and resources below and to also add them to your content creating arsenal.

Blog Lists

Everyone loves a good list post. Not only are they easy to read, but people like to share them with their friends and family as well. Another benefit to create list posts is that they are somewhat easy to create as a content creator blog owner. After building a list of useful resources, all you need to do is put them in some type of order and then write up an original blurb for each. If you are highlight other blogs, experts or services, be sure to contact each of the resources directly and let them know you wrote about them… you might just get a social share or a link back in return!

Popular Blogging Topics List PostsNeil Patel is a constant source for high quality posts, especial top lists and tools.

How-To Blog Posts

As the owner of your blog, you already know what type of content people are looking for when they find you in the search results or return back to your site. Now the question is “how” can you cater to them even more. A great way to do this is through the use of “how-to” posts. While this blog topic might not fit into all niches, it definitely provides values and gives people exactly what they are looking for (especially in search) when it comes to learning new things or figuring out how to get something done on their own. Study your audience, find what they are looking for and become the authority in this space through the use of valuable “how-to” posts that provide real value.

Popular Blogging Topics How To GuidesBloggingCage.com is a great site for how-to guides, tips, tricks and tools to use.

Comprehensive Guide Posts

There are “how to” posts and then there are comprehensive guide posts. By “comprehensive” I’m talking about 2000-3000 word articles loaded with pictures that document information and walk you through a process. These are the super mega posts that make some published books feel bad. For site owners, these types of posts can take days, weeks or even months to complete — but if they are good, they are well worth it. By creating a super comprehensive guide, you are showing not only your audience how much you appreciate them, but also Google how high the quality of content on your site is. Another great benefit to writing these mega detailed posts is the amount of link backs and social shares you can get as well.

Brian Dean of backlinko.com is well known for super in-depth user guides and posts.

Review Related Posts

Another great blog topic that you should add to your site content is “review” related posts. These can apply to almost any niche and perform especially well in the advertising / online marketing / make money / shopping niches. As you can see, we covered a wide range of niches, but that’s where review posts work so well. For example, bloggers and online marketers are always looking for new tools and services to grow their traffic and sales. While online shoppers are always looking for reviews on products and services before pulling out their credit card to make a purchase. Look at your industry and audience to see what they are looking for and why they might benefit from “review” related posts off your site.

Popular Blogging Topics ReviewsWordPress expert Kevin Muldoon occasionally reviews wordpress themes on his blog.

Link Roundups

Depending on what industry you are in, a link roundup could be a good addition for your site. In the internet marketing, blogger and SEO industry, you will see link roundups all over the place. They are simply posts that come out once a week or month and they provide you with a summary of top posts and news going on in your industry. Not only does this provide your audience with a nice way to find news, but you can also get some nice promotion and link backs from anyone that you might include in your roundups as well.

Popular Blogging Topics Roundupsahrefs.com is a huge authority SEO site that still runs industry news and updates.

Create Authority Content within Your Space

When trying to come up with content ideas and blog posts for your brand, you should definitely think about what your audience is and are likely expecting from your brand in the process. A great way to look at this, is to skim through any of the main keywords you are trying to rank for, or what your brand is already known for within it’s niche. Once you have an idea on what your brand or service represents, you should then try to come out with new content on every aspect of that many keyword. For example, if you had a blog on logo design, you could write about top logos in the world, how to create a logo design and also do write ups on company logos and why they are successful. Best of all, these same content writing ideas can work with any niche group or audience.

LogoDesignTeam.com is always heavily focusing their content on everything about logo designs.

Weekly / Monthly Interviews

An excellent way to not only come up with new content for your site, but also associate your name with some of the biggest and brightest experts within your industry is to do an interview series. Everyone loves interviews! For site owners they are pretty easy to create and if you put in the work early, they can be a constant supply of content for months to come. From a reader standpoint, interviews are great ways to learn something new. If you can interview some really well known people within your niche, you can also rank in the search results for their name as well. You can’t go wrong with adding relevant interviews to your site.

Popular Blogging Topics InterviewsBloggingTips.com has over 50 blogger interviews featured every weekend.

Creating Amazing Popular Blogging Topics Posts

Now that you’ve seen a few working examples of how top blogs are using creative tools and resources to build out there content, now it’s time for you to do the same. You can start by making your content fun, exciting and informative — ultimately catering to your audience and giving them something in return.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to quality — for both your visitors and Google as well. It’s much better to post a very high quality article once a week versus trying to push out content just for the sake of getting something out there.

Before going live with your next blog post, think to yourself… “is this something I would share?