Most Profitable Blog Niches for Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Finding the right niche focus for your audience is a top priority these days. If you want to create a successful blog, there are two things you’re going to need to think about.

  1. How you are going to get traffic to your website
  2. How you are also going to make money with your audience and content.

The best way to prepare an answer to this question is to understand niche markets and how you are going to create content for your blog. As with all blog content, you should always have your audience in mind and give them a reason for visiting your site. This reason is also going to act as your ‘call to action‘ and play a huge role in how your site makes money.

The concept of niche blogging and content creation is quite simple. Instead of going after a specific blog topic like “finance”, it would be much better to go after a niche specific topic such as “best credit cards for college students”. As you can see, the second choice is much more specific and anyone who is searching for content on that specific term knows exactly what they are looking for. As a blogger, this makes the process of not only creating content a lot easier but also promoting and monetizing your site content and audience as well.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to be looking at a few different niche markets which are great for monetization through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with either, I will give a quick overview on each. Google AdSense is the advertising program where Google places advertisements on your website based on the content you’ve written. Site owners then earn a commission every time these banner ads are clicked on. Affiliate marketing is the concept of getting paid a commission every time a new lead or sale is sent to a website or brand. The benefit of Google AdSense is that they do most of the advertising and work for you, and your job is to focus on your ad placements and getting more quality traffic to your site. The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you get to work with some of the biggest name brands in the world while also earning a commission on referred leads, yet never having to actually process an order or deal directly with the customer.

Both of these models are working extremely well for millions of websites and blogs on the internet today. I would highly recommend you try both of them out and see how your content and audience performs with each.

Six Profitable Niche Markets for Bloggers to Consider

Now that you have a better understanding of not only how to niche down the content and focus of your blog, but also the different ways to monetize it, now it’s time to give you a few more examples. Below you will find a list of six different niche markets that are great for making money with both Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Blogging Tutorials and Reference Guides

A great majority of blogs on the internet today are focused around the concept of learning how to do something or providing information to an audience that is looking for guidance on how to accomplish something. With this in mind, it’s also one of the best ways to monetize your content because you are actually showing your audience how to do something.

For example, if you wanted to show someone how to start a website or blog of their own you might refer them to a web hosting company where you will get paid a commission for each new sign up. Another example would be if you had a finance website and gave tips on how to improve your credit score, in this scenario it would make sense for you to promote a credit score affiliate program where you could earn a commission every time a new lead is sent to their website.

No matter what you are writing about on your website, the best way to monetize it is to always provide a problem and solution to your audience. Whenever possible try and find an affiliate program that blends right into the reference or tutorial you are giving away.

Service and Product Reviews

In addition to reference guides and tutorial blogs, there are plenty of shopping and review websites out there as well. Whenever someone goes to Google and searches for anything relating to reviews or online coupons, the person is already in buying mode and ready to take action. This is why there are so many ‘coupon’ sites on the internet today. They aren’t providing such information for free, they are actually generating revenue from all of the high-quality traffic and leads being sent to their coupon advertisers.

In this scenario, it would be best to join an affiliate program that is selling the actual product or service you are providing a review on. As mentioned, since the audience coming to your website is already in buying mode all they need to do is click on a button to head over to a website that is already trusted and complete their purchase. A perfect example of this would be if you were to join the Amazon affiliate program and write reviews on anything found on their website.

Politics & Entertainment

Political, entertainment, and celebrity gossip websites are getting a ton of traffic on the internet today. However, the majority of bloggers in this space aren’t going to be able to make money by promoting affiliate offers or trying to sell products on their website. The reason for this is that people are coming to their site simply to find information, look at photos, or just find out the latest news in the industry.

A better way to monetize such audiences on sites like this would be to use Google AdSense. Since Google can look at the content on your website and serve ads relevant to it, you are much more likely to get higher click-through rates and advertisers relevant to your traffic. At the same time, Google is also great for serving advertisements based off of remarketing. This is one of the best options to monetize and make money with a political or entertainment based website.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, there are billions of searches being made on Google every single day for such topics. Everyone wants to lose weight, look better, and stay healthy in the process. As you can imagine people are searching for pretty much anything in reference to their health or ways to stay healthy. Blogs in the cooking and online recipe space are also doing extremely well with the monetization of their content as well.

When it comes to the actual monetization of such content on your website you have a few different options. Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense will both work fine Space, as long as your content provides value and the call to actions make sense. A good example of this would be weight loss drinks, programs like Weight Watchers or even exercise equipment. Another option is to actually create an ebook or premium membership course that your audience can benefit from. This is more advanced and time-consuming, but will actually provide you with higher earnings in the process.

Wealth and Money

When it comes to wealth management and making more money, that’s something everyone is interested in. At the same time, millions of people are searching for different ways to not only make money online, but also to save money, or get out of debt in the process. Again, these types of searches are already in ‘action mode’, as they want to find a solution to their current situation.

If you have a blog that is focused on any of these areas, there will be an endless supply of high paying advertisers that want to get in front of this audience. Again Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to monetize such traffic and audiences. Google AdSense will be great on providing high-quality advertisers that offer everything from debt consolidation to loans or even stock market and financial trading accounts. If you put in the time and effort to find affiliate programs relating to financial information on your website, you can find some great winners there as well. Some of the top paying affiliate programs are from big-name credit card companies that will pay you every time a new application is submitted through their website.

Personal Development

Whether it’s to get better at something in life or simply to do better in business, everyone is focused on personal development these days. This is something millions of people are actually searching for on a daily basis through Google, and you can really niche down on a specific focus if you know what direction you want you and your blog contents ago. A good example of this would be, “how to be a better public speaker”. Not only is this a good niche topic, it’s also something that has a lot of monetization options for through online courses, video tutorials, and coaching.

Depending on the type of content you create for your audience and how you would like them to take action once on your website, your monetization options might vary. In most cases, personal development websites find a lot of success when they are creating their own products or services to sell to an audience. Again, if you have a generic personal development website with lots of content that you aren’t sure how to monetize, Google AdSense will be a great option for starting out.

How to Pick which Topic is Best for You and Your Blog

If you are completely lost and have no idea what type of blog focus or content you want to create, you should spend some time to think about what you are passionate about. While this may seem silly, the last thing you want to do is start a website or blog on something you have no interest in. When this happens, most people lose interest and the blog moves on to failure.

If you want to start a website or blog simply to make money, than any of the niche markets above are a great place to start. However, don’t forget that you still need to niche down further from what we’ve done in the examples above. The more niche focus you and your content is, the more likely you are to find success not only financially but also in the search results and providing value to your audience.

For a complete breakdown of how to go from a generic topic like “basketball” to a very niche specific and profitable topic like “basketball jump training”, be sure to read through our make money blogging guide.

Niching Down Your Topic

The Most Profitable Blogs Provide the Most Value

At the end of the day, there are now over a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, all of which are creating content that you are going to need to compete against. Only the best websites, with the best content, are going to compete and win the search engine an audience loyalty game. Always keep this in mind and also realize that you don’t need to have a blog with a ton of website content or pages to find success. A site with just five to ten pages of content can provide more than enough value and will also make it easier for you to promote the content as well. Keep this in mind when creating your site and always focus not just on content creation but also content promotion.

How to Start a Profitable and Niche Focused Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

Now that you’ve seen some of the best niche markets to create a blog and make money with, it’s time for you to take some action of your own. Starting a blog is extremely easy and it’s only going to take a few minutes of your time.

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