One of the biggest problems most bloggers have trouble with, is getting people to visit their site and growing their following over time. It’s not so much that it’s a hard task to complete, it’s simply that new bloggers don’t know where to get started or what it takes to rank their content in the search results.

With over 300 million blogs on the internet today, it’s going to take a lot of high quality content and promotional efforts on your part to grow a loyal audience. For site content to rank in the Google, you will also need to gain high quality backlinks to your site.

No matter the age of your blog, you must focus some effort on your content promotion and outreach. Below I’ve listed some of the best ways for any blogger to actively promote their content while also working on growing their audience and following at the same time — best of all, nearly all of these methods are free!

Social Network is Key

There are currently over 2 billion users across all of the major social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. It doesn’t matter which you are currently using, but I remember you start using each to share your content with the rest of the world.

I would also recommend that you create a new Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page for your blog, as this will allow you to grow your audience and following, while also being able to share your latest blog posts and content with people that are interested.

You can see a screenshot of out Twitter account below and how we currently have over 10,000 followers actively reading all of our tweets and latest blog post shares.


Start a Mailing List

Unfortunately, over 70% of the people that visit your site for the first time are never going to come back to your site. It’s sad because I know many of you have great content that’s worth sharing, however there is only so much time in the day and people forget to go back and visit sites they’ve already been to.

One of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention when they are on your site and get them to keep coming back for me, is through the use of a mailing list. For an example of how top bloggers on the internet are using mailing lists and popup windows to explode repeat visitors to their site, click here for my 32 mailing list popup examples, and also see the reference of one below.


With a simply copy and paste of a line of code, you could be building a massive newsletter or mailing list for your blog. This means you could send out a mailing every time a new post is published to your site, or the next time you want to send out a special announcement or the promotion of a new project.

No matter what you are blogging about, starting a mailing list is simply one of the best ways to increase repeat traffic to your site.

Guest Blog on Other Sites

With millions of blogs on the internet already, one of the best ways to gain attention for your blog is to start contributing content to these other sites for free. This concept is referred to as guest blogging.

The value in guest blogging is that a site owner will provide guest writers with exposure on their site (and someones a link back to your site) in exchange for a high quality article to be published on their site.

You can see an example of how guest blogging works on in the screenshot below. Notice the “This guest post is by Ahmed Safwan of To Start Blogging.” and how it links back to his site. This is similar to what you may receive when guest blogging for other sites as well.


To learn more about guest blogging and how it works, I highly recommend you read the two guides below.

Not only is guest blogging one of the best ways to get your name and blog in front of different audiences, it’s also one of the best (and free) ways to gain powerful backlinks to your site. The more high value backlinks you have to your blog, the better the chance you have to rank in the search results.

Link to Outside Resources and Experts

Another great way to increase traffic, shares and backlinks to your blog is to simply reference other authority sites and experts within your niche. While you may think the idea of linking out to other sites will only make people leave your site, it will actually make your content a better resource and Google will find value in that you link out to other high quality web sites as well.

In addition to providing valuable resources to your audience, you will likely also get more retweets, social shares, linkbacks and mentions to your site if you provide high quality content and feature trending topics and industry experts on your blog.

Sites like and many others are continually coming out with original content based around top articles to read, expert roundups and industry tips. To see some of the best methods for creating high value and viral content, check out these popular blog post ideas.


All sites are actively monitor who is linking to them, and they will usually visit and reference these links and sites within their own content and social audiences as well.

Creating High Quality Content for Your Audience

You can follow as many of these rules as you like, but if you don’t have high quality content to serve a purpose, then your blog is simply going to get lost in the crowd.

One of the best ways to make sure you blog offers a much value as possible, is to niche down to your target audience as specific as possible. This way you will know exactly what they are looking for and should expect when they get to your site.

A great example of creating high quality content that is better than what’s out there, is our guide on how to start a blog. Not only do we break down the entire process as simple as possible, we also have high quality images and original videos to get our message across as well.

To become one of the top resources and blogs on the internet, you need to create better value than what your competition is currently offering. This means you will need to examine what is already out there and figure out how to make and deliver it better. If your competition is only using text and images to deliver their content, maybe you should be using text/images, and also video and infographics.

The better your content, the more your audience will appreciate it. This also holds true for how other sites will link to your site as well. If you can provide excellent quality resources and content, other sites will reference you as a reliable source within their content.

Now Lets Talk About Making Money with Your Blog!

With content creation and promotion out of the way, it’s now time to focus your efforts on how to actually make some money with your blog. This is going to be exciting!

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