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It has been said that you cannot “frugal your way to wealth.” It doesn’t matter how many $5 lattes and how much $15 avocado toast you cut from your budget, if you are not earning enough in the first place. In much the same way, it’s practically impossible to “save your way to wealth” either. If you get 1% interest on your savings account, and the inflation rate is 2%, you are literally losing 1% in value every year. For this, and so many other reasons, it is positively critical that you strive toward greater financial literacy. 

While there is certainly plenty of money to be made in day trading — and it is a very viable option for a lot of people — you don’t necessarily need to get elbow-deep in the stock market every day to earn sizable returns on your investments. However, with millions of investing sites and blogs out there to choose from, you are going to not only need to train yourself on the best trading and techniques to use, but also understand which sites and brands provide you with the best and most accurate information.

With pro stock traders and businesses all over the place, you need to know where to look and choose a solution or platform that has had proven results and success, time and time again. All of this, while also educating yourself, staying apprised of developing trends, and making smarter financial decisions. That’s where RagingBull.com can come into play, whether you have a few thousand or few million dollars in your portfolio.

What Is RagingBull?

The tagline for RagingBull encourages visitors to “improve your trading skills.” As you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you’re advised to “stay informed” to “stay profitable.” At its core, this is what RagingBull is all about. It’s a resource website that aims to educate its visitors on how to achieve the greatest success on the stock market, fully understanding that “any investment is at your own risk.” 

The current incarnation of RagingBull.com got its start in 2010. Raging Bull Trading kicked off when professional traders Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop (more on them below) teamed up, because they wanted to create a program where they could share their trading success with others, providing people with the tools and knowledge they need to become successful traders themselves. Since then, Bond and Bishop have attracted more top talent in service of this greater goal.

The net result is an educational and training program geared toward stock trading, including penny stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and small cap stocks, as well as a number of trading strategies, stock picks, and more general stock market education. You need to “stay informed” to “stay profitable,” as they point out.

RagingBull Site Content

Today, RagingBull operates on a few different fronts. You can visit the website itself for free, which is where you’ll find several new articles to read each day. For example, you might get tips on “small-cap momentum stocks to watch this week” or advice on “filtering the market using technical analysis,” as well as less technical discussions on essential life skills like “taking on challenges.”

Some key stocks are also featured above the fold. Clicking on any of them yields a single stock breakdown with such information as today’s range, volume, dividend yield, performance comparison, historical price performance, today’s change, and so on. The search bar in the header lets you look up any stock by its symbol too.

RagingBull also functions as a hub for other related properties and products that you may find useful in improving your trading skills. Some of these are discussed further below.

What Can You Learn?

If you’ve ever had any interest in making money on the stock market, whether or not you want to engage as an active day trader, then you’ll certainly find a lot to learn on RagingBull. The discussions will naturally be of interest for staying on top of current market happenings, as well as more general philosophies and strategies you can employ in your own stock trading. The purpose of the site is to educate users on how best to approach the market, both in terms of specifics and in terms of more overarching principles. 

For a sense of what you can expect from articles published on RagingBull, here is a sampling of some of the most recent articles:

  • Is Slack Prime For A Short Squeeze? – Discussing the company Slack and how “concerns over its Microsoft rivalry are overblown”
  • AMA: How Can I Improve My Win Rate?  – A breakdown including finding your pain points, having a trading plan, and journaling your trades, including a specific example of a specific stock and its performance over time
  • Reel In Stock Winners With This Repeatable Pattern – Outlining two of Jason Bond’s favorite patterns (the fish hook and rocket) to look for “rebound” stocks, including a specific example that netted him $12,000 in profit
  • How to Use Credit Spreads to Reduce Risk – A primer on credit spreads, what they are, the benefits they offer, and how to put them to work, with real calculations to illustrate
  • Seven-Figure Podcaster Shares His Wealth Secrets – A podcast interview with John Lee Dumas, host of award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire

Featured Experts

The real strength of RagingBull is derived from its team of experts. Each one of the featured experts on the site has demonstrated sizable success in trading profits in their own lives, many to the tune of millions of dollars. This demonstrated expertise and experience lays the foundation for advice you can trust, because they’ve been there and done that.

Some of the featured experts on the site include:

  • Jason Bond is a self-taught trader who has since accumulated millions of dollars in wealth. He has trained over 30,000 people on how to find profitable trades, specializing in swing trades and selling options using spread trades. 
  • Ben Sturgill brings over 15 years of successful trading experience to the table, keying in on trading any IPO. He also hosts the weekly WealthWise podcast where he discusses wealth and success with a range of experts.
  • Nathan Bear has made over $2 million in trading profits from options trades, his particular area of expertise. He started as a RagingBull student before making options trades that resulted in over 1,000% profit.
  • Kyle Dennis comes with a unique background, combining not only finance and technical charting, but also in biotechnology. This has empowered him to make special insights, earning over $7 million in trading profits by the age of 28.
  • Jeff Bishop, CEO and Founder of RagingBull.com, has degrees in finance and economics. In trading stocks, ETFs and options over the past 20+ years, Bishop has made millions of dollars in profits with keen insights, a talent for managing risk, and a keen passion for teaching others.

Who Is Jeff Williams? 

Another one of the featured experts on RagingBull is Jeff Williams. With over 15 years of experience as a day trader, Williams has consistently grown accounts time and time again in a variety of market conditions. He specializes in the oft-misunderstood niche of penny stock trading, looking for big opportunities that other people might miss.

Over the years, Williams has guided thousands of traders of varying experience and expertise with resounding success. In particular, his Small Account Challenge has seen individuals “transform small accounts from a few thousand dollars into $25, $50k or even $100k.” For his own part, he was able to take a $3,000 account and grow it to over $10,000 in only two weeks.

He demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of money to get started with stock trading; you just need to have the right guidance and knowledge along the way to make the right trades at the right time. With the Day Trading Chat Room each morning, Jeff offers live screen sharing and insightful market commentary.

What Is PennyPRO?

As its name implies, PennyPRO is a program by Jeff Williams that is aimed at teaching you “how to trade penny stocks profitably.” The central focus here is the Small Account Challenge described above. It’s not easy, but Williams walks “a privileged group of PennyPRO members” though the process, including how he runs scans to identify the best day trades. You can watch him trade live with the Day Trading Chat Room, seeing his real gains and losses in real time. 

A Penny Stock Pro annual membership is $1,598, including daily stock watchlists, real-time alerts, and a lesson library with over 1,000 videos. You’ll also be provided with a chance to talk with Williams one-on-one.

Jeff Williams is also responsible for Supernova, which included a free training seminar last year. It explored “how to magnify your focus to eliminate risk,” as well as several “real-money trade examples and how to take action.” The mindset is similar to that of PennyPRO in that the objective was to grow an account with limited funds to one that’s set up for “sudden, exponential growth.”

Trading Products and Their Expert Mentors

If you scroll to the bottom of the RagingBull homepage, you’ll notice that they offer a number of trading products. Each of these is headed by one of their expert mentors, guiding you on how you can improve your trading success. 

  • Jackpot Trades: Jason Bond gives you his favorite stock pick every Monday morning. When you sign up for this program, you will also receive Jason’s most popular books for even more insight into how to make it as a successful trader.
  • Weekly Windfalls: Jason Bond tells you about his options trading strategy for up to $10,000 a week in profit.
  • Weekly Money Multiplier: Nathan Bear hosts a webinar exposing his million dollar options strategy.
  • Profit Prism: Connecting with the PennyPRO small account challenge, Jeff Williams offers a blueprint for “targeting high potential double-digit wins.”
  • Options Profit Planner: Jeff Bishop and Dave Lukas invite you to “join the smart money” with an options trading system that will help you “rake in consistent profits week over week… (in as little as 10 minutes a day).”
  • Jason Bond Picks: Focusing mostly on winning small cap swing trades, this training webinar hosted by Jason Bond explores powerful tactics for positive returns, including Jason’s top three trading patterns.
  • Bullseye Trades: Jeff Bishop highlights real bullseye trades that have netted members some significant wins, zeroing in on “one winner out of the market every week.” Learn about the “best kept secrets on picking one high conviction trade each week.”
  • Fast 5 Trades: Can you enjoy what other people might think are “unrealistic profits” by uncovering “profitable niches”? Kyle Dennis offers training on exactly that, plus special training e-books for how to tap into this potential profit.
  • IPO Payday: Follow Ben Strugill as he outlines “a system designed to pinpoint, position and profit from the 3 key moments in the life cycle of every IPO.”

Each of these trading products are meant to give you a leg-up on the market, seeking out opportunities for significant profits using proven strategies and insights.

You’ve Got to Stay Informed

… to stay profitable. Some people might tell you that stock trading is just like going to the casino and playing the slot machines. And while there will always be an element of risk and volatility when it comes to the stock market, there is also very much an element of skill, knowledge, and experience. You need to wrap your head around how the market works, familiarize yourself with winning strategies, and stay on top of stocks on the rise and other emerging trends.

If anything, the stock market can and will be in a constant state of flux, so it is necessary not only to get informed, but to stay informed if you want to become a successful trader. Individual results with certainly vary. At the same time, the training and expertise you can glean from RagingBull can also help to put you in the most advantageous position possible.