Rochelle Humes – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Rochelle Humes is a broadcasting and television star. Before turning into a well-known celebrity, she used to work at Saturdays and S Club Junior pop groups. Now, thanks to the power of social media and everyone having access to the likes of Instagram and TikTok, Rochelle is now one of the most popular influencers in the world today.

Rochelle Humes was born in Landon and, just at the age of 12, became an S Club Juniors member with Mollie King and Frankie Bridge. She married JLS famous star Marvin Humes, and then they went on to work as presenters in a morning show.

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Rochelle Humes

Rochelle is very keen on fashion; it is why she launched ” Very” in 2014, which has all the necessary information about the fashion field. Being a mother of two girls, Rochelle wants to give a tip about the unruly and curly hairs, and for this purpose, she has also written a book.

The Mega Magic Hair Swap has been the most significant influencer for children who want to have natural hair. She has grown a lot of followers on social media.

Probably, that’s why she is also known as a social media influencer. Rochelle is pretty much willing to share her life as a mother and wife, and she shares her experiences through social media platforms.

You will see all her Instagram posts will be either about fashion or life as a mother. She also gives valuable tips on skincare and beauty, and her followers are keen to act up to the advice that Rochelle gives. You also have hl new brand, My Little Coco, which is all about skin and hair.

Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Humes is a social media influencer who wants to cover all the problems of her followers and give them the appropriate solutions. And with millions of new followers hanging onto everything she says and every content piece she makes, Rochelle is now considered one of the most popular and influential users on both Instagram and Twitter.

In this regard, there are a wide range of topics that Humes like to talk about. Such areas of expertise are her stories and content on fitness, health, and food. However, it’s also the trending talking points and opinion pieces that also draw the most attention from her audiences across all platforms.

You can follow her at @rochellehumes / Instagram if you want to know more about her and daily Instagram posts. And with social media followings changing all the time, you can also take a look at how many users are currently following Rochelle on Instagram and Twitter.

Rochelle Humes Net Worth

As of 2021, Rochelle Humes’ net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Rochelle Humes is a British singer, television presenter, and model who has accumulated her wealth through her successful career in the entertainment industry. She is best known for being a member of the pop group The Saturdays, with whom she released two studio albums and several chart-topping singles.

Outside of her work with The Saturdays, Rochelle has also enjoyed success as a solo artist and television presenter. She has released multiple solo singles and has hosted numerous shows on BBC Radio 1 and ITV2. In recent years, she has become increasingly popular as an Instagram influencer, amassing a following of over 2 million people.

Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: 2.1M+
  • Twitter Followers: 926K+

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