Russ Ruffino and How He Created an Empire with Only 10 Clients

If you are a blogger or want to be, you need to know about Russ Ruffino. He seems to be climbing the charts as the “next big thing” in the blogging world. He is the founder and CEO of the business known as “Clients on Demand.” Their mission is to help coaches, consultants, thought-leaders, and service professionals to attract the right clients.

He says on his website that he helps you find the right clients “at the right price, anytime you want.” Sounds pretty good, huh?

Who is Russ Ruffino?

Russ Ruffino is a self-made successful blogger and entrepreneur who has formed his business around a coaching and consultation business. He stated that he became successful after focusing his business on a select, narrow group of clients that were serious about driving results for their businesses. These are the people who were willing to pay top dollar for top quality coaching and consulting.

Russ is so dedicated to his craft as a consultant and business advisor that he can only afford to focus his energy and time on the ones who are willing to pay the most and who are genuinely dedicated to their businesses.

Russ’s history

Russ Ruffino started as a bartender, working hard to make ends meet at the height of the 2008 economic recession. He had a friend who had a successful online marketing career and wished that he could find this kind of success online as well.

So he decided to delve into learning how to create and sell a product online. He created an eBook and video course based on these ideas and priced it at $197. He made a sale reasonably quickly, and this led to changing his career dramatically.

He had found his audience.

The Guts and the Glory

Everyone has to decide when they are ready to leave their full-time job to start their own business. It is a scary step sometimes. But with 100% believe in yourself, it will help you move forward with your goals. If you are thinking about quitting your full-time job in favor of launching out on your own, you should first make sure you can afford to do so. Don’t get yourself in a legal bind because you are trying to do more than you can afford to do.

Russ got up his courage after that first sale and quit his bartending job to launch his business full-time. That is taking a giant leap of faith. But for him, it has worked.

Russ Ruffino as Coaching Expert

After Russ had developed his first major courses and video products, he decided to turn all of his energy to figuring out the best marketing ideas. He wanted to gather the tools and information needed to help empower other businesses that would help him help them to launch new products and services and bring in affiliates.

Russ earned $250,000 in only five months selling video courses, then took down his products to work on helping business owners strategize instead. This was a big step because having digital products up means that you could make sales anytime.

But he believed that, by focusing all of his energy on helping individual companies, he was able to make more money because it involved more direct sales to the people who most needed the direct help he offered through mentoring and coaching.

Putting all of his eggs in one basket this way might have been risky, but he had confidence in his ability because he had thoroughly researched his topic before he launched out.

How did he change his business model?

Rather than charging $297 for a video download, he charged $5,000 by offering his direct and personal attention to only ten people. Do the math. This resulted in an immediate income of $50,000. With this kind of money, you can afford to grow your business quickly and add options that will attract even more clients.

There are a lot of advantages to focuses in like a laser on what you do and who your clientele is. Russ’s way of doing business is unique because most people do not want to focus on only a few clients. But if you have a business like Russ’s that offers such valuable content to a small group of elite users, you can create your business model around this idea, as well.

About the Client on Demand System

Russ Ruffino’s coaching and consultation system is heralded by Forbes Magazine as well as Crunch Base as one of the most interesting wealth-building systems around, as well as showing their amazement about what Ruffino actually achieved in a relatively short time.

One of the most interesting aspects of Ruffino’s techniques is the fact that he says empathy is his best skill. He explained to Entrepreneur Magazine that empathy allows him to address what everyone wants. They want to be listened to. By listening directly one-on-one to what individuals want, Russ can dial into exactly what will help them and deliver this to them based on his many resources and skill set.

What Makes Russ Successful?

Russ Ruffino offers a valuable service to his clients. Even though he has a low goal of only ten clients at a time, these clients each pay a minimum of $5,000 each to get high-quality coaching and mentoring advice that can make all of the difference in their brand and their business goals.

What this look at Russ Ruffino does is that it shows how vital value is. When you produce high value to specific clients, who understand that value and what it can mean to them, you can be highly successful without having to wait for thousands or millions of people to respond to your ads or advertising strategies.

It may also simplify your business because you only have a few clients to deal with at a time, so your bookwork and logistics may be greatly simplified, saving you time and money.

Best Take Aways

One of the best things you can learn from this story about Russ Ruffino is that one person can make a big difference in the world by taking a simple idea and backing it up by research and quality content. Russ didn’t just launch into this venture blind. He did his homework and researched the idea which was inspired by his eCourses and videos that he had produced prior to this.

The key is to take your business a step at a time and follow some of the valuable techniques taught by Russ Ruffino on his main site.

If you think what you need is a dedicated coach or mentor, you may want to look into Russ Ruffino’s coaching and consultation service.