Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog and How You Can Start Your Very Own Comic Blog

If you have ever picked up a newspaper just for those funny little comic strips, trust me you are not alone! Honestly I would not be afraid to admit the number of hours I’ve just spent chuckling at the printed cartoons. One of the comics you would have probably come across is the iconic Dilbert series created by the very funny and very brilliant Scott Adams.

Do you like what you’ve seen with the Dilbert blog and other comic sites online? If so, why not start a blog of your own just like Scott Adams and millions of others have!

Dilbert was a series chronicling the daily office life of engineer Dilbert, satirizing technology, computers, daily office life and the working stiff. It is the original The Office in my opinion by just how brilliantly portrayed the sometimes absurd requirements of the office life. It is honestly a must read for any white collar worker! He also is the co-creator of the tech company WhenHub.

So What Brings People to Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog?

Well much like any popular media, people always want to see how the minds behind their favorite piece of media works. Like you would want to know how JK Rowling came up with the extensive magical world of Harry Potter, right. Well it is the same with Scott Adams’ blog! It also helps a lot that Scott Adams is a pretty hilarious and well informed man. He is also a very politically aware person, which just comes with the job of being a comic artist.

You may be surprised to hear that Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog is not just all about Dilbert. Of course he does occasionally indulge into the comic strip but mostly he talks politics and what intrigues him about it. The most interesting thing however, is how Adams is obsessed with the art of persuasion. He goes into a lot of detail about what makes a person a good persuasion or a bad one at that. He shows us how the current United States President Donald Trump used this skill to earn his place at the presidential seat.

Scott Adams Dilbert Podcast

It should also be noted that Scott Adams blog is mostly a recap of his podcast. He streams regularly on Periscope and talks for about an hour about the current hot topics in the world of United States politics, most of the time with a steaming hot cup of coffee. He then posts an audio file to the blog and lists down the most important points discussed.

He leans mostly to the right and is pretty interesting to listen to since he is pretty well informed about most topics. Even as a ‘lefty’ you can find yourself learning a lot with the podcast. But honestly if you find politics even just a little bit boring, I would advise just skipping the stream/podcast altogether but only after giving it a chance because it does get a little heavy with the political talk. He streams on Periscope daily and talks about topics ranging from the current situation with North Korea or whether he hears Laurel or Yanny.

But as aforementioned, he analyses everything as a persuasion enthusiast. How one may get what they want using the art of persuading others to their own ends. It is very, very entertaining from a psychological perspective; just how the mind is influenced by personalities who are well trained in the arts of persuasion and get what they want using it. Scott Adams has been a lifelong student of the art. He shows us how it is being used to manipulate audiences by personalities in power. If you have ever wanted to delve into one of the many intricacies of the mind, Mr. Scott Adams’ podcast is for you!

As of writing, he has currently reached 126 episodes of his podcast.

Fans of Scott Adams and the Dilbert series regularly tune in for the witty and general conversation Adams stirs up. Any person interested in the current political environment would do themselves good if they checked out Scott Adams opinion on things. He is honestly just an interesting guy to listen to!

Mr. Adams is somewhat of an opinionated person and honestly it comes with the package of talking about politics. Adams correctly predicted the outcome of the United States Presidential election just by analyzing how well Donald Trump persuaded his audience to vote for him and get him to the presidential seat.

What Else am I Getting with Scott Adams Dilbert Blog?

You get what you came for! A constant supply of Dilbert comics! Scott Adams regularly uploads hilarious strips of his most famous comic series, Dilbert to his website. He has comment sections underneath each of his strips to encourage conversation and criticism on each of his pieces.

Honestly you will just find yourself laughing at the comics for hours should you choose to peruse the page. He posts pretty much daily and the quality of the content is just as high as it has ever been. It is also very interesting to note that Scott Adams’ beloved cartoon strip

Apart from that, there is not much else to talk about. The blog is not technically a blog since you would not find any written content on the website. It is two tabs- one for his podcast/stream and the other for the Dilbert Comics. You would think that Adams’ Dilbert strip would be the one to bring in the crowd but you would be wrong there. Adams’ podcast is the one that brings people, with the long form content and the conversation. He has a lot of well-informed opinions about \a lot of topics and you can find yourself getting lost in the world or persuasion that Mr. Adams is so well versed in.

How and Why You can Start Your Very Own Comic Blog!

Going through Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog it is very clear that the person behind the comics is the main focus here. A lot of content creators can actually get lost behind their content but only after a conscious effort of making yourself be known can you get your name out there. This seems to be have been the main focus of Scott Adams’ blog in the past but since he has put himself in the spotlight.

To start a successful blog like Scott Adams’, these are some of the things you have to do:

  • Start a podcast.
  • Put yourself at the center of every piece of content you produce.
  • Engage in a conversation with your audience.
  • Find out who your audience are (i.e. demographic)
  • Have an edge.

Of course these are not some hard and fast rules that you just have to abide by all means, no. You can tailor these to suit your general needs but to start a blog like Scott Adams’ Dilbert blog, these are the rules you must follow.

One of the main things you can do is to create as much content as possible. You could post to YouTube, stream on popular platforms, create merchandise but whatever you do, do not forget to write down your activities to your blog. The main thing Mr. Adams’ Dilbert blog lacks is well the actual blog itself. Of course the podcast makes up for it (I would say it is more of a vlog then is it not?) but it would be nice to have something to read as well just to boost engagement. As in, have a blog that is supplementary to the original video.

If you would so wish, you could do that with your blog as well. You could stream for an hour and a half and then have it transcribed to text as well to post to your blog. This way you are boosting engagement with your audience in every way possible. You are providing them with options. Audio, video and text! I would say you go back and flesh out the text versions of whatever you intend to post so that you can give your audience a different experience with every platform and encourage the audience who watch streams and listen to the podcast to then read the supplementary blog as well.

What Else Can I Do to Make a Blog like Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog?

Well if you are a comic artist I would suggest, much like Mr. Adams himself, to post your work onto the site. You can then have the comics posted to the site shared on other sites like reddit, Facebook etc. A lot of people make the mistake of having their blog on an entirely separate site altogether. I would advise to keep everything in one place so as to promote on-site time as much as possible while also entertaining everyone who comes to visit. As I have said before, blogs like Scott Adams’ Dilbert blog aim to unravel the mystery behind the creator of your favorite content. It is the exact reason why so many vlogging channels on YouTube are so famous. Show the man behind the curtain!

Do not worry if you do not have much of an audience to engage. Your main objective with a blog like Scott Adams’ Dilbert blog is to build an audience and then maintain it. Constant growth should be your main objective and you can achieve that with the points mentioned before.

The most important thing you should know is: have fun with it! Audiences can immediately tell if you are unenthusiastic about your work. They would not want to watch or read from a  person just bored out of their minds and spreading negative energy. Remember, what you put out into the world eventually comes back to bite or embrace you. If your positive and love what you do, audiences will immediately recognize you for your great attitude. This works both ways, if you are a sour person who just seems annoyed by what you are doing, people are stop going to tune in, period.

So just have fun with it!

How to Get Started with a Blog of Your Own

After reading through all of the fun information in the article above, you are probably thinking about how to start a blog of your own.

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