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Simu Lui is a Chinese-born Canadian actress who has been gaining recognition for her roles in both film and television. She first made waves with her performance in the 2016 film “Window Horses,” where she played a young poet on a journey of self-discovery.

Since then, she has appeared in hit TV shows such as “Shadowhunters” and “The Expanse,” and will be appearing in the upcoming romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe” alongside Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves.

In addition to acting, Simu is also known for using her platform to speak out about important social issues such as diversity representation in media and mental health awareness.

With her talent and passion for storytelling, it’s clear that Simu Lui is one to watch in the entertainment industry.

Simu Lui’s Age, Height, and Bio

We provide all the latest and most accurate information on celebrities, social media stars, and other famous personalities. Simu Liu is an actor, stuntman, and author. Here is the recent updates on Simu Liu’s life that you should know about.

How old is Simu Lui, and where was he born?

Born: April 19, 1989 (age 33 years), Harbin, China

How much is Simu Lui worth?

Net worth: $19 Million

Who is Simu Lui married to?

Not Married

What are some of Simu Lui’s most popular acting roles?

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, Crazy Rich Asians, Taken, Kim’s Convenience

How many children does Simu Lui have?


What is the height of Simu Lui?

Height 6’1″, Weight 174 lbs

What are Simu Lui’s measurements?

40-32-15 inches

Simu Lui’s Quotes on Life

Sim Lui’s rise to fame came when he was cast as Shang-Chi in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides acting, he is also a successful author and stuntman. Here are some famous quotes about Simu Lui on life and motivation.

  • “It’s important that we meet any sort of hate and negativity with joy and celebration.”
  • “The most important thing is to show up. You’ve just got to get your butt out there.”
  • “I realized if I don’t step into the spotlight, and the person next to me doesn’t step in, and the people around me don’t step in, then who will?.”
  • “What I’m trying to say is, I’m really happy I’m not a doctor. So, take that mom and dad..”
  • “Representation matters. And it’s about more than just actors on a screen. It’s about snacks, it’s about food, it’s about culture, in every possible way.”

Why Simu Lui is Famous

Simu Lui gained fame as a successful actor, starring in hit television shows and movies such as “The Good Doctor” and “Crazy Rich Asians.” He has also made a name for himself as a fashion icon and has launched his own clothing line.

But it’s not just his talents that have garnered attention – Lui is also known for his activism and philanthropy, working with organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children. He often uses his platform to bring awareness to important social issues, making him not only a talented entertainer but also a role model for many. Overall, Simu Lui’s diverse achievements in entertainment and activism have solidified his place as a well-respected and beloved figure in the industry.

Simu Lui Net Worth – $19 Million