The Small Things Blog and How You Can Make a Lifestyle Oriented Blog

Do you even just want to take a step back and enjoy the small things in life? Do you have a keen sense of style and want to maintain or evolve it by learning through someone who has just as if not better tastes as you do? Well I would tell you to look no further than the wholesome The Small Things Blog.

If you are familiar with this blog, then you might want to get started with one of your own. If that is the case, click here to see how easy it is to get started.

The Small Things Blog is just as the name implies, an appreciation for the small things in life. That is, family, fun, beauty, lifestyle and home. The blog is primarily run by Kate Bryan who I would go as far as to call a lifestyle and beauty guru. A two in one package! She covers everything from family fun to how to get the best look for your hair and makeup as well while adding little slices of her own personal life here and there. It all makes for a wholesome and fun learning experience.

So why is The Small Things Blog So Popular?

I think The Small Things Blog goes out of its way to nail every aspect of what they produce. As soon as you land on the blog you are immediately greeted with the wonderful aesthetic of the website itself. A warm strawberry milk pink color paints the site and provides for a great reading experience. It is very clear that Kate has put a lot of thought into making the actual reading a fun or at least less straining thing to do.

The Small Things Blog features blogs on a variety of topics with Kate spearheading most if not all of the topics. Her warm presence is felt in every post she makes and it is clear she has worked hard to instil a sense of her own personality into every piece of content she creates. When you land on the page you will see 5 tabs for different topics, one of which leads to her shop and a few other small links to her social media and frequently asked questions.

Everything is neat and tidy, prim and proper on this website. Many blogs do not seem to make good use of space and let me tell you, The Small Things Blog sure does. You are greeted by the most recent blogs in the middle of the page and appropriately taking most of the page. To the right we see a picture of Kate with a link taking us to the about section and below that are links to her most popular blogs. That is, it.

This page has one of the best uses of space I have ever seen. Nothing overdone, nothing under done as well, perfectly balanced just as all things should be. I know I have been going on and on about just how good the blog looks but can you blame me? Everything about it immediately conveys to the user about what the blog might be about.

Who’s Reading The Small Things Blog?

The Small Things Blog is very much orientated towards the female audience. It mainly focuses on beauty tips for hair and makeup for women- all done by Kate herself. If you are man who is enthusiastic about hair and makeup, then I would most definitely recommend for you to check this blog out otherwise I do not think this blog is for you.

Kate is late into her 20s and has two small children as well. So normally her content deviates to her family life and how to keep it all balanced. That is, how to take care of wo kids, have a heathy relationship with her husband and balance home life. Any young mother will find themselves learning a lot from Kate and her life experiences.

Her hair and makeup sections are sure to attract a lot of girls who wish to learn. I think Kate does an excellent job in curating her content in such a way that any girl from any age group can pick up on reading her blog pretty easily.

So What is The Small Things Blog Actually About?

It would be best to explain the content on The Small Things Blog by dividing it into sub categories.


This is the bread and butter of The Small Things Blog. Kate’s hair tutorials are one of the things that earned her popularity in her early days (along with makeup tutorials as well). This category is divided into a few more as well. First of course being tutorials. This page will take you to a plethora of hair style tutorials Kate has done over the years. Each of which is a small intro in text form to the hair style she is going to teach and then it leads into the video tutorial.

Anyone who has ever dealt with hair can tell you that Kate is extremely talented when it comes to styling and can honestly be relied on as a beauty guru. And of course, every maser of any craft gets the job done with only the best of tools and equipment and that is exactly what she reviews in the ‘Products’ section. She writes quick reviews on her favorite hair care and hair styling products. She reviews products she feels hr audience would like as well.


This category is divided into Makeup and Skin Care respectively. If hair was bread this is butter for The Small Things Blog.

Delve into the world of lip colors, eye shades, contours and so much more with the makeup section. Just as Kate was a master in hair styling, she is in the art of makeup. A maestro with the makeup brush, Kate regularly posts makeup tutorials for any and all occasion be it a party with friends or a night out on the club. She has got it down! She posts a small write up of her tutorial on the blog accompanied with the actual video tutorial.

Kate has a bubbly yet assertive personality and it is quite easy to tell she immensely cares about the quality her work. This is great for a video tutorial where you usually want to get down to business.


This category is everything from fashion to food and everything in between. Kate usually talks about her style and the clothes she wears etc. She does recommendations for her audience as well but usually focuses on her own thing.

It is the same with her food category. She makes healthy, fun and tasty foods usually for parties of cook outs but has the odd home dish as well. It all looks spectacular with the amazing photography she has as well.

How Can You Go About Having a Blog Like The Small Things Blog

The one thing that continuously strikes me about The Small Things Blog is just how professional it looks and feels. Everything on the website has this great aesthetic and I feel it goes a long way in to making The Small Things Blog as successful as it is.

For the sake of ease, let us call Kate’s blog a lifestyle blog. Say you wish to a start a blog like The Small Things Blog, how do you do it? The first thing I would recommend would be to find what you are good at that is: hair, nails, makeup, fashion or maybe even art and post about that for a while. Build yourself up an audience and feed them the one thing you are good at.

Once you have built an audience, start experimenting with introducing different kinds of content and see how your audience reacts. In my experience as long as you as enthusiastic about the subject matter, then your audience will be as well. Start expanding slowly, but surely. If your audience does not react the way you thought they would, give it time. If they still do not, then move onto the next project.

What I appreciate about The Small Things Blog is just how well literally everything is done on the blog. The choice of colors and font, the actual content, the amazing photography and much more. I am not saying you need to nail every aspect of your new blog in order to be successful but having high standards for yourself can go a long way into playing into the quality and lifetime of your blog.

Have a keen eye for color, design and overall feel of your website/ blog from the start. This feel leaks into every bit of content that you may produce and helps audiences gauge what your personality might be like as well.

Consistency is Key

There never has really much of gap in Kate’s content ever. She has been posting pretty regularly since the start and has been maintaining the same level of quality through all of her content. Production quality has also always been top notch with every one of her videos. The photography on her blog is also spectacular. Honestly it really is. Composition, lighting and general feel. You would think she hires a professional studio but it is mostly Kate and her husband behind the camera most times.

Do a Little Bit of Everything

It is like they teach in trading stocks: diversify your portfolio! If one ship crashes, you have got 10 others to board. Try and do multiple things apart from the main content of your blog. The Small Things Blog is arguably mainly a makeup and beauty blog but they do so much more than that it would be a crime to push it under the carpet and not watch it. Who would think you would be getting tasty recipes and learning how to style your hair all in one place. Well that is what the power of diversification is.

Other than that, have good time with it. Use every tool at your disposal to make the best of what you have.

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