Tim Ferris: How Tim Created his Blog, Podcast and Four Hour Work Week

Timothy Ferris is a well-known author, eBook creator, blogger, and entrepreneur whose unique ideas about outsourcing and business ownership have helped him create a reputation for being able to help other entrepreneurs to streamline their business in ways that increase both productivity and time management as well as to shorten your work week to only four hours per week! When compared amongst the world’s most popular bloggers, he’s definitely a name that you will consistently see at the top of the list.

While this may seem to be an unattainable goal, if you follow many of the tips that Tim Ferris offers, you may be able to increase your level of productivity at least and learn to outsource more jobs to others to free up your time. He got many of his ideas from his own experiences as an online entrepreneur and blogger, as well as through his connections with other higher level influencers who worked in his niche area.

Who is Timothy Ferris?

Tim Ferris was born in Southhampton, New York in 1977. He went to Japan when he was a Jr. High student to attend school as an exchange student which resulted in his learning quite a bit of information about how the Japanese culture lived. He worked at different jobs in his youth but started his entrepreneurial journey when he started his own nutrition company that sold nutrition supplements. He also dabbled in the world of dancing when he became the world record holder for tango dancing.

In 2007, he released his most famous book, The 4-Hour Workweek which quickly became a No. 1 best seller and he was able to gain a lot of attention with this helpful book. He wrote this book to address time management issues that many entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis, and he was able to create an active online presence through his knowledge of productivity and time management.

In the book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Ferriss discusses issues regarding task management and he suggests in one chapter to “Outsource Anything.” While it is difficult to see how this is possible in reality, it is possible to outsource more tasks than you have done in the past by letting go of some of the tasks you want to hang onto as a business owner.

Examples of tasks that you can outsource that you might not think about include:

  • Content writing tasks
  • Social media marketing
  • Letter and email writing
  • Payroll and HR tasks
  • Finance and Tax Maintenance
  • eBook writing/digital media
  • Errands and micro-tasks

These are just some of the major categories that Tim alludes to in his book. The big idea he has behind this is that, by outsourcing tasks to others, you free up more of your time to spend on the things you want to do in your business such as creative design, planning for new budgets, and other high-end decision-making and planning tasks. By hanging onto only the top executive decisions and letting go of the rest to capable freelancers, you can focus more on what you want to achieve.

Ferriss mentioned a time he heard about that involved Howard Hughes leaving a hamburger in a tree for a neighborhood boy who needed food. A bit strange, indeed. But it is the kind of extreme example that is typical of Ferriss’ style when trying to drive a point across. His point was that you can outsource (almost) anything. Make a list of things you could outsource that you are not currently outsourcing and see what you can find out.

Other books Ferriss has written include 4-Hour Body and 4-Hour Chef, both of which focus on creating better meals and living a better and healthier lifestyle.

Intro to Ferriss’s Blog

Tim Ferriss’s blog is filled with many tools, resources, and tips that he has learned over the years as a blogger, writer, world traveler, and entrepreneur. You’ll find plenty of articles and podcasts, including tips from other well-known successful bloggers who want to share their experience with others. Seth Godin is featured on Tim Ferriss’s blog, and there are some content-rich podcasts on this site, as well.

Best Selling Books and Podcast Episodes

Tim’s best-selling book is still “The 4-Hour Work Week” and it is available on Amazon.

One of the most helpful articles on Tim’s blog is one written by Sam Harris, Ph.D., who talks about meditation and how it can help free and empower your mind. There is also a podcast associated with this article that you can listen to as you read the content. The title of the article is “How to Master Your Mind.” You can hear the podcast by clicking on the blog link above.

Tim Ferriss’s Web Properties

Below are Timothy Ferriss’s web properties including his main page, blog site, and social media accounts. Take a look at these whenever you want some inspiration about making your life easier as an entrepreneur, get some great blogging or lifestyle hacks, or just learn about how to organize some business aspects of your life. You can read his books and other materials by following the links below. He has an active social media presence so you can send your questions to him and see if he will respond.

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Social Accounts:

How to Start a WordPress Blog Like Tim Ferris

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Think about what you do the best. Even if it is a hobby that you just enjoy, consider how you could turn this into a lucrative hobby that you can share with others. Study how Tim Ferris did what he did and refer to the links we’ve provided, then get started on your blog today. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a name for yourself online. You have much to share with the world.

You never know what you can be until you go for it!