Timothy Sykes Blog Review: Penny Stock Trading and Building a Brand

Timothy Sykes has made a fortune trading penny stocks. But, like any wealth-building plan, he did not do it overnight. He told Larry King in a recent radio interview that it took him about 20 years to build up his wealth in this way.

As a result of his two decades of study and analysis about how to do this is a system that Tim developed that will allow almost anyone who applies his method to create a similar income stream in a much shorter frame of time. Jump forward to today, and Tim is not only a successful entrepreneur and business owner, he’s also one of the top bloggers in the world today.

Timothy Sykes Biography

Timothy Sykes began in a small town in Orange, Connecticut where he had a dream of becoming a pro tennis player. But he injured his arm in his senior year, and he was forced to find another income.

His parents gave him some “Barmitzvah” money when he graduated as a gift, and he turned a few thousand dollars into $100,000. Then that encouraged him to take more money and get it to generate even more money. Before he graduated from college, he had made a cool $2,000,000 in profits selling penny stocks. He had found his niche.

Timothy Sykes

Over time, he learned to pinpoint what he calls “penny stocks” such as “Liquid Metal” that was purchased by Apple to use in their current and future projects. These products and stocks are new company stocks that start as small as 15 cents per share and they seem to be stocks that may fail, and many of them do.

But Timothy explained to Larry King that many of them fail but the ones that make it can pay off big over time. It is a gambling game and sometimes strange because he explains, most of them are doomed to failure.

But with such little investment, it could be argued that it is worth it because you cannot lose as much as you could lose with the more significant stocks.

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How did he do it?

Many people wonder how on earth Tim did what he did. He turned #12,415 into $4,911,000 through a well-thought-out plan that he just rinsed and repeated. But it took him a long time to get it right.

He stated on Larry’s show that he waits until he tests out stocks to see what it can do and then he “short sells” penny stocks that are not making it while purchasing new ones that experience a temporary increase and sells at the highest point.

Timothy seems to be involved in what many would call “day trading” but the risk is small on a small scale and can pay off big at least over the short term. But he states that you have to study and analyze it carefully to know what to invest in.

About Timothy Sykes’ Blog

Timothy Sykes’ blog focuses on telling his story that reaches out to others and shows them how to gain insight into the penny stock market. Tim also shows his followers and students how to locate the best stock options and to make the best decisions, and he teaches the tips that he has learned to follow throughout 20 years.

Tips from Tim

Tim shows people how to follow a series of proven methods to be successful with penny stock trading. While he warns his readers that nothing is sure when it comes to any stocks, he has isolated a few variables that always seem to influence the outcome of the market.

  1. Research, the company.
  2. Understand the volatility.
  3. Study the volume issue.
  4. Look for catalysts.
  5. Learn patterns.
  6. Consider (lightly) what others say.
  7. Consider the time of day.
  8. Watch debt level of the company.
  9. Favorable Liquidity Ratios
  10. Use a stock screener.

Tim recommends the above tips on his blog. Go to the blog link we provided to read more about what they mean and how you can learn from the things Tim has learned over the past 20 years to help you create a passive income for yourself.

Penny Stock Alerts from Tim

Tim has a new feature that he wants to share with his students called “Tim’s Alerts.” If you check out this site, you can sign up for $74.95 per month and get automatic alerts as to the best penny stocks when Tim finds a stock that is performing well. This saves you a ton of guesswork when it comes to day trading penny stocks and can make you a lot of money over time.

Timothy also uses social media that helps increase his brand awareness as you will see when you check out his social media sites.

Where is the profit coming from?

With penny stocks, the profit has to be made from fast sales because penny stocks are not meant to hang onto for a very long time. They are companies that are fledgling companies that have about a 50/50 chance of success. They may, however, have a growth spurt at some point in their lifespan and Sykes has stated several times that the way he makes a profit is to ride the curve while it is doing well, then sell before the stock takes a dip.

One of the points Sykes does make is that you should do what you do best. Penny stocks are his “thing,” and that’s why he believes he has been able to make such a massive amount of money with this strategy. He stresses that, while he believes in his system and his process and program that he sells on his site and blog, he encourages everyone to focus on their area of expertise and not on something that others do.

Where to Find Penny Stocks

Timothy wants his followers to achieve the kind of wealth he has been able to do so he provides some great resources for his students such as this site that outlines where to find the best penny stocks. Check it out and see what your options are.

Timothy Sykes’s Web Properties

Timothy Sykes’s web properties are listed below. His site features some of the interviews he has done with famous TV show hosts and personalities. His blog gets into the nitty-gritty of how to purchase the right penny stocks when getting into this potentially lucrative business. You’ll find definitions of what penny stocks are, how to find them, and how to sell fast to make a profit.

A penny stock trader is someone who is a day trader, but the risk is much less than the average day trade because it involves very inexpensive stocks that are meant to buy and sell fast, sometimes in one day.

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How to Start Your Own Finance Blog Like Tim Sykes

We hope you have learned a lot from this journey of the success of Timothy Sykes regarding penny stock trading. This is just another example of someone who has taken his talent and grown it into a very lucrative business over time.

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In short, there is no magic formula for wealth. And it never happens quickly. But if you practice and study what you do well and perfect it, you too may see the success of your online empire by building your blog. Give it a try.

What do you have to lose?