Top 20 Affiliate Networks to Make Money with in 2023

Affiliate marketing involves the use of affiliate networks that act as a “portal site” for both merchants (business or brand owners) and producers or publishers (affiliate marketers) who promote others’ products. You should think of affiliate marketing as one of the most effective tools you have to promote your products, while also considering how promoting others’ products may help you increase your side revenue. This is especially true for site owners and bloggers who are looking to make money online.

Whatever end of the affiliate marketing game you’re on, you will be successful if you find the right network to help you meet your needs.

Are you actively involved in affiliate marketing? If not, there’s never been a better place to start to grow your brand and your marketing plans. Affiliate marketing is alive and well. What you may not be aware of is the fact that there are several affiliate marketing networks to choose from.

Below is a list of descriptions of the top 20 affiliate marketing networks. Take a look at each one and look at the best points of each one to help you decide which ones you want to try out. They all have their good points. But as you review these sites, remember that they are listed with the #1 site being considered the best one, according to at least some sources. (

All you need to be successful with your affiliate marketing plans is to find an affiliate network that meets your needs. While some are better than others, it’s always wise to shop around and find the best solution for your business goals.

#1: Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is a well-known affiliate network that focuses on their service to their producers as well as their advertisers. They rank best for their service and innovation that seems to help them stand above the crowd. They have a global affiliate network that helps to empower marketers and shoppers in many industries. They focus on partnerships that allow advertisers to connect to publishers to reach new audiences and to help encourage repeat purchases. It can be a great network to start with if you are just getting started on affiliate marketing pursuits. To date, they have over 100 million orders worldwide that have taken place through their affiliate network.

#2: Awin Marketing (ShareASale)

Awin Marketing (also known as ShareASale), is the second most popular affiliate network. Like many affiliates, they offer a great system for either merchant or affiliate marketers. ShareASale is known for its excellent technology that receives compliments for its speed and accuracy. They are considered one of the most efficient networks, and they also have a reputation for one of the fairest and honest businesses in the affiliate marketing industry. You can get started pretty easy by signing up for either a merchant or producer account. They focus on big brands so you may have a good chance of gaining partnerships with big brands through this network.

#3: CJ Affiliate Network

The CJ Affiliate Network was formerly known as “Commission Junction.” They have been in business since 1998, and they are one of the more famous affiliate networks among marketers and publishers. According to’s statistics, they report that the world’s most successful retailers are two times as likely to choose the CJ network. They feature a pay-per-performance model on their affiliate network, and you’ll have access to several different advertisers on their platform. Check out this network if you need a network that has some of the biggest brands while allowing you to grow your affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

#4: eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is eBay’s version of affiliate marketing. You simply find deals you like on eBay that you want to promote. Then link out to them via your social media or website. Once an item sells, you’ll make money on the sale. It’s a good idea to find items that are related to the subject matter on your site, but you can pick and choose any items you want to promote. The eBay Partner Network is a great place to start if you want to get into affiliate marketing slowly.

#5: Avangate

Avangate is one of the most popular software companies around. They feature original new software that you can promote. On top of that, they have one of the most sophisticated affiliate marketing systems. They are also considered one of the most popular digital marketing systems. People go to their site to download all types of digital files, and you can profit from their products if you represent them on your website.

#6: Impact Radius

Impact Radius is an affiliate network that focuses on top-rated technology and an intelligent, experienced network. They also take pride in offering fraud protection for their users so that they feel safer using their site. Their dashboard allows you easy access to all of your affiliates in the same place. You can analyze, automate, and organize your affiliate campaigns easily, too. Their system allows you to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and other external tools.

#7: Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliates Program is one of the most popular types of affiliate marketing programs online today. You can set up an account quickly and easily, using your Amazon login as a seller or customer. From there, you’ll be taken to the sign-up screen where you can sign up as a new publisher. You can promote any products that go with your brand, and you will provide this information during the application process. You get 4% of the sales price as a straight commission. Then they put you on a pay-per-performance model that may allow you to make more.

#8: Flex Offers

Flexoffers.coms allows you to have access to over 12,000 advertisers. They provide multiple marketing options to their merchants and publishers, and there are millions of products to choose from. You’ll have access to content feeds and text links and an online advertising approach that will help you to comply with marketing standards, so you don’t have to worry about compliance issues. They also have excellent technical support and excellent technology that will help you to succeed.

#9: ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks due to their professional network of services and easy payment systems. You can sign up through their site above and start browsing their products and vendors. ClickBank is known for digital product promotion. You can use them to either promote other’s products for a percentage of the sale or find affiliates to advertise your products for you. Either way, it’s a good way to get started with affiliate marketing. You connect your bank to get paid.

#10: Pepperjam

Pepperjam is known throughout the affiliate marketing industry for its results for both affiliates and publishers. It’s considered the largest affiliate network in the world, and it includes exclusive publisher distribution and a high level of strategic planning. This business model allows for better results based on a pay-per-performance model. They are also known for the many channels that you can advertise or promote from including online, offline, mobile, and social channels. You have to join to do anything on the site, but it will be well worth your trouble. Their network is considered one of the best in the world.

#11: Link Connector

Link Connector is a great portal site for both merchants or publishers of affiliate marketing products. Many big brands are associated with this affiliate network, and you can join their network of brands as either a merchant or affiliate. You’ll be able to track your performance across the network and different platforms, as well as integrating SEO and SEM technology. You’ll also enjoy the other features such as brand equity protection and coupon compliance for extra security.

#12: AvantLink

AvantLink is a serious affiliate marketing network that is based on a tried-and-true marketing method that used next-generation technology. They state on their site that they only work with serious catalog merchants and dedicated affiliate marketers who want to make serious money with affiliate marketing. They also sport a powerful API system that rarely lets you down and can use third-party tools for mobile applications.

#13: Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler helps affiliate marketers and merchants to create robust digital ad campaigns that help you meet your marketing and revenue goals. You can effectively use Tradedoubler to increase your brand awareness and help engage your customers in creating campaigns that meet your goals. They have some robust conversion tools that help you increase your performance to drive leads and sales using both email and affiliate marketing channels.

#14: WebGains

WebGains calls themselves the “high-performance” affiliate marketing network. They have a great track record that empowers their advertisers and publishing partners to help them reach their affiliate marketing goals. You can achieve great results if you utilize the tools WebGains provides you with on their site. WebGains realizes how difficult it can be to keep up with your competition and they provide the tools to cut through the advertising clutter to meet or exceed your goals.

#15: TradeTracker

TradeTracker is a London-based affiliate marketing network that focuses on providing affiliate marketers with the best advice possible to grow their brand or promote products for a passive income. They believe that it’s just not enough to put up an affiliate link and wait for clicks. They take an educated approach and delve into the specifics of what makes your industry successful so that you can maximize your profits. Specialization is the key to this network, and they have a strong desire to help you succeed as either a merchant or marketer.

#16: Share Results

Share Results is a robust affiliate networking system that includes several tools that are effective with your ad campaigns. They have performance reporting that keeps you up-to-date on your current campaigns and gives you streamlined integration to include all of your campaigns that you can access from one place. The software with Share Results is designed to meet the changing needs of your business, so you don’t have to worry about having problems with compatibility.

#17: Affiliate Future

This network is all about helping you plan your future by working on your current affiliate partnerships to devise a plan for success. Whether you are a publisher, advertiser, or an agency, you’ll be able to customize your marketing plans to meet your needs. Some other great features you’ll enjoy are the enhanced visual reporting, the expanding travel network, and faster payments. Check out this affiliate network to see if it is what you need to promote your brand or join as a publisher.

#18: RevenueWire

Revenue Wire is a Canadian-based affiliate network that focuses on digital commerce. They have over 25 thousand performance marketing partners all over the world and hundreds of advertisers, countries, and territories that will help you grow your brand to new levels if you are a merchant. For affiliate marketers who are publishing and promoting for other brands, you’ll find lots of great ways to make money on this platform. You can scale your brand quickly and efficiently with their robust platform and multi-channel growth opportunities.

#19: Performance Horizon

Performance Horizon helps you to drive extraordinary growth to your products or brands using their robust network of affiliates. You won’t have any trouble finding plenty of people to promote your products or services, while also having access to other merchants so that you can develop partnerships with them, as well. Whether you are a producer (merchant) or a publisher, you’ll find this network to have everything you need to promote your products and take your brand to the next level.

#20: Effinity Partners

Effinity Partners is a full-scale affiliate marketing agency dedicated to helping you succeed in every aspect of digital marketing and affiliate marketing. They offer a great platform that you can use to connect with other vendors, set up merchant or producer accounts, and streamline your affiliate marketing products in one place for easy organization. They use three types of marketing to achieve this goal including influence marketing, performance marketing, and marketing technologies to help you reach your goals.

Choosing the Best Platform and Network

We hope that this list of affiliate networks will help you to find the best solution for your needs. With the right affiliate network, you should be able to make your mark in the marketing world and pull in some cool passive income at the same time.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a secondary or passive income. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get all of the vendors you want. It takes time to build up. Most of them have specific requirements for joining. The reason many people don’t succeed is that they give up too easily. You should hang on until you start to see things working for you and tweak it as you go. You’ll be successful if you don’t give up. To see a list of some of the most popular affiliate networks, go to to see the entire list.