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Everyone’s familiar with the word “auction” but the processes and details involved are not generally known to many. People who are involved in auctioning in the daily basis and people who are still new to the industry can all go to Auction blogs for the latest news, updates, and even tutorials.

List of the Top Auction Blogs on the Internet Today

We present to you the top Auction Blogs on the internet today. You can check them out for more inspiration for your own blog. Make sure to note down what you love most about each blog so that we can use it for later.


Mike Brandly, Auctioneer Blog

Mike Brandly began his auction career in 1979. He is president of Brandly & Associates, Inc. and is an Auctioneer for RES Auction Services, a large real estate auction brokerage based in Ohio. Mr. Brandly also serves as an auction law and customary practice consultant, primarily providing this service to attorneys throughout the United States (Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, New York, California, Virginia and Oklahoma thus far) representing clients involving auction law compliance, customary practice, regulatory investigations and the like.

His work has encompassed analyzing video recordings of auctions, depositions, lawsuit claims and auction records including accounting and contracts. Following this blog, you will be kept up-to-date with auctions and auctioneers, with observations on auction law and customary practice.



Christie’s is a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service, expertise and global reach. Founded in 1766 by James Christie, Christie’s has since conducted the greatest and most celebrated auctions through the centuries, providing a popular showcase for the unique and the beautiful. Christie’s offers around 350 auctions annually in over 80 categories, including all areas of fine and decorative arts, jewelry, photographs, collectibles, wine, and more.

Christie’s is a world-renowned auction house. Art, clients and expertise are the three pillars on which they are built. The art is at the center of everything they do. They believe that the access to beautiful and special objects is an important part of people’s personal and cultural life.


Auction King

At Auction King, they go to great lengths to guarantee you have the best experience possible. Their low-price guarantee, secure bidding process, second-to-none customer service, and triple checked authenticity process to guarantee authenticity, mean you can bid with confidence. It is their goal to make your Auction King experience the best online auction experience you’ll ever have.

Auction King is built on the experience of three generations of auctioneers. They ensure the most true to life, credible, and secure auctioning experience available online. Their experience combined with the most up-to-date technology, gives you unprecedented access to remote sales offering unique, antique, exotic and luxury items.



Barnebys is the leading search engine for art, antiques and collectibles from more than 2,000 auction houses around the world. Barnebys users are, for the first time, able to search the whole of the auction market in one user-friendly site. Barnebys offers a free-to-use database of realized prices, dating back to the beginning of the 1970s and providing over forty million sold lots.

They gather auctions and catalogs from all leading auction houses, and they collaborate with entertaining bloggers covering openings, the contemporary art scene, major auctions and much more.


Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions are the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, as well as the largest auction house founded in the U.S. They are also the undisputed Internet leader in this field, with more than 1 million online bidder-members registered on Heritage Auctions. This loyal and growing community of collectors is a testament to the usefulness of their website, their reputation for professional business practices and their vast expertise in the field of art and collectibles.

They give their customers unprecedented access to their services by featuring the latest advancements in technology and maintaining a strong presence in the collectibles community.



Vicci is a car auction website. Vicci lets you conveniently and confidently shop to find a vehicle that will look as good in your investment portfolio as it does in your driveway. They provide a safe online forum where you can find trust. Trust the seller, trust the buyer and trust the vehicle. They want you to be free to conduct the full transaction at your convenience.

While driving vehicles can be enormously thrilling and rewarding, the process of buying or selling one can be frustrating, stressful, and even risky. Their mission is to eliminate wasted time and worry by providing an exclusive marketplace in which every vehicle is verified.


Essential Information Group

EIG is the only website in the UK providing you with information on virtually every property coming to auction as well as every property offered in the past. The EIG portal covers virtually all UK property auctions. They are recognized as the industry standard for auction information and currently includes details on over 750,000 properties for you to search.

They work closely with over 350 different auction houses and have full information on the lots they offer on their fully searchable members website that is used by a broad range of clients. They also provide a range of services for auctioneers, these include: catalogue creation, website design, creation and hosting, legal pack hosting, live auction broadcasting on the internet and online auction eBay style.


Bunch Auctions

William H. Bunch, the owner of the auction house and appraisal business bearing his name, had a passion for auctioneering spanning thirty years. After growing up in Northern Delaware and attending the University of Delaware he found himself living in a charming Cecil County, MD farmhouse and attending local auctions looking for appropriate furnishings.

Bunch Auctions offer auction & appraisal services for furniture, art & antiques in Chadds Ford, PA. They strive to provide turnkey solutions for estates, individuals, and industry professionals. They offer product and market experience for those considering the sale & disposition of all types of antiques, decorative & fine art, and other appreciable residential contents.


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Ritchie Bros. is a global asset management and disposition company, offering customers end-to-end solutions for buying and selling used heavy equipment, trucks and other assets. They help thousands of people around the world, appraise, sell, inspect, buy, refurbish, ship and finance heavy equipment, trucks, and other assets every month.

With their multiple on-site and online selling platforms and commitment to first-class customer service, Ritchie Bros. is trusted worldwide because they make buying and selling easy, efficient, fair, and transparent.


UK Auction List

UK Auction List launched in March 2002, and now holds a stellar reputation for offering a reliable and professional property auction information service for the UK. They are constantly developing their service to ensure their members and visitors get the best possible support and information when it comes to buying and selling property through auction.

The properties they exhibit in their database are supplied directly by UK auction houses, and this allows them to offer house hunters and property investors a comprehensive list of current properties for auction throughout the whole of the UK.

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