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National security is always a government’s priority. Without good military defense at one’s dispense, how can be the citizens’ safety be gauranteed?

Through defense blogs, we get to take a look at the latest military news all over the world. They offer all types of content ranging from the latest machine purchases to commentaries on current disputes and war status.

List of the Top Defense Blogs on the Internet Today

If you want to start your own blog, you’re in for a treat today! We’ve got a quick tutorial along with a smart deal for you at the bottom of the article. But first, let us go through the list of the Top Defense Blogs. Go check them out to be able to observe what these top blogs have to offer.


Defence Talk

Defence Talk is a complete resource for International Defence, military and strategic news and information. Defence Talk was launched in March, 2003 and has been growing into a mature and professional online Defence community. They strive to attract Defence Professionals, Military personnel, industry specialists as well as everyday military and Defence enthusiasts. Instead of being “just another board or Defence forum,” they have introduced and implemented strict rules and regulations to be one of the top leading Defence website portals on the internet.


Breaking Defense

Breaking Defense is designed to be the idea hub of the defense world, where the crucial defense ideas are debated, the biggest defense stories are reported and analyzed and the hottest weapons and news videos are shared. Read and watch the top-notch reporting of their team of experienced journalists, knowledgeable analysts, senior defense industry contributors and informed readers.

Breaking Defense is produced by Breaking Media, which provides trade-specific news, analysis, thought leadership and resources for senior executives and their organizations in their respective fields.


Defense Tech was started in 1999 to revolutionize the way the 30 million Americans with military affinity stay connected and informed. Today, they are the largest online military and veteran membership organization 10 million members strong.’s free membership connects service members, military families and veterans to all the benefits of service, government benefits, scholarships, discounts, lifelong friends, mentors, great stories of military life or missions, and much more.

They are passionate about helping members make the most of military experience throughout life.’s members are able to share stories, insider tips, news from the front lines, and unique slices of military life including the tough stuff of war.


Defense News

Defense News was founded in 1986, Defense News is the authoritative, independent, professional news source for the world’s defense decision-makers. In print and online, they provide the global defense community with the latest news and analysis on programs, policy, business and technology. Their bureaus and reporters around the world set the standard for accuracy, credibility and timeliness in defense reporting. Their magazine circulates to top leaders and decision makers around the world. The website,, provides up-to-date and essential coverage on breaking events via desktop and mobile devices.


Defence Blog

Defence Blog is a stand-alone military project. Founded in 2014, Defence Blog is the independent, professional news source for the world’s defence decision-makers. DB is a global provider of news, information and marketing solutions in the military, defence, federal technology and C4ISR markets.

They focus on the people, the issues, the events and the technologies that drive tomorrow’s response. Their portfolio of multimedia products, web, and mobile, TV, print and custom publishing, provides our audience and clients with the information. By working together with their customers and partners, they continue to grow and evolve their portfolio to meet the needs of the industry.


Defence News India

Defence News India is the news source for the latest defence news and analysis on India and around the world. Defence News India covers, Defence news and analysis, Defence policies, politics and legislation, Latest trends about defence industry and products, technologies and programs, Interviews with defence leaders, Defence features, opinion and commentary, Defence budgets and the politics, and many more defence related stuff.


Defense One

Defense One delivers news, breaking analysis and ideas on the topics and trends that are defining the future of U.S. defense and national security. They give national security professionals, stakeholders and citizens what is to be known, from senior leaders in Washington to commanders abroad and next-generation thinkers far from the political scrum. With an open-door policy to new voices and innovative, fearless commentary, Defense One provides a high-level, highly-visible conversation destination, from analysis of the hottest news events of the day to in-depth stories shining a critical light on unknown facets of the national security landscape. Defense one is a property of Atlantic Media, whose mission is to inform, elevate and challenge the national discourse. It is produced by Government Executive Media Group.



The Department of Defense Social Media team was created to facilitate DoD’s participation in online and social media communications. Their team manages a number of platforms, including this blog, that enable commands and organizations throughout the services and DoD to provide information about their missions and activities to service members, their families and loved ones, and the American public. Their team is always available to discuss emerging technologies and assist public affairs officers in incorporating social media and newly emergent tools into their communications activities.


Indian Defence Research Wing (Indian Defence Research Wing) was launched in 2006, when Reporting on Defence related issues was not considered much prominence in Mainstream Indian Media. Idea behind was to bring all coverage from mainstream media to one stop destination that lead to the creation of, their focus was also to counter Biased and Negative reporting done by certain section of National and International agencies .Over the years thanks to their regular visitors, have grown to become oldest and also most trusted Indian Defence News portals visited by all section of people who have an interest in Defence matters. While their focus remains on the matter concerning Indian Defence forces, we also make effort to cover Important News-break related to Global and Regional matters.


The Diplomat

The Diplomat is the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region. Since its launch in 2002, The Diplomat has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in Asia and around the world. The Diplomat reaches an influential audience of commentators, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of regional issues. The Diplomat provides expert coverage on, Geo-political trends throughout the Asia-Pacific, Defense and intelligence, Environment, human security and development, Arts, social trends and popular culture.

How to Get Started with Your Own Defense Blog

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