Best Dental Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Many students wonder how to become a dentist. In general, it takes four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree in dental science, four years to complete dental school, and another two to four years for residency training. There are 66 dental schools in the United States, but all but one require four years of education. Here are some tips for pursuing a career in dentistry. You should also know how to pay for dental school.

First, you should consider the requirements for the state you plan to practice in. Each state requires a certain level of education and a clinical examination, though many use national board certification to fulfill the local requirement. After you finish dental school, you will have to pass a series of state-approved exams. For more information, check out the ADA’s pamphlet on how to become a dentist. You can also visit your state’s licensing board website for more information.

You should also consider pursuing a part-time job at a dental office while you’re in school. Not only can it give you experience in the field of health care, but it also gives you valuable exposure to real-life situations. Whether you work for a private practice or at a hospital, you can gain valuable experience in a dental office by working in one. Lastly, you should consider applying for a dental school through the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service. Remember, you should put in an impressive performance in both the classroom and in practicum settings. To enhance your chances of admission, you can join professional organizations and become a member of professional societies related to dental care.

List of the Top Dental Blogs on the Internet Today

When looking for any type of specific information or resources online, there is simply way too much out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the process. In order to help you find exactly what you are looking for, we’ve listed some of the best dental blogs, websites and hashtags below.

Site NameURLSocial Media
Dentistry Today @DentistryToday
Dental Economics @DentalEconomics
Dental Products Report @DPRlive
Spear Education @SpearEducation
DentistryIQ @DentistryIQ
Dental Tribune @dental_tribune
Dental Health Magazine @dentalhealthorg
Dentaltown @DentaltownMag
Oral Health Group @OralHealthGrp
DrBicuspid @DrBicuspid
Dental Compare @DentalCompare
The Daily Floss @TheDailyFloss
3D Dentists @3DDentists
MouthHealthy @MouthHealthy
Oral-B @OralB
Dental Health Essentials @Dental_ess
DentaVox Blog @DentaVox
Dental Nachos @dentalnachos
Smiles for Kids @SmilesForKidsAZ
Benco Dental @BencoDental
The American Dental Association @AmerDentalAssn
Oral Science @OralScience @Dentistryuk
Dental Departures @Dent_Departures
Dentist’s Money Digest @DMDmagazine

Dental Hashtags on Social Media

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