Best Figure Skating Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

The sport of figure skating is a popular part of the Winter Olympics. Many spectators are attracted to the elegance of the athletes. The best skaters share gymnast-like attributes. It is most popular in regions with cold winters. The last fifty years have seen dominant countries including the former Soviet Union, Canada, Germany, and Russia.

The sport of figure skating involves two main performances, the short program and the free skate. In both programs, the skater performs a variety of jumps, spins, field moves, and other techniques. Some skaters perform death spirals and throw jumps. These moves are also referred to as “blur spins.”

Historically, the sport of figure skating has come a long way since its beginnings. Robert Jones, an Englishman, wrote a treatise on skating in 1772 that outlined the sport’s development. The sport was initially very formal and cramped, but in the late 1860s, a man named Jackson Haines introduced expressive techniques based on dance movements. These techniques later became popular in Europe and became known as the “International style”. Jackson Haines, who died at the age of 35, was a popular figure skater and helped develop the sport of figure skating.

During a spin, the skater rotates on the front rocker of the skate blade. This corresponds to the ball of the skater’s foot, and is located just behind the toe pick. Another part of the skate blade is the back rocker, which helps the skater change the level of spin. A back scratch spin flips the edges to the inside edge of the foot and changes the level of spin.

List of the Top Figure Skating Blogs on the Internet Today

When looking for any type of specific information or resources online, there is simply way too much out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the process. In order to help you find exactly what you are looking for, we’ve listed some of the best figure skating blogs, websites and hashtags below.

Site NameURLSocial Media
International Figure Skating Magazine @ifsmagazine
Figure Skating Universe @fsuniverse
Ice Network @IceNetwork
Inside Skating @insideskating
Golden Skate @goldenskate
The Skating Lesson @SkatingLesson
Figure Skaters Online @figureskating1
Absolute Skating @absoluteskating
Ice-Dance.com @IceDance_com
Jackie Wong @rockerskating
The Ice Skating World N/A
Ice Skating International N/A
International Skating Union @ISU_Figure
Figure Skating Corner N/A
The Skating Times @skatingtimes
Rocker Skating @rockerskating
Figure Skating Federation of Russia N/A
Skate Guard @SkateGuardBlog
The Skating Lesson Podcast @SkatingLesson
The Ice Dance Observer @IceDanceObsrvr
Ice Theatre of New York @IceTheatreNY
Unseen Skaters N/A
Center Ice Arena N/A
Team USA Figure Skating @USFigureSkating
Figure Skating Science @FSscience

Figure Skating Hashtags on Social Media

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