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With Final Fantasy now on its 15th main game, there’s so much to discover and understand. The different racing games, fighting games, musical rhythm game, and main games can be enjoyed by players on different platforms. This makes the game franchise’s reach utterly endless.

Many Finaly Fantasy blogs and websites have forums wherein players can share discoveries, experiences, and all sorts of information. These forums help players anchor each other across different game challenges and goals.

List of the Top Final Fantasy Forums on the Internet Today

After thorough research and filtering, we now present to you the list of the top Final Fantasy Forums. As you go through each forum, you might as well explore what other resources the blog has to offer. And if you get inspired to start your own blog, you may refer to our quick tutorial at the bottom of the article.


Final Fantasy Wiki

Final Fantasy Wiki is the first pinnacle all committed or budding Final Fantasy fans should head to online. The Final Fantasy Wiki contains more than 12,000 pages, all broken down into categories on the homepage. All the games, characters, creatures, and locations are here waiting to be discovered and explored. There are images and videos, chat rooms and forums, and links to other sources for all things related to Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy Network

Final Fantasy Network comprises news, reviews, and features, as well as various community tools. You may discover that many Final Fantasy sites no longer being updated, but Final Fantasy Network is still seeing a steady stream of content. You can sort content via either category or game title, the latter being a great feature for those who have only dipped into the series. There are also links to spaces on external sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr.


Eyes on Final Fantasy

Eyes on Final Fantasy comprises news posts, a forum, a chatroom, a Wiki, and a random selection of blog posts that defy classification. This looks to be an active community, with every corner of the site being used. There are usually hundreds of people on the site at any one time, which is pretty good for an unofficial website dedicated to a niche topic. And the range of content means one click invariably leads to another.


Hell And Heaven Net

Hell and Heaven Net has recently undergone a makeover, but it has been online since 2001. In that time an extensive news archive has built up, as have resources for all the Final Fantasy games right up to Final Fantasy XIV. Each game is explored thoroughly, with information including the story and battle system, tips and secrets, and even the music and artwork. This is a site for true fans who want more than the games themselves can offer.


Final Fantasy Forums

Final Fantasy Forums is an unofficial community for fans of the series. The statistics tell you how good a resource it is, with more than 18,000 members reading almost 1 million posts in more than 44,000 threads. The forum is broken down into various sections, with Square-Enix, individual titles, and movies and television shows related to the series all given their own space to breathe. There are also sections where more-mainstream discussions can be had.



Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. After establishing the Blizzard Entertainment label in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games. By focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, Blizzard Entertainment has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception. There is a whole section dedicated to role-playing and role-players. This is where those who create new worlds, realities, or versions of themselves can let their imaginations run free.



Finaland has its own Forum. Once you become a member, you will discover a Forum where reign a very good atmosphere. You will be able to share your knowledge, ask questions or answer those who need it, discuss all kinds of things (video games, cinema, Japanese culture etc). This is the corner of the fans of Final Fantasy and the meeting point for RPG fans!  The Forum is a place where many people meet, so it is essential that each of you respect the rules.


Steam Community

The steam community strives to be a fun, wholesome community centered on the gaming series that has touched each of players’ lives in its own respective way. It’s a place to engage in silliness and seriousness with equal measure, a place to discuss news and media, get personal things off your chest in a safe environment, and talk about games old and new, Final Fantasy or otherwise. Members find their niches in forums or the chatroom, and sometimes both!


Easy Allies

This forum is packed to the rafters with threads on everything related to the Final Fantasy series, related games, and gaming in general, Announcements regarding our community, discuss all the latest EZA shows and streams, General Discussion, Comments & Feedback. Not content with just covering the Final Fantasy series, Easy Allies also ventures further into the world of Square-Enix RPGs, with Kingdom Hearts and Grandia amongst those featured.

How to Get Started with Your Own Final Fantasy Blog

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