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The saying “there’s always room for improvement” is applicable to many things. This includes your home, too! Whether you either have a simple or grand project in mind, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Home improvement blogs are great resource tools for people who want to upgrade the look or functionality of their houses.

The individuals behind these blogs are very passionate when it comes to making beautiful and practical home modifications. Do you feel like having a home improvement blog could also be your thing? You should definitely give it a go. We have a quick guide at the end of the article on how you can start your own blog.


Blogs on home improvement each have their own specialty. There are blogs for furniture selection, DIY projects, latest trends updates, color inspirations, and room design and decor. We’ve made a list below of the top home improvement blogs for you to check out!

Home Depot Blog

The Home Depot blog features many ideas and tips as to how to start and complete home decorating projects. Home Depot is one of the most popular important home improvement stores in the U.S., with stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and the District of Columbia. There are plenty of DIY projects to choose from on this blog, and you’ll also get plenty of special holiday decor ideas. They feature about eight posts per week.

Room for ImprovementS Catalog

This blog has thousands of products that you can use yourself to do home repairs, as well as home organization and storage ideas, gardening, and other home decorating tips and tricks. Their blog also has many in-house product designs that let you design any project in style. Many of the items in their store are inexpensive and affordable, too. They have been in business for 25 years.

Reddit Home Improvement Blog

Reddit is known for its diverse topics that they feature on their social media website. Home improvement is just one of many topics that you will find on the site. But this home improvement blog is quite beneficial to anyone looking to find helpful information about home improvement on this site. You can join in the discussion, answer a question that has been posted, or start your thread. It’s a great place to ask questions about home improvement that you run into while working on your projects.

AbryBros Foundation Repair Blog

Foundation repair is something many homeowners and property managers will have to eventually deal with. In addition to houses aging and simply needing manual work done, there have been plenty of natural disasters as of lately which have caused mass home damage and foundation services to be required as well. Such events have been seen in New Jersey with Superstorm Sandy, and the recent hurricanes and flood in Florida, Texas, and surrounding areas. Not only has the AbryBrothers website and blog become a trusted source for such repairs and services, their site also features all of the necessary information on how to find a trusted contractor, estimated costs of such repairs, and much more.

Young House Love

Here’s a blog that is just right for the upcoming holiday season! They have an article on their site now (Dec. 18) featuring pictures and information on how they did their house for the Christmas season. In addition to holiday tips, you’ll get evergreen decorating tips to keep your home looking both organized and “homey.” Check out the various photos depicting the beautiful design and decorating tips of the founders.

Furniture Makeovers Blog

This site shows you how you can improve on the furniture you already have without spending more money. They feature several photos of refinished furniture items such as chest-of-drawers and dressers that you can use as a guideline or get inspiration for your projects. They focus on creative DIY projects and affordable design ideas that anyone can afford within a tight budget.

DIY Show-Off

If you are looking for great DIY projects, here’s a great blog to start with. You’ll find last-minute holiday decorating tips, great and affordable design tips, and more on this blog. The blog owners give you an opportunity to show off your DIY projects, connect with others, and strut your stuff. Check out this blog and see why it’s called “The DIY Show Off Blog.”

Home Decor Expert

Home Decor Expert is a blog that features plenty of interior design jobs and projects for the do-it-yourself homeowner. They provide relevant and informative content that features home decor accessories you can buy and ideas that you can apply to your projects. Their goal is to provide the latest design trends to their readers, and they post about 14 times per week. This blog is based in India.

Idaho Painters Blog

If you prefer a video blog instead, you’ll love this creative design blog put up by the husband/wife team from Idaho. They offer many different types of “live” and recorded content such as this one on cabinet painting. If you subscribe to their channel, you’ll get regular notifications to let you know how to do all sorts of great painting projects.

DIY Doctor’s Blog

The DIY Doctor’s blog is a UK-based home improvement blog that features free DIY and home improvement advice for any level of decorating projects you have. They offer “how to advice,” tips and information, and renovation help. Everyone could use a bit of expert advice, especially when you are “knee deep” in a design project. They are here to help when you get in over your head! Check them out. They feature about two posts per month.

DIY Diva: A Home Improvement Blog

This female-based home improvement blog has an attitude! They believe that ladies are just as good (or better) than men at some of the daunting tasks when it comes to home decorating jobs. They set out to prove this daily by the challenging projects that they take on with remarkable results. The owner of the blog, Kit, says that she has an incurable “power tool” addiction and her “About Me” page is humorous. She states in “full disclosure” that the ads on her page support this addiction and that when she is not using some power tool to build a barn or other structure, she is chasing or buying farm animals. She single-handedly renovated a farm and now works on projects regularly all by herself on her farm. She has been blogging about outdoor design projects and building construction topics since 2004 and doesn’t have plans to stop. She says that the word, “easy” is synonymous with “boring,” so don’t expect to find any girly type projects on here. This is man’s work, done by a woman.

Bless’er House Blog

This blog is designed and maintained by DIY expert, Lauren, who calls herself a “Southern-style DIY fanatic.” She features projects on bathrooms, hallways, all rooms of a house from top to bottom, and takes on DIY paint jobs, add-on rooms, and more. She even tackles some very difficult topics such as how to hang wallpaper without going insane, and she posts around three times per month. Check out her blog if you are looking for some Southern inspiration from a Southern gal who looks like she was also known how to outsource since some of the furniture she deals with weighs a ton! From light decorating projects to the heavy lifting ones, Lauren will show you how it’s done!


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