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What would a beautiful house be if it doesn’t make you feel safe? It would be something else, but definitely not a home. Security should be a priority for all homeowners. Search results might say there’s a low crime rate around your neighborhood. Although, it’s never wrong to take precautionary measures.

Blogs on home security make very great reference tools. They’ll point you to current trends, products and services reviews, directories, and insights. If your keen on any or all of these, you should absolutely create your own blog. We can guide you with this, just scroll down to the bottom of the article.

List of the Top Home Security Blogs on the Internet Today

We’ve made a list of the best home security blogs out there. Giving these blogs a look can give you a clearer picture of how you’d like your blog to look and feel.

SafeWise Blog

If you are looking for a home security site that will serve as a resource for all things having to do with home security, this may be a blog to check out. They deal with topics that are important to the homeowner such as home security and identity theft, as well as home automation guides and tips on buying a home with the best terms. It’s a great resource to check out when you want to get advice or tips on home security, including what types of alarm systems to buy to stay secure within your home. Blog

This blog is known as the Smart Home Blog, and they feature all sorts of articles on the topic of home security, alarm systems, and smart living topics. They offer practical tips such as how to avoid holiday theft, whether fake security cameras work or not, and much more. Check out this informative blog when you need some insight on the home security topic. You’ll find some pretty good bits of knowledge to take with you. The blog is a sister site to, one of the best-known security companies in the United States.

Protect America

The Protect America blog is designed to offer extra security tips and advice to their network of customers that span many states and homes across the United States and Canada. They discuss topics such as the difference between wired and wireless security cameras, how to control and monitor the power of your security cameras, and more. This is a good blog for people who want to feel safer by having a larger degree of control over their security equipment as well as learning what to do in the event of theft. Protect America offers high-tech security for homes, products, and other security solutions to help protect your safety. They have over twenty years of experience, and they are known as one of the largest home security companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Home Security Superstore

This blog is a part of the Home Security Superstore which offers a wide range of security products that help satisfy home security and personal safety needs. The company specializes in DIY home security and self-defense products. Their blog focuses on security issues, spy hardware, and survival gear that helps homeowners to feel safer in their homes, even when they are away. Whether you want to buy security products, get advice on your current security questions, or just read interesting articles on the topic of home security, this is a great resource for you.

Your Local Security Blog

This blog is owned by the ADT company. ADT is one of the leading providers of security and surveillance products in the United States. The blog features lots of practical tips for the homeowners to keep their families safe. They have tips and news on the home security topic and many other topics that are important to families and individuals. Since the blog is furnished by ADT Company, you will see many crime statistics which are posted on the blog to inform people about the most common crimes in the U.S. Check out this blog to find out what the trends are and how you can better protect yourself in your home environment and outside of it.

LiveWatch Security Watch protects their customers with lots of products, tips, and information that will help customers to maximize their control over their home security. Their security company maintains a strong commitment to their customer base while providing helpful information that will improve family security and help restore confidence in the safety of your belongings. Check out their posts, and you’ll see why they have hundreds of people who rely on them for their security information on a regular basis.

Guardian Protection

This is the blog of Guardian Protection Services, a blog dedicated to the improvement of security and monitoring services within and outside of the home. More than a quarter-million residents and commercial customers benefit from this security blog which offers excellent tips and advice for your security needs and concerns. Whether you own a home or a business or both, you’ll find something that will help you to figure out how to stay safe, improve your own home or business security, and stay safe in all contexts. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to read articles on the home security or automation topic, as well as various security product reviews.

Nortek Security and Control

Nortek is a security and control company and OEM supplier of security products for home automation and safety. With over 50 years of innovation, they supply their cutting-edge technology to leading players including retailers and service providers in the security industry. You may want to bookmark this blog if you want to learn more about how to improve your current security system or purchase security products from their online store. Check out this blog if you want to learn more about how to increase your home security and gain knowledge that will help you to stay safe.

In-Home Safety Guide

This online security blog provides unbiased reviews of new security equipment, tips on home security, id theft protection, and even the best medical alert systems. They feature wireless security systems as well as identity theft protection solutions that will help any homeowner learn what to do to stay safe. This is a great blog to bookmark if you want tried-and-true advice about security issues.

Peak Alarm Company Blog

The Peak Alarm Company is a large full-scale security company that focuses on access control, CCTV, fire alarms, and other security issues. Peak was founded in 1969, and they continue to be one of the most respected security alarm companies in the security alarm system. They feature about one post per week, and they have many followers who depend on them for their information regarding home security and safety issues.

How to Start a Blog of Your Own in the Next 10 Minutes

You’ve already seen the top blogs on home security. Starting your own blog can actually be pretty easy. Yes, even easier than burglar-proofing a house. Just follow our quick guide and you’ll be set in no time.

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