Best Knitting Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2022

Knitting blogs are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing niche markets in the world of blogging. When you think of knitting you probably wouldn’t think of blogging, but the truth is many people who knit are going online to start blogging about their crafting expertise and sharing different knitting ideas with others. After all, when you are passionate about something, you often tend to spend more time and focus on projects around that passion. Since it’s so easy to start a blog, this all makes perfect sense.

With such a demand for knitting resources and crafting guides on the internet, some of the best resources available are from people who just decided to start a blog and post pictures of knitting projects that they have completed. At the same time, many of these bloggers have found new and exciting ways to make money with their content, such as selling online courses or knitting material and equipment.

List the Best Knitting Blogs on the Internet Today

With thousands of people searching for the best knitting blogs on the internet every month, we wanted to make this process a little bit easier for people around the world. Below you will find a list of the top knitting websites and blogs on the internet today.

Site NameURLTwitter
Mason Dixon Knitting
The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done
Brooklyn Tweed
Knitting Sarah
KnitPicks Staff Knitting Blog
Tin Can Knits
Yarn Harlot
Purl Soho
Berroco Blog
Knitting and so on
The Brown Stitch
Vickie Howell
Never Not Knitting
Tolt Yarn and Wool
Knit Picks Blog
Purl Bee
Churchmouse Yarns & Teas
Knit One, Purl Two
Creative Knitting Blog
Hands Occupied
Fringe Association
Gynx Yarns
Stranded Knitting

Knitting Hashtags on Social Media

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