Best Korean Drama Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Aside from K-pop, another component of the Korean culture that has dominated the world is Korean Drama. New fans all over the world are being converted every day. Not everyone may be able to understand the language, but reading the subtitle doesn’t seem to bother anyone. With their unique storylines and dreamy lead actors, there’s no question why people love K-drama so much!

Korean dramas have an uncanny ability to captivate audiences with their complex characters. Some Korean dramas feature a love triangle, which can lead to the “Romantic Runnerup,” the “Green-Eyed Monster,” or the infamous Cock Fight. However, if you’re looking for a more complex plot, try Fire and Ice. These dramas showcase the contrast between male characters, and the complexities of love.

Most Korean dramas are filmed only four episodes before they’re broadcast. Often, this is done to reduce production costs and avoid long lead times. The scripts for these dramas are often subject to changes and are often altered hours before filming. Some scenes are even filmed while they’re on television! But don’t be fooled by the names. The characters and storylines in Korean dramas are usually based on real events, so you can’t expect any dramas to be totally original.

List of the Top Korean Drama Blogs on the Internet Today

The list of K-drama shows one aims to binge-watch may seem endless, but this list of the top Korean drama blogs isn’t. We’ve cut it down to the best of the best. Each blog has its own unique flair that you can observe and take note of if you’re starting your own blog. Go ahead and check them out!

Site NameURLTwitter
Kdrama Kisses
Kdrama Therapy
Kdrama Reviews
The Kdrama Podcast
Korean Drama News
Kdramas & Movies
Couch Kimchi
Drama Obsess
Kdrama Therapy
Kdrama Kisses
Kdrama Fighting
The Fangirl Verdict
Kdrama Jen
Beyond Kdramas
Kdrama Reviews
Drama Milk
Kdrama News

Korean Drama Hashtags on Social Media

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