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The legal industry, just like any other type of industry, needs proper marketing strategies. There are legal marketing blogs that offer strategic marketing services, comprehensive business development solutions, and brand enhancement techniques for law firms.

List of the Top Legal Marketing Blogs on the Internet Today

Having instant access to all things online, it can be difficult to really find the best of the best. But we’ve done the research to pick out the top law marketing blogs. These blogs may have varying specialties but they are all reputable and well-established law marketing information portals. Whether you’re doing research for your academic growth or you’re looking for some inspiration for your own blog, you’ve come to the right place. Go ahead and browse through each blog.


The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is the nation’s Largest Provider of Strategic Marketing Services for Small to Medium Sized Law Firms. At The Rainmaker Blog, they specialize in law firm marketing for attorneys in small to medium sized firms and solo law firms who want to: Discover how to generate more and better referrals, Learn a proven marketing system that delivers results and Create a financially successful law practice.

Over 18,000 attorneys from hundreds of law firms across the country have discovered the power of being a Rainmaker. They teach lawyers cutting-edge law firm marketing strategies using both online marketing, internet marketing and referral-building techniques.


Find Law

Find Law provides comprehensive business development solutions, empowering small law firms to successfully build their brands and connect with legal consumers to grow their practice.

Find Law was founded in 1995 – the beginning of the internet era. Since then, they have grown to be the premier online destination for legal consumers and one of the leading providers of lawyer marketing online. Their 9 million monthly visitors count on Find Law to deliver in-depth information on a wide variety of legal topics and practice issues.


Practice Panther

Practice Panther is an easy and secure law practice management software for lawyers worldwide. Practice Panther was founded by two partners on a mission to create the easiest law practice management software. The reason they did this is because their wives made them. Every night their spouses (both attorneys) complained about how difficult their programs were to use.

Billing took a full day. They couldn’t work from their phones or tablets. So, they decided to create Practice Panther – a mobile friendly software so intuitive, easy to use, and user-friendly, no training was needed.


Paper Street

Paper Street traces its beginnings to the day an aspiring attorney and computer geek decided that too many law firms had websites that looked like “crap.” Paper Street is an award-winning web marketing company that focuses on creating websites for the legal industry. They have worked on over 850 legal internet marking campaigns and websites. Their team of writers, designers and developers share the latest trends, best practices and tips about law firm internet marketing.

Paper Street has built an extensive network of international clientele through cutting edge development, designs that impress and Internet marketing that delivers results.



Martindale-Hubbell began in 1868 as one man’s vision to provide business men with the address of “one reliable law firm in every city in the United States.” From its start as a simple list, Martindale-Hubbell has evolved into a leading global network of over one million lawyers and a portfolio of websites and tools designed to connect lawyers and buyers of legal services.

Since its existence, the more than 1 million Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review, Ratings and Martindale-Hubbell Client Review Ratings are recognized as the gold standard in attorney ratings. Lawyers seeking to refer a client, as well as individuals researching lawyers for their own legal needs, use these ratings and reviews to identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate lawyer for their legal issue.



LMA is a community that brings together all types of industry specialists from firms of all sizes. Consultants and vendors, lawyers, marketers from other professions, and marketing students can connect and share their collective knowledge.

Members at every stage in their career development benefit from their LMA participation because their broad array of programs and services can be tailored to their needs: Senior practitioners may receive special recognition in our Hall of Fame, access proprietary research studies and strengthen the profession through mentoring and training opportunities; and Lawyers, other professional service providers and the marketers who serve them, and legal and marketing students may structure our professional development activities in ways that support their objectives.


Law Lytics

Law Lytics is the leading website marketing system for lawyers who want more clients without wasting time or money. Unlike agencies, Law Lytics adapts as your firm’s needs evolve, so you’ll never overpay. Unlike general website software, Law Lytics is built for lawyers, so you won’t struggle and miss opportunities.

Law Lytics was founded in 2011 as a response to Dan’s (Blog owner) frustrations with the legal marketing industry – and it’s the dream legal marketing service and system he wished had been available to him. Dan and Engineer Derek Johnson, co-founded LawLytics with a simple vision: To empower attorneys to grow their practices without wasting time or money.



Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Justia’s mission is to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society. They are especially focused on making primary legal materials and community resources, free and easy to find on the Internet. The company provides Internet users with free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog, as well as additional community resources.

Justia works with educational, public interest and other socially focused organizations to bring legal and consumer information to the online community. They also provide a premium Web site, blogging and online marketing solutions to help law firms optimize their marketing budget and provide their clients with an increased level of information and service.


Juris Digital

At Juris Digital, their purpose is: To provide exceptional online marketing & customer service for remarkable law firms that results in consistent new clients, stronger reputations, and positive brand enhancement. They’re regularly featured on industry blogs like Moz and Lawyernomics. They don’t just care about delivering their clients’ results, but also helping the industry progress as a whole.

Their clients have been featured in some of the most reputable publications across the country. This not only helps increase client trust, but also builds your brand online and offline.



Postali began in 2009 as a boutique marketing agency serving the unique needs of lawyers. They realized that direct mail was the best way for lawyers to reach people facing legal issues at the time they needed an attorney most. They refined their process using emerging technology and developed a proprietary model for legal case direct mail.

Postali is a full-service legal marketing agency serving attorneys across the country. They help you make sense of what works and what doesn’t in legal marketing. They use research and data to create sustainable results to help you expand your practice. And they also create a complete marketing strategy that brings the vision of your law firm to life.


Firmidable is a Pioneering legal marketing that led to over a million Americans with disabilities, who didn’t know where to turn, now leading lives of dignity. Moms of students with special needs now standing up to school boards. Seriously injured employees accessing medical care and benefits to which they were entitled.

Discriminated workers challenging employers who break federal laws. Drivers discouraged from texting while driving, making our highways safer. America is a little better place – and law firms are a lot better revenue producers – thanks to the work of Firmidable.

fSquared Marketing

fSquared Marketing is an award-winning consultancy and full-service marketing agency founded in 2012 with a dedicated focus on helping law firms achieve their strategic objectives.

Their approach is built on one simple observation: even the best legal minds can use a little help.

Custom Legal Marketing

Custom Legal Marketing is the first-class cabin of the marketing industry. They believe in personal attention, transparent reporting, and dedicated account managers. With over 10 locations throughout the United States, they have a strategy discussion face to face to make sure your marketing plan is on the right track.

Custom Legal Marketing is a solid, profitable company ready to deliver a better, more effective online marketing experience.


Stacey E. Burke, P.C. (SEBPC) is a nationwide law firm business consulting practice headquartered in Houston, Texas. The firm was founded in 2010 and they have consulted for law firms across the country. Stacey Burke and her team act as outsourced marketing coordinators for small to medium sized law firms and legal industry vendors.

They have worked with many law firms that employ marketing coordinators to integrate additional ideas and to audit existing efforts. SEBPC is nationally known for its effective online demand generation methods to increase new case acquisition, and for developing and implementing the corresponding law firm infrastructure best practices to support the increased intake.

Legal Marketing Review

Legal Marketing Review is known for providing Internet marketing consulting services for a variety of industries (With clients such as Philips Medical, Arrow Electronics, Hearing Planet, MIT and numerous law firms, banks, retailers and colleges).

They are vast in developing legal contents and how to produce legal video marketing that drives leads, and what it takes for a law firm to transform their web marketing into a powerful branding experience that is helpful to potential clients.

Legal InSites

The goal of Legal InSites is to provide high quality, reliable web development and search engine optimization services to the legal community.

They focuses on law firms and only law firms. They craft unique, individual story, and share it with the world.

Proven Law Marketing

Proven Law Marketing exists to help law firms meet their business goals. Proven Law Marketing takes a hands-on approach to getting the important things right.  The majority of these involve marketing and client acquisition strategies.

However, they make a personal investment in the people that make a law firm function, and enhance the way they view the organization and their role in its success.

Premier Legal Marketing

Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) is not like most other marketing firms. Their approach provides personalized service and custom programs for lawyers and law firms looking to maximize and increase their digital presence on the web.

PLM partners with its  clients to develop customized programs that work best for each of them.

Lawyers Marketing Associates

Lawyers Marketing Associates brings together decades of law firm strategy, planning and marketing know-how from legal marketing expert Lauren Currin, a former attorney, and her associates.

They have handled various law firm marketing and management seminars and conferences on a variety of subjects related to law firms, such as best practices for marketing your law firm, creating a marketing plan & budget, how to brand law firms for market dominance, how to use PR to market your firm, communications and branding, internet marketing campaigns, CRM campaigns, strategic marketing plans and client experience evaluations & improvement strategies.


Harrington is a professional services firm digital and content marketing agency that understands clients’ needs. For more than a decade, they are able to provide clarity to professional services firm marketing while helping law, consulting, and accounting firm tell compelling, client-focused stories online.

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