Best Meditation Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

The term “meditation” is used for many practices. There are various types, but the main purpose is the same: to cultivate a positive and calm state of mind. In the Triratna Buddhist Community, for example, we learn two simple meditations taught by the historical Buddha. These are centered on developing calmness and emotional postivity, and they involve reciting specific words. The meditations are also sometimes accompanied by visualizations of difficult people or places.

Many academic papers have sought to define the phenomenon of meditation. However, a broad definition is likely to include a variety of non-meditative practices. In these cases, we must draw a line. While the term meditation includes a variety of practices, we can only claim that they are all meditation if they lead to changes in neurochemistry and neurophysiology. It is essential to distinguish between meditation and non-meditation practices to make sure that the two terms are used correctly.

Another common question is “how to meditate” – the answer is quite simple: to regulate your mind. As humans, we tend to think a lot and to be pulled in many directions. Paying attention to all of these thoughts can distract us from the important things we want to achieve. Using meditation to help us ignore unnecessary thoughts can increase our clarity and efficiency. There is no better time to begin learning this powerful technique than now!

List of the Top Meditation Blogs on the Internet Today

If you found the information above useful, you will enjoy the selection of top meditation websites, blogs and hashtags listed below. Be sure to visit each to find exactly what you are looking for.

Site NameURLTwitter Handle
Insight Timer
Elephant Journal
The Chopra Center
Tiny Buddha
The Daily Meditation
The Mindfulness Summit
The Mindfulness Project
One Mind Dharma
Be Mindful Online
The Meditation Blog
The Center for Mindful Eating
Mindful Schools
Tara Brach
Buddha Weekly
Insight Meditation Society
Dharma Seed
Plum Village

Meditation Hashtags on Social Media

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