Best Mental Health Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Mental health is our psychological, emotional and social well-being. Our mental state is directly linked to our behavior, cognition, perception, and emotion. It also determines how we respond to stress, deal with our relationships, and make decisions. Mental health is an important part of our overall well-being, and it’s important to consider our emotional, physical, and social health in order to achieve the best possible level of wellness.

Identifying patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can help you determine if you need help. Sometimes, the distinction between a mental disorder and normal mental health is clear-cut, and other times it isn’t. Some symptoms are similar, so social phobia can be mistaken for shyness. For instance, depression is not the same as bipolar disorder. Some signs of depression or bipolar disorder are common in people with depression.

The answers to these questions depend on the empirical frame that an individual uses to describe mental health. Understanding these frames is essential to developing a consensus definition for diverse populations. Because there is no universal definition for mental health, it has been difficult to integrate mental health initiatives into global health programs and health service delivery. However, a common definition can be reached with a global and inclusive dialogue. If a common definition can be reached, mental health is a more universal concept and can benefit a variety of people.

It’s important to maintain healthy coping mechanisms. Yoga, meditation, and patterned breathing can help you cope with your emotional stress. Other calming exercises and hobbies can help you cope with tough times. Spending time outdoors or reading a book can help you find ways to feel better and reduce stress. By improving your mental state, you will have more energy to deal with stressful situations and make the most of the challenges that come your way.

List of the Top Mental Health Blogs on the Internet Today

Blogs on mental health give us relevant content and resources. We can find articles on various situations as well as mental disorders. Below is the list of the Top Mental Health Blogs you can check out. Also, if these blogs inspire you to start your own blog on mental health, we have a quick blogging tutorial at the end of the article.

Site NameURLTwitter
NAMI Bloghttps://www.nami.org/Blogs/NAMI-Blog@NAMICommunicate
Psychology Todayhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog@PsychToday
The Mightyhttps://themighty.com/mental-health/@TheMightySite
Verywell Mindhttps://www.verywellmind.com/@verywell
National Institute of Mental Healthhttps://www.nimh.nih.gov/news/index.shtml@NIMHgov
Brain Pickingshttps://www.brainpickings.org/@brainpickings
Heads Togetherhttps://www.headstogether.org.uk/category/blog/@heads_together
Psych Centralhttps://psychcentral.com/blog/@psychcentral
Black Mental Health Alliancehttps://blackmentalhealth.com/blog/@BMHA_MD
The Mental Elfhttps://www.nationalelfservice.net/mental-health/@Mental_Elf
Women’s Healthhttps://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/mental-health/@WomensHealthMag
Anxiety & Depression Association of Americahttps://adaa.org/adaa-blogs@Got_Anxiety
The Huffington Posthttps://www.huffpost.com/impact/topic/mental-health@HuffPost
Greater Good Magazinehttps://greatergood.berkeley.edu/topic/mental_health/P10@GreaterGoodSC
Teen Voguehttps://www.teenvogue.com/tag/mental-health@TeenVogue
The Mightyhttps://themighty.com/mental-health/@TheMightySite
Mental Health Americahttps://www.mhanational.org/blog@MentalHealthAm
Project Semicolonhttps://projectsemicolon.com/blog/@ProjSemicolon
The Center for Mental Healthhttps://www.centermh.org/blog@TheCenterMH

Mental Health Hashtags on Social Media

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