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MMOs or massively multiplayer online games usually have a huge open world. People get to play with others simultaneously which gives it a real-time on the field kind of feeling. There’s always something to do. When a quest ends, there’s still a whole community you can interact with. It gets addictive because you’re always gaining something whether it’s a skill, an item, or points.

Nowadays, there are blogs devoted to MMOs. Players of all kind get to have the latest news, previews, reviews, as well as tips and guides. Perhaps you’re one skilled player or maybe you’ve got tons of experience in many games, then starting an MMO blog should definitely be your next venture.

List of the Top MMO Blogs on the Internet Today

When you’re still a beginner, at anything really, it’s good to observe what those at the top have to offer. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top MMO blogs of today. Go check them out and take some notes on what you liked most from each blog.

MMO Bomb

MMO Bomb is the leading portal about free-to-play multiplayer games with over 2 million monthly readers worldwide, developed by members with several years of experience in video-games journalism and by players from all over the world. MMO Bomb is more than just a blog; it is an independent distribution platform of free to play games with an extensive gaming community.

The blog owners aim to constantly improve the blog while at the same time offering tools so that publishers, developers, and members may share and feature their views, consequently turning MMO Bomb into the mandatory destination for productive, intelligent, and significant discussions concerning free-to-play games.


Massively Overpowered

Massively Overpowered launched as an independent MMORPG blog on February 10th, 2015, after its founder’s previous site,, on the Joystiq network, was unsettled by its parent corporation. Having already spent seven years building up a rich community with substantial content, the staffs of Massively Overpowered still strive to deliver nuanced and entertaining news, streams, and editorials focused on the vibrant massively multiplayer online role playing games market and orbiting genres.



MMOs was founded in 2014 by Omer Altay and Erhan Altay. The blog is a leading portal for MMOs and MMORPG reviews, previews, news, editorials, and more.

Their goal is to catalog every massively multiplayer online game and provide visitors with a quick snapshot of these games with full reviews, screenshots, and videos. They aim to provide fair and honest reviews of all the games we cover.


MMO Games

MMO Games provide daily News, Reviews, Articles and Guides for everything related to MMOs and MMORPGs, alongside up-to-date Game Listings with gorgeous designs, Giveaways and an easy-to-navigate home page intended to make finding the latest of everything easy. First founded in 2007, MMO Games have undergone incredible changes in its 8-year run.

They have launched a number of new and innovative features, ranging from a new design and back-end for the entire site, to a new vision and outlook for the future. They overhauled site navigation and added community and social features, expanded their Journalist Team, all to ensure that your experience is better than ever before.


MMO Huts

MMO Huts are committed to creating and maintaining the most detailed free MMO & MMORPG portal on the net. They aim to provide detailed reviews, screenshots, videos, and resources for every client and browser based free to play MMO & MMOPRG. Aside from bringing you the latest MMORPG news and reviews, they also strive to connect gamers with one another.

Because of the wide range of genres and personal preference, the goal of their review system is to inform and outline the features of each game rather than overly critique. Members are also encouraged to contribute their own reviews and discuss games in their forums.


Free MMO Station

The Free MMO Station is an independent platform for free-to-play online games, developed by members with several years of experience in video-games journalism. Free MMO Station aims to provide a clear look over this exciting market, taking a look at the latest releases and highlighting the greatest games in the genre, helping players choose wisely.

The main idea is to help the overall quality of the free-to-play games market to rise by offering the best content in the genre, from insightful features to detailed reviews and videos with commentary.


MMO Examiner

MMO Examiner is a site dedicated to bringing unbiased news pieces direct from the source to the gaming audience. They strive to bring a variety of features for their audience to read, whether it’s the latest news ranging from MMO games to Sports, Shooters to Side-Scrollers, MMO Examiner has it covered.

Whether you are getting the latest information from their news section, reading their reviews from MMO Examined, or checking out their latest adventures in the Daily Quest, this is a hub for all gamers to enjoy.



MMO Bro is a lighthearted website focused on MMOs (massively multiplayer online games). About a quarter to a third of their content discusses single player games, but it’s extremely rare they deviate entirely from gaming.

They strive to provide a combination of quality reviews with summaries so their readers can get into the game. Their regularly updated blog tackles a variety of topical subjects in the genre.


MMOs World

MMOs World isn’t just another online gaming portal. They cover all aspects of the online gaming industry and specialize in the MMORPG genre: from news to opinions and the latest reviews of games past, present, and future.

Their goal is to provide their readers and subscribers with all the information they need on every MMORPG on the internet. Their dedicated team of writers is passionate about gaming. And they welcome you to share in their passion.

MMO Attack

MMO Attack is a gamer community driven MMO and MMORPG gaming blog. They focus primarily on free-to-play and pay-to-play online games, with an ever-expanding radius of coverage for our hard-working, under-recognized friends (subscribers).

Their team members, along with their growing community, work tirelessly to create a positive ecosystem aimed at informing and entertaining through insightful news, opinions, and reviews.

How to Get Started with Your Own MMO Blog

Whether you just want to dip your toes or fully dive into blogging, the best time to start would be today. Plus, having a blog has many advantages. It helps you grow your audience, gain a good following, and build an online community. It’s also a good tool if you want to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Excited yet? We now present to you our quick guide:

First, pick out a domain name. To give you some suggestions, you may incorporate the word “nutrition”. Also, if you’d like to focus on a certain nutrition goal such as weight loss or a certain health condition such as gluten-sensitive enteropathy, you may consider including words related to your choice of specialty.

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