100 of the Top NBA Basketball Blogs | Teams Listed in Alphabetical Order

We all love the NBA and watching televised games of our favorite team across the country. Right after the games take place, millions of people will head to the internet to check the latest scores, highlights, and even write about any of the latest trending rumors or topics in the world of sports and basketball.

At the same time, everyone has their own favorite teams and players of their own. With so many different teams in the world and websites online, we wanted to make a hand-selected list of 100 of the top NBA team basketball blogs. After all, isn’t this why there are so many people starting sports and fan blogs of their own?

Below you will find a collection of all official NBA team blogs, fan blogs, and unofficial team blogs as well. Check them all out and see which ones you like best!

List of NBA Teams in Alphabetical Orders

If you were to visit Google and search for something like “NBA blogs”, you would have millions of search results. This can take up a lot of time and make the process of finding the best content much more tedious. Instead, if you have a specific favorite team or player, simply use the search guide below and click on your favorite team. This will speed up the process and allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Atlanta Hawks – Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets – Charlotte HornetsChicago Bulls – Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks – Denver Nuggets – Detroit Pistons – Golden State Warriors – Houston Rockets – Indiana Pacers – Los Angeles Clippers – Los Angeles Lakers – Memphis Grizzlies – Miami Heat – Milwaukee Bucks – Minnesota Timberwolves – New Orleans Pelicans – New York Knicks – Oklahoma City Thunder – Orlando Magic – Philadelphia 76ers – Phoenix Suns – Portland Trail Blazers – Sacramento Kings – San Antonio Spurs – Toronto Raptors – Utah Jazz – Washington Wizards


Most Valuable NBA Teams by Net Worth

In terms of net worth and value, NBA teams are some of the most expensive franchises in all of sports. Thanks to Forbes, we can tell how much each team in the NBA is actually worth. The New York Knicks continue to be valued at the most, with a $5.8 billion dollar valuation, with the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers both in the $5 billion range as well. The Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics round out the top five, worth over $3 billion each.

#1 New York Knicks $5.8 B
#2 Golden State Warriors $5.6 B
#3 Los Angeles Lakers $5.5 B
#4 Chicago Bulls $3.65 B
#5 Boston Celtics $3.55 B

Now let’s take a look at some of the best NBA websites and blogs on the internet, sorted by NBA team alphabetically.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team Blogs

Soaring Down South

The Soaring Down South blog is a great mecca for Atlanta Hawks fans. It features close-up looks and articles about some of the most important Hawks players like John Collins and Vince Carter so you can keep up with the happenings of the Hawks games and who the latest rising stars are in the game. There is also a lot of information about upcoming games and how the season looks for fans to keep up with the sports predictions and analyses.

My AJC Blog

This blog also focuses on upcoming draft picks that the Atlanta Hawks are working toward and predictions for upcoming seasons based on the current picks. Keep up with the happenings of the Hawks by following and bookmarking this blog.

Atlanta Hawks Bleacher Report

This is a little more of a scores report page than a blog, but you can keep up with the trends and stats of the Hawks regularly here. One added highlight is that you will find some great videos of the latest plays of the game clips and other game highlights and commentaries as well. If you’re a Hawks fan, this is another good resource to bookmark so that you can keep up with the rankings, game status, and more about the Hawks.

Boston Celtics Basketball Team Blogs


This Celtics blog is a great blog that keeps up with the Boston Celtics team as they go through their season and follows them all the way to the playoffs when they make it. This blog is a bit longer than some and gets into depth with articles that focus on the Boston Celtics team. There’s a lot of in-depth analysis with this blog that includes the outlook for the team in future draft picks and close-ups on players that make the most impact on the team’s success.

Hardwood Houdini

Yes, we know. It’s a funny name for a blog. But this blog is a great addition to your Celtic blog collection if you are looking for sites to bookmark. Designed more like a website than a blog, you’ll find all sorts of neat Celtics facts and articles, great pictures of plays of the game and more on this site.

Celtics Hub

This blog features some great photo ops that were taken in the heat of the latest NBA competitions, as well as a close-up look at players and predictions for the future of the famous team. Take a look at this blog for great Celtics predictions and even some great podcasts called “The Big Three” Podcasts to get you involved in all things Celtic!

Brooklyn Nets Basketball Team Blogs

Nets Daily

If you are a Brooklyn Nets fan, you can find out everything you want to know and more from this blog that is dedicated to the Brooklyn Nets team. When you check out the navigation at the top of the page, you’ll find links to a fan page, a library, and store, and many other things. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see several stories on the latest happenings with the Brooklyn Nets including the most recent winning game moments.

Nothing But Nets

Here’s another Brooklyn Nets blog for Nets fans who want to be in the know. This site offers you a real look at the Brooklyn Nets team that focuses on the latest plays and predictions for the future, as well as great news clips and analyses on the plays of the game. Check out this site anytime you want to catch up on the latest information regarding the Brooklyn Nets team.

Brooklyn Nets Basketball

Here’s a blog that seems to focus on nothing but great stories. You’ll find all sorts of tidbits and news items on the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team. The site is pretty clutter-free and simply put together so you can browse to your heart’s delight and check out the latest stats.

Charlotte Hornets Basketball Team Blogs

At the Hive

What more fitting name could you have for a Hornets blog than this? Humor aside, this site is dedicated to creating a community of Hornets supporters and fans that reaches thousands of readers each month. The site appears to have been built on a WordPress theme, and the articles feature several different stories that all pertain to the latest game stats and trends of the popular team.

Swarm and Sting

Another fitting title, this blog called The Swarm and Sting is focused on great photography moments, some of which catch the players in the middle of a dunk. For true basketball and NBA fans, you’re in for a treat, even if you do not watch every game. Check out this blog and don’t forget to look for pictures of the mascot, the blue hornet, which is prominently featured on this site.

Baseline Buzz

From a blog that calls itself, “the most obsessed Hornets blog online,” this blog features a unique design, up close shots of plays, features on the top players and plays of the game, and prognostications for the future, all in one place. The main menu is on the far left margin and features many things you’ll like including a search feature that lets you find what you’re looking for and several YouTube clips that bring you right into the action. Following this blog, you’ll be able to keep up with the most important plays, even if you forgot the game time!

Chicago Bulls Basketball Team Blogs


Check out the unique URL of this popular blog. This blog is called “The Official Site of the Chicago Bulls.” Several headlines and stories appeal to some people who love the Chicago Bulls and want to keep up with how they are doing in their season and post-season games. You can find the latest scores

SB Nation

Sports Spyder is another Chicago Bulls blog that gives you information and tips on how your favorite sports team is doing in the regular season as well as the post-season. They feature a video on the site and offer several links that keep you up-to-date on the latest Bulls information and game plans. There are lots of photos on the site that capture the plays of the game and those memorable moments you won’t forget.

Chicago Bulls News-Chicago Tribune

This Chicago Bulls blog features news on the Bulls from the Chicago Tribune. The Chicago Tribune has long been a favorite publication of Chicago residents as well as people who want to keep up with the news surrounding the area. But this site is strictly dedicated to the Chicago Bulls and how they are faring in their NBA season. They mostly feature factual information about the team including stats and interviews, but sometimes you’ll also find rumors and gossip about the Bulls from fans and commentators.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs: The Blog

For Cleveland Cavalier fans, you can never get too much of a good thing, especially when it involves the Cavaliers. When you enter this blog, you’ll immediately find the latest scores of the recent games and podcasts on hot topics that are relevant to the NBA and basketball. Check out the excellent up-close game shots and read about your favorite players here. The site is laid out nicely with nice photos and news items that Cavaliers fans will enjoy.

Fear the Sword

This Cavaliers blog is chocked full of information if you want to keep up with the happenings of the Cleveland team throughout the season. The site is a bit spammy, as a few blog pages are, but the content is high quality, and there do not seem to be any “popup” ads on the site.

King James Gospel

Believe it or not, this is a Cleveland Cavaliers site. The name of the blog sounds a bit like a Bible site, but it is dedicated to zeroing in on the top players of the NBA of all times. You’ll be able to take a look at the NBA draft picks of the season as well as many other features that help you stay in the know if you’re a Cavs fan. Bookmark this site then go back to visit often to see what they’ve changed.

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Team Blogs

Smoking Cuban

The Cuban in this blog post refers to Mark Cuban, proud owner of the Dallas Mavericks. This blog features game reviews, up to the minute scores, and more. They change their content often so you will always be able to keep up with the latest events hosted by the Dallas Mavs. Mark Cuban is proud of his team and this blog shows why their winning spirit is second to none.

Mavs MoneyBall

Mavs Moneyball features some of the greatest moments of the game as well as highlights from post-season and future content commentaries. This site appears to be a WordPress formatted site, and it all looks attractive and well put together. There’s nice navigation at the top that lets you check out fan posts and get into the heat of the game no matter where you’re at. The site seems to be pretty clutter-free so you won’t have to worry about spam or to have to deal with too many ads.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report features lots of up close basketball moments from the bleachers of the well-known Dallas Mavericks NBA team in Dallas, Texas. It’s not the official blog of the Mavs, but it will do fine if you are craving great basketball action. They feature lots of great videos of past and recent games so you can get in on the action. If you missed a recent game, check it out here instead.

Denver Nuggets Basketball Team Blogs

Denver Nuggets Reddit Site

If you are a Denver Nuggets fan and have a Reddit account, this may be a great site for you to check out. Even if you are not a member of Reddit, a social media chat and forum style blog, you will enjoy checking out the highlights and the many features offered by this site. This site has podcasts on all types of NBA topics as well as great photos and interviews, news stories, and scores. Check it out when you have time and bookmark it for later.


Here is a blog that is just perfect for Denver Nuggets fans due to its emphasis on game highlights and plays of the game. There are embedded videos in the video section, and you can subscribe to the newsletter that will allow you to keep up with everything the Nuggets do in their regular season and post-season trips.

Denver Stiffs

The Denver Stiffs site shows you the plays of the game in case you missed them plus many touching moments of recent contests. Check out this site if you love the Nuggets but missed the latest game or want to catch up on the player roster or plays of the game. It’s a great one to add to your collection.

Detroit Pistons Basketball Team Blogs


This Detroit Pistons-focused blog features many things you’ll like checking out if you’re a true Pistons fan. For example, look at the History tab to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the favored Detroit NBA team, as well as information on specific players that you cannot find anywhere else. They have their schedule up on the site as well as tons of other features and information that you will enjoy when you visit this site. There is even an “Apps” section so you can check out apps that help you take the Pistons with you when you’re on-the-go so you will never miss a beat.

Detroit Bad Boys

Here’s a site to get you into the Detroit spirit. Named, “The Detroit Bad Boys” for a reason, this site takes the approach that the NBA is more like a weapon than a basketball league and woe be unto anyone who dares to challenge them. Check out the fan posts when you hop on their site to see what your fellow Detroit Pistons fans think about how things are shaping up and know who the new draft picks are before anyone else does.

Detroit Pistons-SB Nation

Here’s a familiar blog that allows you to get into the stats and other information of any NBA team. This one features the Detroit Pistons in full living color, and a drop-down menu allows you to search for your favorite player as well as look up your team if you want to check on other NBA teams, as well. Bookmark this easy-to-use site anytime you need to check in on the game.

Golden State Warriors Basketball Team Blogs

NBA Warriors Blog

This blog is put out by the NBA.com official site and features all of the NBA teams through a search feature. The link above will take you to the Golden State Warriors version of the site. This site has nice banners and full-length photos that catch your favorite Warriors in action through important plays of the game. Additionally, you’ll find information on the latest stats and get a chance to read about your favorite players. Bookmark this site for future reference.

ESPN Warriors Blog

ESPN is the professional sports network that features all of your favorite teams and events right on the ESPN site. The link above will take you to the Golden State Warriors link on the ESPN site, but feel free to browse other favorite teams to find out how they are doing too. One feature we noticed is that there is a nice ticker of information on the far left margin that allows you to instantly know the times of upcoming NBA games as well as the recent scores of the games that occurred that day.

Golden State Warrior Roster

Here is a simple but helpful site that just features the lineups and team roster of the Golden State Warriors. Go there now and check out the lineups for the upcoming 2018-19 season and get more information on the individual players. This is a great way to get to know who the talent is for your favorite teams and helps you to utilize an effective search engine for any of your favorite teams in the NBA.

Houston Rockets Basketball Team Blogs

Dream Shake: A Houston Rockets Blog

The Houston Rockets have a large fan base of people who want to show their spirit with every contest that they engage in. Houston is a busy city full of Patriotic Americans and NBA fanatics. This colorful blog features the best of the Rockets’ season in a glance and they update the page often. So you can see what your favorite Houston team is doing any time and even find out where to purchase tickets for the season or the next game.

Space City Scoop

This blog often features articles by Tevin Williams, an avid Houston Rockets expert and fan who keeps up with the latest results of the games and offers an expert analysis on the games. There are plenty of other articles and analyses, as well including discussions about suspensions and new draft picks for the upcoming year. The page is arranged in an attractive manner that allows you to browse around as you choose or go straight to the section you want such as “Analysis” and “Opinions.”

SB Nation

SB Nation is a Houston-based blog that focuses on the history and happenings surrounding the Houston Rockets NBA team. One thing fans love about this site is that you can see the scores and stats of the rockets immediately as you enter the page. You’ll find other information too that will keep you up on what is going on with your favorite teams. You’ll also find a reminder about the next game time, and they update the page almost daily.

Indiana Pacers Basketball Team Blogs

Pacers Blogs

The Indiana Pacers are gearing up for the new NBA draft for the upcoming season. The year, 2019 looks to be an exciting one when it comes to some of the new drafts picks that are expected to take place this season. You’ll find out all about this and more when you check out this informative NBA blog. This blog is a combination of several different sources that combines the best information and entertainment all in one place surrounding the culture of the Pacers.

8 Points-9 Seconds

Here is a blog that combines the current scores and data on your favorite NBA team with an insightful look of sports analysis that looks ahead to the new season, as well. If you like video clips, you’ll find an assortment of videos in the middle of the page that let you see the recent plays that made a difference and interviews with players, from time to time. This blog captures the excitement of the game if you are a Pacers fan.

Real GM Forum

For those who like the forum style blog or just want to read and comment about what others are saying about the Pacers team, you may like this blog, even though it does not meet the normal criteria of a blog. Check out user’s comments on this forum and read the headlines to find out more about how you can keep up with the Pacers every day and read the comments by other fans.

L.A. Clippers Basketball Team Blogs

Clips Nation

This blog site is the L.A. Clippers version of SB Nation, a site that features information on all of the major NBA teams out there today. The Clippers have had a good year, and you can find out all you need to know by reading the updates on this site. You’ll see information on new draft picks for the coming season, as well as the latest plays of the game and scores at all times.


This site is also a well-known Clippers site that lets you keep up with the latest sports news, scores, and other pertinent information involving the Clippers. Follow every game and never miss a beat as you read up on the latest plays and managerial decisions the Clippers team is involved in. What lies ahead for the new season? How will the new draft shape up? Find out that and more by following this blog.

Clippers Report-ESPN

ESPN is the best source to keep up with the happenings of the NBA teams. This site is dedicated to the L.A. Clippers team so you’ll find nothing but Clippers information here. There’s an article currently that focuses on the job of a front-end manager of an NBA team and how looking ahead at potential draft picks is the main job of the manager.

Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Team Blogs

Lakers Nation

This blog is the sanctuary for all things Lakers. Find out what is happening with your favorite team every day of the week by visiting this blog. The colorful, well-laid-out format of this Lakers blog features some of the best moments of the Lakers’ career that you can keep up with any time you choose. There’s a handy forum so you can jump into the chat about the Lakers or just browse to your heart’s content.

Silver Screen and Roll

Here’s another blog that allows you to keep up with Lakers news including rumors, analysis, and fan comments that give you a total insight into how the Lakers are doing in their normal and post-season play. Bookmark this site for the future to keep up with the stats and other information on the Lakers.

Lakers Outsiders

Lakers Outsiders takes the big plays of the game and brings them to life in full color on their blog site. They feature analysis of the plays of the game and give you an up-close look at the strategies the coaches use to make the Lakers a great NBA team. Follow them through their season and beyond and see how far they will go. This site takes the perspective of outsiders looking in at the Lakers’ team to get an idea of how they are doing and what to expect in the future.

Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Team Blogs

Grizzly Bear Blues

Here is the SB Nation version of the Memphis Grizzlies blog. For all of you Grizzlies fans, this blog is an outstanding way to keep up with the latest antics of your favorite team while getting an idea of what is coming down the pike.

Beale Street Bears

The Beale Street Bears blog is a blog that is dedicated to the careers and progress of the Memphis Grizzlies team. You’ll read all about their wins, their losses, their victories, their defeats, and even up to the minute analyses that help predict what’s in the future for the popular Memphis team.

Beyond the Arc

Here is a popular Memphis blog that focuses on the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as other news that is relevant to the Memphis area. Check out the stats of your favorite NBA team and browse the articles for new information that will help you know what to expect. Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but this blog helps you get an idea of what will happen once the new season starts. While this particular blog is not focused solely on the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team, you’ll find plenty of information about them here as well as lots of other tidbits on things happening in the area of Memphis.

Miami Heat Basketball Team Blogs

Miami Heat Blog

This is the official blog of the Sun Sentinel, but it is officially called “The Miami Heat Blog.” It features lots of top headlines on your favorite players in the NBA with a special focus on the latest stats, scores, and gossip involving the Miami Heat team. Read about the latest draft picks, sign up for the Miami Heat letter, and more on this site.

All U Can Heat

Do you love to read about the rumors surrounding the Miami Heat NBA team? Here is a blog that will help you keep up with everything the Miami Heat does all throughout the season. Find out what is being said about your favorite players and follow the plays of the game throughout the entire season. Bookmark this blog for later and follow them throughout their career for exciting up-to-the-minute news on the Miami Heat team.

Hot Hot Hoops

Isn’t this an interesting name for a basketball blog? It makes sense, right? Hot Hot Hoops is a well-known blog that focuses on NBA basketball careers of known Miami Heat team members as well as others involved in the NBA players’ arena. Take a look at this blog anytime you crave a Miami Heat fix or want to see what your favorite players are doing.

Sports Spyder-Miami Heat

This blog focuses on stories that surround the Miami Heat NBA players and managers, and there is a video at the top of the page that you can check out when you go to the page. You’ll want to check out the automatic Twitter feature on the right side of the page as you scroll down to keep up with the latest Tweets from fans and insiders from the Miami Heat team.

Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Team Blogs

Behind the Buck Pass

Say are you a Bucks fan looking for a great place to hang out to find out more about your favorite team? Here is an excellent blog that lets you do just that. This site is very nicely laid out and features some great features that let you keep up with your favorite NBA team. Keep up with the scores and much more through this colorful blog that features the colors of the famous NBA team.

Brew Hoop

Want another option for following the Milwaukee Bucks team? Check out this nice sports blog instead or bookmark it for future reference. Brew Hoop is the SB Nation version of the Milwaukee Bucks blog and you’ll find plenty of information that you need here. From the latest plays of the game to the draft picks, it’s all here. Lots and lots of stories to keep you following the Bucks however far they go.

Reddit NBA Bucks Blog

If you’re a Reddit member, you’ll be able to read and post on topics that are important to the Bucks team here. Read all about their victories, their defeats, and what lies ahead for the well-known Milwaukee team. Once you’ve become a Reddit member, you’ll be allowed to post new topics, too. Start a discussion and see what people post as you watch the team make their way to the top.

Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Team Blogs

Canis Hoopus-Minnesota Timberwolves Blog

These Minnesota Timberwolves are popular with their fans, and many people want to keep up with their record and see pics and videos of their latest contest. On the right side, you’ll find a ticker that shows fan posts about the Timberwolves that are updated regularly. Then you can browse the stories to see how your favorite teams are doing with a special emphasis on the Timberwolves successes.

A Wolf Among Wolves

This blog features a nice white background and a right-side Twitter feed in black that features all of the latest scores and stats of the team that you can read any time. Visit their Twitter page and sign up for updates on this blog site.

Dunking with Wolves

This blog site features editorials, game day updates, and the trade picks of the NBA draft that relates to the Basketball and NBA world. Check it out when you can and bookmark it to keep up with the latest plays and more.

New Orleans Pelicans Basketball Team Blogs

The Bird Writes

This beautiful Pelican blog is dedicated to following the plays, moments, and victories of the New Orleans Pelicans. You’ll find plenty of photos capturing great moments and plays of the game, as well as many stories that feature the highlights of the games in living color. There’s also a place to buy tickets and lots of other information about your favorite New Orleans team.

Pelican Debrief

The Pelican Debrief publication online features the most important moments of the Pelicans team and discusses the plays that make or break a contest in the NBA. They feature lots of tidbits as well as important in-depth analysis of the games as well.

Pelicans Roost

Are you looking for something a bit different? Check out this forum on the Pelicans team here and post your comments here or start your topic. There is plenty to look into and discuss when you visit this site that will keep you busy. If you are a Pelicans fan, you’ll enjoy browsing this site, chatting with fellow Pelican fanatics, and much more.

New York Knicks Basketball Team Blogs

Posting and Toasting

If you are a New York Knicks fan, here’s a site you will want to bookmark. They feature lots of posts on the popular NBA team plus interviews and special features. Check out this blog and be sure to remember to bookmark it to return time and time again. They feature some good videos from time to time on this page.

Daily Knicks

The Daily Knicks is a New York Knicks-based publication that features all sorts of information on the New York team that allows you to keep up with the happenings of the NBA team as it happens. Check out the latest team information including draft picks and more when you visit this site.

SNY Knicks Blog

Here is a great blog you can check out if you want to learn more about the famous New York-based team. Take a look at the headlines to find out how your favorite players are doing and catch some game highlights on this page as well. You will never lack knowledge on the Knicks when you bookmark this site.

Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team Blogs

Loud City

Here’s a unique spots blog that lets you take a peek into the latest Oklahoma City Thunder action. This blog is famous for focusing on specific players that make a big difference in the outcome of the regular season games. This blog has a lot of value if you want to stay in the know about the Oklahoma City team.

Thunderous Intentions

If you’re not able to find enough video on the Oklahoma NBA team, you’ll find plenty here! They feature lots of videos of plays of the game and great moments in the Oklahoma team’s performance. You’ll also find information on the new NBA draft picks once they become available.

Daily Thunder

Daily Thunder is a collection of some of the best stories, highlights, and updates on the Oklahoma NBA team. Find tickets, watch important highlights of the game and much more on this site. With a name like that, it’s easy to remember, and there are plenty of reasons to bookmark this site. Check it out when you and return often.

Orlando Magic Basketball Team Blogs

Orlando Pinstriped Post

If you are a lover of the Orlando Magic NBA team, you’re in luck. You can follow all of the action of this famous NBA team right here on this blog that focuses on cutting-edge coverage and up-to-the-minute coverage of your favorite team. Check it out today.

Orlando Magic Daily

As its name implies, here is a blog that features a great look at the famous Floridian NBA tribe. Take a look at the various videos on the site by using the top navigation menu and cruise over the site to learn more about how they are faring.

Orlando Magic Greek

Here’s a blog that keeps it simple while bringing you some important information on your favorite team. The only problem with this site is that some of the videos no longer work. But check out the articles and archives to see what you can find.

Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team Blogs

Liberty Ballers

The Liberty Ballers is an active publication that promotes the Philadelphia 76ers team for their NBA fans so they can keep up with all of the action. You’ll find articles from every date on this site so look for what happens with this team.

The Sixer Sense

Here is a blog that features plenty of information, videos, and more on the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team. The video section is quite prolific and features several plays of the game and other information that you’ll enjoy. Tell them we sent you when you subscribe to their newsletter if you choose to do so.

Fast Philly Sports

This Philadephia Sixers News blog features a nice red and white background and plenty of news stories about the Philadelphia NBA team. There are links you can click to get your season tickets, as well.

Phoenix Suns Basketball Team Blogs

Valley of the Suns

Here is a great Phoenix Suns publication and blog that lets you keep up with the Suns through their stories, pictures, and videos. They offer a nice well-laid outlook on their site and plenty of gossip, stats, and information on this blog.

Bright Side of the Sun

Here’s another Phoenix Suns blog that features plenty of news stories on the Suns, as well as some great highlights of your favorite team. Check out the Fan Posts on the right side and click on the ones that interest you.

Empire of the Suns Blogs

This Phoenix Suns blog is a great place to go to keep up with your teams including the latest news on the Suns and what they are planning to do soon. Also, everyone be sure to check out the super cool video ticker on the far right to watch the latest videos that have been uploaded to the site.

Portland Trail Blazers Basketball Team Blogs

The Blazers Beat

For all of you Blazers fans, here is a blog you’ll want to check out. Chocked full of media and helpful information about your favorite Portland team, you’ll find plenty of reasons to bookmark this helpful blog site.

Blazer’s Edge

Here is yet another Portland Trail Blazers blog that lets you keep up with the latest news on the famed NBA team. You’ll see lots of pictures and news stories that will entertain you while you browse the highlights.

Rip City Project

The Rip City Project is a Portland Trail Blazers blog that focuses on the team’s plays and draft picks, as well as the most heated moments of the game! You’ll enjoy the ride.

Sacramento Kings Basketball Team Blogs

Sactown Royalty

Sactown Royalty is a Sacramento-based blog site and community for Sacramento Kings fans. There are plenty of links and pictures as well as plays of the game on this site. You’ll see the latest NBA trade rumors and more on this site.

A Royal Pain

This blog features closeup shots of some of the biggest plays of the game in addition to the plans the team has for future draft picks. You’ll see faces you’ll recognize if you are an avid fan of the Kings and plenty of stuff to talk about with your fellow sports fans.

Sacramento Kings-Bleacher Report

If you need a Sacramento Kings “fix” and don’t know where else to turn, here’s yet another blog on the popular NBA team. All of their social media is listed on the right margin, so you’ll be able to find plenty of information about them here.

San Antonio Spurs Basketball Team Blogs

Pounding the Rock

Here’s another blog that features the life and times of the San Antonio Spurs. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest games and scores, as well as the highlights that make the Spurs such a special team.

Air Alamo

Air Alamo is a great blog for keeping up with the latest game stats and other information on the famed San Antonio Spurs. Some of the photos catch the players in mid-air making a winning play. There’s plenty of reason to bookmark this page. It’s attractively laid out, too!

Spurs Nation

Here’s another Spurs blog that delivers the latest stats on your favorite NBA team. Check out the news section and subscribe, if you like, for even more updates.

Toronto Raptors Basketball Team Blogs

Raptors HQ

This blog is made for Raptors fans whether you are from Toronto or somewhere else. SB Nation and WordPress-format layouts back this attractive blog and features a top photo section and a corresponding news section below it. Look at the most recent fan posts, also and get in on the discussions and the action anytime.

Raptors Rapture

What a witty title for a blog! This gem of a blog site features tons of information on closeup highlights of the Raptors team including podcasts, videos, photos, and more.

Raptors Republic

This ESPN blog features some of the best moments of the Raptors conquests including the way they rip their opponents apart in the games. (Figuratively speaking, of course).

Utah Jazz Basketball Team Blogs

SLC Dunk

This site features recent contests between the Utah Jazz and their opponents as they take to the courts to see who will come out on top. Check out the fan posts, fan shots, and more on this site and start a chat with fellow Utah fans.

The J-Notes

J-Notes is the ultimate hangout place for Utah Jazz fans including news, player updates, contracts, and team updates. Check out their site as soon as possible to learn more.

Salt City Hoops

Here is an ESPN-based site that lets you keep up with the plays of the game. This blog has a crisp, formal, nice look that is bound to enchant any true fan of the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team. Dig into the stories and details when you surf their page including the Twitter feed that seems to be updated at least once per hour.

Washington Wizards Basketball Team Blogs

Bullets Forever

This blog features a hot red background to match the team spirit of Washington Wizards fans everywhere! Lots of great drop-down menus to choose from and some meaty news articles to keep your appetite whetted for the next game. Get into the spirit!

Wiz of Awes

This site features lots of analysis, predictions, and game commentaries ripe for the picking. Take a look at the articles that let you read all about the Wizards and their latest achievements. Subscribe for even more updates.

Truth About It

Here’s a blog for Washington Wizards fans when you want a no-nonsense approach to the sports news you need. It’s well-connected to their social media sites also, so you can dig in and become a Wizards fanatic if that is your intention. Unite with other Wizards fans, and you’ll see why they are so popular.

How to Start a Sports Fan Blog of Your Own

Want to get started with a sports blog or fan website of your own? It’s easy. Just follow my simple three-step formula and you will have your new site live in no time.