Top Photo and Video Editing Tools for Stunning Social Media Profiles

Whether you have already established yourself on social media or you are looking to build an online presence, it’s no secret that the top feature that will ensure success is engaging content.

From promoting yourself as an influencer, to creating an e-shop, or anything in between, you will need stunning imagery to both reach and engage audiences and promote click throughs and conversions.

In 2023, the markets are extremely oversaturated, so standing out from the crowd is imperative – and this means that AI photo and video editing tools can spell the difference between meeting your goals and falling short of the mark. 

Top Photo and Video Editing Tools for Stunning Social Media Profiles

What is AI Photo and Video Editing Software? 

Traditional photo and video editing tools were once complicated to use and required both time and skill to enhance images and videos. As results were dependent on the abilities of the user, they often left a lot to be desired and many simply defaulted to professional graphic designers to ensure quality.

In recent years, advancements in tech have bought AI to wider markets – and now, highly-intuitive, cutting-edge photo and video editing software is available from online provider CapCut.

With this platform, users have access to a wide array of tools that require little more than a file to be uploaded (this is made simple with a drag and drop feature) and a click. Everything is highly customizable and it will take no longer than a few seconds to generate results, so there is no downtime.

As AI software gets better and more intuitive with use, the capabilities are almost endless, especially for those who are using it to create a brand presence or image portfolios.

Top Video Editing Tools on CapCut

While AI video editors will perform their own functions, such as allowing cutting and transitions, offering background removal, and adding filters and overlays, there are an array of more specific tools that can edit videos to meet an array of needs.

The free online video editor can do everything you need all in one place, but these are the top tools you may want to make use of:

  1. Speech to text software

CapCut has a built-in speech to text converter that takes the hard work out of manual transcriptions. It incorporates a smooth interface and streamlined editing process that prioritizes automation, with custom editing features that make it simple for content creators to make their videos more accessible to wider audiences. In 2023, statistics suggest that the majority of younger viewers consume media with the volume off, so this is not only benefiting those with hearing issues, but is also making content more engaging for modern users. 

  1. Text to speech software 

One of the biggest online trends in the last year has been AI voiceovers, and more and more videos are now featuring auto-generated speech overlays. While viewerships are leaning more towards subtitling, content creators who have verbal difficulties or aren’t happy using their own voices are now turning to this intuitive software to meet their needs.

With CapCut’s tool, users will be able to create lifelike voices that not only sound authentic, but also incorporate different tones and pitches, as well as an array of languages. The dynamic software allows for customization, so that users can set speech duration, speed, and other audio parameters to ensure understandable and captivating voiceovers every time.

Top Photo Editing Tools on CapCut 

Once again. CapCut has a proprietary online photo editor that has thousands of editable templates that can be used to create marketing campaigns, brand imagery, and anything in between.

There are also color match, resize, background removal, and background generation capabilities. Users can also add filters, effects, and text to imagery of any kind to meet the needs of their content, brand, or audience. Alongside this, the top tools are: 

Top photo editing tools on CapCut 
  1. AI image upscaler 

This tool allows users to take images of any quality, upload them via drag and drop and click to upscale to 4K quality. Images can be enhanced, denoised, and enlarged with absolutely no quality loss. This means that lower resolution images can be turned into stunning masterpieces in a matter of seconds.

As the AI-driven software learns from every image it enhances, it is likely to restore hidden details that humans may miss.

  1. Old photo restoration

When image upscaling isn’t up to the task, old photo restoration can step in to return old or damaged images to their former glory. Intuitive AI algorithms will identify image flaws, repair scratches, remove noise, decolorize, and even minimize background blur to ensure that the clarity of old photos meets modern standards.

  1. AI portrait generator

When creating imagery for social media, one of the top tools on offer at CapCut is the AI portrait generator. This is because you can create stunning portraits in a host of image styles that truly represent yourself and your brand, whether you want realistic or stylized headshots, this is a contemporary tool that will allow you to customize the style and generate results in just one click.

The great news is that if you’re not happy with the AI generated portrait that you receive, you can simply click again and again until you find one that you like. As the software is so intuitive, facial details and structures won’t be lost, and you have the ability to unleash your creativity for stunning images that will certainly have an impact.

Why do social media profiles need imagery? 

The modern consumer is no longer someone who wants to perform extensive research on the products and services they hope to buy; they now want all of the information they need at their fingertips and at a glance.

This means that photos and videos are now providing viewers with everything they need with impactful, captivating designs that far surpass the capabilities of written text.

In 2023, engagement is key and so social media pages that are well-curated are leading the charge over their competitors that are not keeping up with current trends.