Best Public Speaking Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Public speaking is a skill that can be daunting for many. However, with the right tools and techniques, anyone can become a confident speaker. Luckily, there is a wealth of information available on the internet through blogs and social media. In this article, we will explore the best public speaking blogs and hashtags to follow in 2023 to improve your public speaking skills, overcome stage fright, and deliver effective speeches.

Public Speaking Blogs and Hashtags

If you’re looking for tips on public speaking techniques, advice, or speech writing, the following blogs are some of the best:

  • The Public Speaking Academy – This blog covers a wide range of topics related to public speaking, such as vocal projection, body language, and persuasive speaking techniques.
  • Toastmasters International – Toastmasters is a global organization that helps individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. Their blog offers a wealth of information on public speaking, including tips for overcoming stage fright and delivering effective speeches.
  • Speaking About Presenting – A blog by Olivia Mitchell, an expert in presentation design, this blog offers practical advice on creating engaging presentations and delivering them with confidence.
  • Speak Up For Success – This blog offers tips and strategies for overcoming speech anxiety, improving vocal projection, and mastering body language to deliver confident speeches.

Along with these blogs, following relevant hashtags on social media can also provide valuable insights and tips for public speaking. Some of the popular hashtags include:

  • #publicspeakingtips
  • #presentationskills
  • #speakingcoach
  • #confidentspeaking
  • #publicspeakinghacks

Key Takeaways:

  • The internet offers a wealth of information on improving public speaking skills through blogs and social media.
  • Some of the best public speaking blogs include The Public Speaking Academy, Toastmasters International, Speaking About Presenting, and Speak Up For Success.
  • Popular public speaking hashtags include #publicspeakingtips, #presentationskills, and #confidentspeaking.

Why is Public Speaking Important?

Public speaking is an essential skill that can benefit individuals both personally and professionally. It is a critical component of effective communication that enables individuals to express their ideas, share their experiences, and influence others positively. Public speaking skills can greatly enhance one’s ability to engage with an audience, build relationships, and create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, having excellent public speaking skills can prove to be a valuable asset in your chosen field. Here are some of the key reasons why public speaking is essential:

Personal Growth

Public speaking can help individuals develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. It can also provide a platform for self-expression and self-improvement, helping individuals overcome their fears and insecurities. By mastering public speaking, individuals can enhance their self-esteem, self-awareness, and personal development.

Professional Growth

Public speaking is an integral part of many professions, including sales, marketing, teaching, and leadership. It can help individuals build their brand, establish credibility, and create new business opportunities. Effective public speaking skills can also increase an individual’s chances of landing a job, promotion, or other career advancement opportunities.

Effective Communication

Good public speaking skills are crucial for effective communication. They enable individuals to convey their message clearly, confidently, and persuasively, making a lasting impact on their audience. Public speaking can help individuals learn how to connect with others, tailor their message to different audiences, and communicate their ideas effectively.

Presentation Skills

Public speaking is often a key component of presentations, whether it is in a classroom setting, boardroom, or conference. Effective public speaking skills can enable individuals to deliver compelling presentations, engage their audience, and make a lasting impression. By improving their presentation skills, individuals can enhance their ability to communicate their ideas and succeed in a variety of settings.

By developing public speaking skills, individuals can become more confident, engaging, and effective communicators. They can enhance their personal and professional growth and create opportunities for success in any field.

Public Speaking Tips

Overcoming Stage Fright: Tips and Techniques

Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience for many individuals, leading to stage fright and speech anxiety. However, with the right tips and techniques, it is possible to overcome these challenges and deliver effective speeches with confidence.

Here are some practical ways to improve your public speaking skills:

  • Practice: The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with public speaking. Practice in front of a mirror, friends, or family to get feedback and improve your delivery.
  • Breathe: Deep breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety and calm your nerves before a speech. Before you begin, take a few deep breaths to relax your body and clear your mind.
  • Visualize: Visualizing a successful speech can help boost your confidence and reduce anxiety. Imagine yourself delivering a great speech and receiving a positive response from the audience.
  • Prepare: Preparation is key to delivering an effective speech. Research, organize your thoughts, and practice your delivery to ensure a smooth and confident performance.
  • Focus on the message: Rather than focusing on your nerves, focus on the message you want to convey. This will help shift your attention away from yourself and onto the content of your speech.

By implementing these tips and techniques, you can overcome stage fright and deliver effective speeches with confidence.

Overcoming Stage Fright: Tips and Techniques

“The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with public speaking.”

Mastering Vocal Projection and Body Language

Public speaking is not just about what you say, but also how you say it. Confident speaking involves controlling your vocal projection and mastering body language. Here are some expert tips to improve your delivery:

Vocal Projection Body Language
1. Breathe deeply: Take deep breaths to relax your vocal cords and project a clear voice. 1. Stand straight: Stand tall with your shoulders back to convey confidence and authority.
2. Speak from your diaphragm: Focus on speaking from your diaphragm, not your throat, to produce a more resonant and powerful voice. 2. Make eye contact: Look directly at your audience to build rapport and engage with them.
3. Vary your pitch: Experiment with different pitches to add nuance and interest to your speaking style. 3. Use gestures: Move your arms and hands purposefully to emphasize key points and express yourself.

Remember that practice is key to improving vocal projection and body language skills. Consider recording yourself speaking and reviewing the footage to identify areas for improvement.

body language and vocal projection

Body language and vocal projection are essential components of confident speaking. With practice and dedication, you can develop these skills and enhance your public speaking abilities.

The Art of Speech Writing

Speech writing is an essential skill for effective public speaking. Crafting a well-written speech can engage and inspire your audience, leaving a lasting impression. Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Structure: A well-structured speech should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Start with an attention-grabbing opening, move on to the main points, and end with a memorable conclusion.
  2. Storytelling: Weaving a personal story or anecdote into your speech can help connect with your audience on a deeper level and make your message more relatable.
  3. Persuasion: Incorporating persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions or emotional appeals can help persuade your audience to take action or see a topic from a new perspective.
  4. Practice: Practice your speech several times before delivering it to ensure fluency and confidence in delivery.
  5. Timing: Be mindful of your time limit and ensure that your speech fits into the given timeframe.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, you can improve your speech writing skills and deliver impactful speeches.

best public speaking blogs

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” – Steve Jobs

Effective Communication Techniques for Public Speaking

Effective communication is crucial for successful public speaking. It involves not just the transfer of information, but also connecting with the audience and conveying your message in a compelling and engaging way. Here are some tips and techniques to help you improve your communication skills:

  • Be clear and concise: Use simple and direct language to communicate your ideas. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your audience may not understand.
  • Listen actively: Pay attention to your audience’s reactions and feedback. Adjust your pace and tone to keep them engaged.
  • Adapt to your audience: Study your audience and tailor your message to their needs, interests, and background. Use examples and stories that resonate with them.
  • Use visual aids: Visual aids like charts, diagrams, and slides can enhance your message and help your audience visualize complex ideas.
  • Be authentic: Speak from the heart and be true to yourself. Your passion and personality can be contagious and inspire your audience.

By mastering these communication techniques, you can become a more effective and confident public speaker and engage your audience with your message.

Effective Communication Techniques for Public Speaking

Best Public Speaking Blogs to Follow in 2023

Looking for the best public speaking blogs on the internet? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top blogs to follow in 2023 that offer valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help improve your public speaking skills.

Blog Description
Speak Up For Success This blog is run by a professional speaking coach, who offers practical advice on a range of topics like overcoming stage fright, vocal techniques, and speech writing. The blog also features a podcast series.
Public Words This blog is run by a renowned public speaking coach who has worked with high-profile clients like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The blog covers topics like storytelling, persuasive communication, and leadership presence.
Six Minutes This blog provides a range of tips and techniques for public speaking, including vocal projection, body language, and speech writing. The blog also features video tutorials and an active community of speakers.
Speaking About Presenting This blog offers insights into the art of presenting, with a focus on effective communication and audience engagement. The blog also features a range of free resources and tools to help improve presentation skills.
SpeakerHub This blog features articles and resources from professional speakers around the world. It covers topics like public speaking techniques, speaking careers, and event planning, making it a one-stop-shop for all things related to public speaking.

If you’re looking for more blogs to follow, check out this list from Feedspot, which ranks the top public speaking blogs based on factors like content quality, post frequency, and social media engagement.

best public speaking blogs

Public Speaking Hashtags for Social Media Engagement

Using the right hashtags on social media can help you connect with a wider audience and get more visibility for your public speaking content. Here are some of the best public speaking hashtags to use in 2023:

  • #publicspeakingtips: This hashtag is perfect for sharing your own tips and techniques for improving public speaking skills.
  • #speakconfidently: Use this hashtag to inspire and motivate others to speak with confidence.
  • #presentationtips: If you have specific tips and advice for delivering effective presentations, this hashtag is for you.
  • #speakingcoach: Use this hashtag to connect with speaking coaches and find resources to overcome stage fright and improve your speaking skills.
  • #speechwriting: Use this hashtag to share your own writing tips or explore content related to speechwriting.
  • #bodylanguage: This hashtag is perfect for sharing insights on how to use body language effectively during public speaking engagements.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hashtags and experiment with different combinations to find the ones that work best for you. And remember, always use relevant hashtags that accurately represent your content to avoid getting flagged as spam.

Finding the Right Speaking Coach

If you’re serious about improving your public speaking skills, working with a speaking coach can be incredibly beneficial. A skilled coach can help you overcome stage fright, provide expert guidance on delivering effective speeches, and help you improve your overall speaking skills.

When searching for a coach, it’s important to look for someone with experience and expertise in your specific areas of interest. Consider their qualifications, their coaching style, and their track record of success. Take the time to ask for references and read reviews from previous clients.

It’s also important to find a coach who you feel comfortable working with. Look for someone who is supportive, encouraging, and easy to communicate with. A good coach will be able to tailor their approach to your individual needs and provide personalized feedback to help you improve.

Working with a coach is an investment in yourself and your future success. With the right coach by your side, you can overcome stage fright, gain confidence, and improve your overall public speaking skills.

speaking coach

Overcoming stage fright and improving your public speaking skills can take time and effort, but with the right support and guidance, anyone can become a confident and effective speaker.

Public Speaking Hacks for Quick Improvement

Public speaking can be challenging, but there are quick hacks that can help individuals improve their skills and gain confidence. Whether it’s managing nerves or delivering a compelling speech, these tips can make a significant difference in a short amount of time. Here are some of the best public speaking hacks:

  1. Start with a strong opening: Grab the audience’s attention from the start with a powerful opening statement or a thought-provoking question. This will set the tone for the rest of the speech and keep the audience engaged.
  2. Practice, practice, practice: Rehearse the speech multiple times until it feels natural and flows smoothly. Practicing in front of a mirror or recording the speech can help identify areas that need improvement.
  3. Visualize success: Imagine the speech going well and the audience responding positively. Positive visualization can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence.
  4. Focus on breathing: Deep breathing exercises can help calm nerves and improve vocal projection. Take a few deep breaths before starting the speech and during pauses.
  5. Use gestures: Body language can enhance the message and engage the audience. Incorporate natural gestures and movements that feel comfortable and authentic.
  6. Keep it simple: Avoid using complex language or industry jargon. Keep the message simple and understandable for the audience.
  7. Use humor: Injecting humor can lighten the mood and make the speech more memorable. Use appropriate humor that is relevant to the topic and audience.
  8. Connect with the audience: Build a rapport with the audience by making eye contact, acknowledging their presence, and catering to their interests and needs.

Implementing these simple hacks can help improve public speaking skills and boost confidence in any speaking situation. Remember, confidence comes with practice and the more an individual practices, the better they will become.

public speaking hacks


Public speaking is a valuable skill that can be honed with practice and determination. By following the tips and techniques shared in this article, individuals can improve their public speaking skills and become confident speakers.

It is important to remember that becoming a proficient public speaker takes time and effort. Consistent practice, seeking feedback, and learning from experts in the field, as well as following the best public speaking blogs and hashtags, are key to continuous improvement.

By mastering the art of vocal projection, body language, effective communication, and speech writing, individuals can deliver impactful speeches that engage and inspire their audience. With the help of a skilled speaking coach and implementing public speaking hacks, individuals can overcome their stage fright and improve their skills at a faster pace.

Ultimately, the journey to becoming a confident public speaker is a rewarding one that can lead to personal and professional growth. Keep these public speaking tips in mind, continue to practice, and watch your skills soar!


Q: What are the best public speaking blogs to follow in 2023?

A: The best public speaking blogs to follow in 2023 include [blog name 1], [blog name 2], and [blog name 3]. These blogs provide valuable insights, tips, and techniques to improve your public speaking skills and overcome stage fright.

Q: Why is public speaking important?

A: Public speaking is important because it enhances effective communication, improves presentation skills, and allows individuals to express themselves confidently. It is a crucial skill in both personal and professional growth.

Q: How can I overcome stage fright?

A: To overcome stage fright, you can try techniques such as deep breathing exercises, visualization, and positive self-talk. Practicing your speech multiple times and seeking support from a speaking coach can also help boost your confidence.

Q: How can I master vocal projection and body language?

A: To master vocal projection, practice speaking from your diaphragm, use proper breath support, and vary your vocal tone and volume. For body language, focus on maintaining an upright posture, using gestures to emphasize key points, and making eye contact with your audience.

Q: How can I improve my speech writing skills?

A: To improve your speech writing skills, consider the structure of your speech, include engaging storytelling elements, and use persuasive techniques to captivate your audience. Practice delivering your speech out loud and seek feedback from others for further improvement.

Q: What are effective communication techniques for public speaking?

A: Effective communication techniques for public speaking include speaking clearly and concisely, actively listening to your audience, and adapting your message to suit different audiences. Nonverbal cues such as facial expressions and body language also play a crucial role in effective communication.

Q: Which are the best public speaking blogs to follow in 2023?

A: The best public speaking blogs to follow in 2023 are [blog name 1], [blog name 2], and [blog name 3]. These blogs provide valuable insights, tips, and techniques to improve your public speaking skills and overcome stage fright.

Q: What are some popular public speaking hashtags for social media engagement?

A: Some popular public speaking hashtags for social media engagement include #PublicSpeakingTips, #ConfidentSpeaking, and #PresentationSkills. These hashtags can help you connect with a wider audience and discover relevant content.

Q: How can I find the right speaking coach?

A: To find the right speaking coach, look for qualities such as expertise in public speaking, experience working with individuals with stage fright, and positive reviews from previous clients. It’s important to have a good rapport with your coach and communicate your goals and expectations clearly.

Q: What are some public speaking hacks for quick improvement?

A: Some public speaking hacks for quick improvement include recording and reviewing your speeches, practicing in front of a mirror, and focusing on your strengths as a speaker. Additionally, studying and emulating successful speakers can provide valuable insights for enhancing your skills.