Best Soccer Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Soccer, also known as football in many parts of the world, is the world’s most popular sport, capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally.

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter of a specific team or have a general passion for the sport, soccer blogs offer a treasure trove of information, analysis, and community interaction for enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of soccer blogs, providing an industry overview, showcasing the top 20 niche websites and blogs, and discussing trending topics and keywords that dominate this dynamic landscape.

Soccer Blogs and Hashtags
Soccer is loved by billions of sports fans throughout the world.

Soccer Website Industry Overview

The soccer blogging industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, mirroring the increasing popularity and global reach of the sport.

Soccer blogs cater to diverse aspects of the game, providing coverage on leagues, tournaments, player analysis, transfer news, tactics, and much more.

The industry encompasses a wide range of websites and blogs, each offering unique perspectives, expert insights, and engaging content for soccer enthusiasts worldwide.

Top 20 Soccer Websites and Blogs

  1. As one of the most prominent soccer websites, offers comprehensive coverage of soccer news, match reports, transfer rumors, and exclusive interviews.
  2. BBC Sport – Football: The BBC Sport Football section provides extensive coverage of soccer, including news, live scores, match analysis, and feature articles.
  3. ESPN FC: ESPN FC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis, and commentary on soccer leagues worldwide, along with video highlights and interviews.
  4. The Guardian – Football: The Guardian’s Football section offers insightful coverage, opinion pieces, and features on soccer from around the globe.
  5. Marca: Marca, a Spanish sports newspaper, provides comprehensive coverage of soccer, focusing primarily on Spanish football but also covering international events.
  6. Sky Sports – Football: Sky Sports’ Football section offers live scores, news, and expert analysis of domestic and international soccer competitions.
  7. FourFourTwo: FourFourTwo features a mix of articles, interviews, and analysis covering various aspects of soccer, including tactics, player profiles, and historical features.
  8. Bleacher Report – Soccer: Bleacher Report’s soccer section covers a wide range of soccer-related topics, including news, features, and viral videos.
  9. Football365: Football365 provides up-to-date news, opinion pieces, and analysis on soccer, covering both domestic and international football.
  10. TalkSport – Football: TalkSport’s Football section features news, interviews, and debates on the latest soccer happenings from around the world.
  11. Soccerladuma: Soccerladuma covers South African and international soccer news, focusing on African football and providing in-depth analysis and features.
  12. The Athletic – Soccer: The Athletic’s soccer section offers in-depth articles, analysis, and exclusive features from a team of knowledgeable soccer writers.
  13. Soccer America: Soccer America covers the latest soccer news, features, and analysis, with a focus on the United States’ soccer landscape.
  14. Football Italia: Football Italia provides coverage of Italian soccer,

Trending Soccer Topics and Keywords

When it comes to trending niche topics and keywords in the soccer blogging realm, several themes stand out. These include:

  1. Transfer rumors and speculation
  2. Match previews and analysis
  3. Player profiles and interviews
  4. Tactical breakdowns and strategies
  5. International tournaments and national teams
  6. Fantasy soccer tips and advice
  7. Youth development and emerging talent
  8. Women’s soccer and gender equality in the sport
  9. Historical moments and iconic matches
  10. Soccer culture, fan experiences, and chants

By incorporating these trending topics and keywords into their content, soccer bloggers can attract a larger audience and enhance their search engine visibility.


Soccer blogs serve as invaluable resources for fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of the beautiful game. With a diverse range of websites and blogs covering different leagues, tournaments, and aspects of the sport, soccer enthusiasts can stay up to date with the latest news, access expert analysis, and engage in lively discussions.

By exploring the top soccer websites and blogs, enthusiasts can find a wealth of information and insights to fuel their passion for the game. With trending niche topics and relevant keywords, soccer bloggers can connect with their audience and contribute to the vibrant soccer community online.