How Bloggers Can Use vcita to Sell Packages of Coaching Hours

I hear it all the time from bloggers. They’ve honed their craft and are great at creating meaningful and effective content, but they struggle to monetize their content effectively

While there are a variety of options available, most models for making money as a blogger will not actually earn you a living unless you are lucky to have millions of page views per month. Offering premium coaching packages is one of the few exceptions, as it allows even those with a modest audience to make a meaningful income.

By selling coaching bundles on your site, you’ll be able to earn significant income without needing to convince many customers to buy. It’s a way to offer readers a way to receive your personal attention and for you to make use of your subject expertise. 

Bloggers might have shied away from this option in the past because of the complexity of getting everything set up. Not too long ago, it was pretty overwhelming to work out how to accept payments and give customers the flexibility they need when booking sessions.

Luckily, you can use vcita to manage this all for you with ease now, so there’s nothing to stop you from taking your blog to the next level.

Why You Should Bundle

The financial benefits of selling coaching through your blog are obvious. Yet you might not have considered the advantages of offering package deals of hours, over simply offering individual sessions. 

Many coaches only allow their clients to buy one session at a time, which makes for an easier sale when converting blog visitors, but it also means they’re missing out on easy revenue. You can still start by offering a free or inexpensive one-off video call to start, but once people get a feel for what you offer as a thought leader (through your blog) in addition to what you offer as a coach (through a sample meeting), packages are clearly the way to go.

When customers see the option to buy sessions in bulk, they may realize that a sequence of coaching sessions can help them achieve their goals faster. This turns a one-off interaction into a committed relationship. 

Of course, you should price the bundle accordingly, which means much higher revenue per customer and greater predictability in your future income. But when you offer a bulk discount, it can also help incentivize the buy, which turns it into a win-win.

Because it “productizes” your services, the bundle model focuses on results, not the time you spend. This gives you the license to increase the value of your time as you become more effective, and vcita’s “Packages” features make this easy.

Empower Your Customers

It’s critical to have an optimized checkout process for your bundles, as a 2021 SaleCycle report calculated the global online shopping cart average abandonment rate as 81%. When you use vcita, you can be sure your customers have a high quality interaction with your brand.

Your customers will see their potential options laid out in a professional and clean manner. They will find all the details they need to make an informed decision in front of them. Customers have a clear path to payment, with minimal unneeded clicks to get there – vcita makes their lives easier because they only need to checkout once, regardless of how many sessions they are buying.

The best part for customers is after they’ve paid, you can set up the system to invite them to a self-service portal, where they can book their sessions, buy further products from you, message with you and download files, such as past invoices and learning materials that you share. 

It’s a great way to show coaching clients that they are in safe hands. No one wants to trade emails on a long chain just to reconcile payments with sessions redeemed, or to find a time which works for both of you.

Configure Your Bundle

The actual process of creating your first bundle is seamless. Once you’ve got your account created, you just need to go Settings > Coupons and Packages and select Add Package.

From here, you fill in the Package Name, Package Description, and Package Expiration then add an image.

The next step is to decide whether the coaching bundle allows the buyer to redeem against any type of coaching or only a specific type. You also select how many sessions are included. The possibilities are endless here, and you can instead select “Combination of services” and give the customer a set amount of each service you offer.

Finally, you add the price and ensure “Package can be purchased online” is checked. This information can then be displayed on your site for visitors to buy.

It’s important to note that there is total freedom to give customers something outside the base configurations. You can offer discount pricing for specific people or groups or even to fill up the last few spots on your schedule. 

You can then offer your package deal via vcita’s customizable website widgets, or simply create buttons and banners using the tools of your choice and set them to send people to your vcita-powered product landing pages. 

Get Started in Minutes

Adding coaching bundles to your site using vcita is simple and could make a huge difference to the profitability of your blog. The pricing is reasonable, with different tiers to suit different needs. It’s a bargain when you see the extensive modules included.

If you run your blog alone, you add this feature alongside many others for just $19 per month. vcita is currently offering a 14-day free trial, which is plenty of time for you to set up and get your first few customers onboarded.