The Perfect Viking Costume for Men: A Complete Guide

For centuries, Vikings have been immortalized in popular culture. They are fierce warriors with their iconic horned helmets and fur-lined cloaks. And it’s no wonder that men are drawn to embodying these legendary characters through a Viking costume.

But what makes a perfect Viking costume for men? Is it just about the accessories or is there more to it? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know before donning your own Viking costume. Keep reading to learn more.

The Perfect Viking Costume for Men: A Complete Guide

Essentials of a Viking Costume

A Viking costume for men typically consists of a few key components:


The Viking tunic is at the heart of the Viking costume for men. It’s typically made from sturdy, rough-hewn fabric, in earthy tones like brown, black, or gray. The design is simple, with long sleeves and a hemline that reaches the ankles.

Some tunics feature patterns around the hem and neckline, adding a touch of authenticity. The tunic is usually loose-fitting, allowing for movement and comfort. The Viking tunic doesn’t just provide a historically accurate look, it also gives the wearer a sense of the Viking Warrior spirit.

Viking Legwear

Viking legwear is a vital part of the Viking costume for men. It typically includes trousers or pants made from a sturdy, rough fabric, similar to the tunic. These pants are usually loose, yet well-fitted around the waist, for ease of movement. They can be found in earthy, muted colors such as black, brown, or gray.

The Viking legwear is designed in a manner to protect the Vikings from the harsh Scandinavian weather. Hence, it is common to see Viking trousers lined with fur for extra warmth. Some versions of Viking pants also feature lacing or ties at the ankles, adding to the authenticity of the costume.

Breeches and knee-length trousers were also common, often worn with leg wraps or ‘winningas’. These wraps provide extra warmth and protection. They were long strips of cloth wound tightly around the lower leg, from ankle to knee, and could be fastened with hooks.

Viking legwear is not just about functionality, but also about embodying the Viking spirit. Choosing the right legwear is crucial to creating a convincing Viking costume for men.


The Viking belt is more than just a functional accessory; it’s an essential part of a Viking costume. It is typically made of leather, often wide and robust, giving the costume a rugged and authentic feel. The color of the belt usually matches the earthy tone of the tunic and trousers, often in shades of brown or black.

The real charm of a belt lies in its buckle. Viking buckles were often made of metal, featuring intricate designs and symbols from Norse mythology. Many Viking belts also had additional decorative elements, like metal studs or embroidery, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the Viking costume.

Beyond aesthetics, the belt had a practical purpose. It was used to hang important items such as a pouch for small belongings, a knife for utility, or even a drinking horn. By adding these elements to your belt, you can further enhance the authenticity of your costume.


Viking boots are a crucial element of the Viking costume. They are usually made of sturdy leather, ensuring durability and comfort. These boots often reach up to the calf, providing extra warmth and protection, crucial to the harsh Scandinavian climate.

The boots are typically tied in leather laces, a feature that adds to their authenticity. Some Viking boots also have fur lining, enhancing the rugged and warrior-like aesthetic of the costume. Remember, the right pair of boots not only completes your Viking costume but also connects you to the Viking spirit of resilience and exploration.

Embracing the Warrior Spirit

Viking Accessories

Viking accessories are the finishing touches to a perfect Viking costume for men. They help to enhance the overall look and add a layer of authenticity.

Often, the image of a Viking is incomplete without a horned Viking helmet. Despite the historical accuracy of this accessory being debated, it remains a popular choice for Viking costumes. It added a fierce and powerful touch to the overall ensemble.

A fur cloak is another quintessential Viking accessory. It provides warmth and protection, mimicking the harsh Scandinavian climate the Vikings endured. The cloak is often made of faux fur and adds a rugged element to the costume.

A Viking warrior costume wouldn’t be complete without a shield and sword. These are symbols of the Viking’s strength and courage. They can be made of lightweight materials, ensuring they’re easy to carry around.

One accessory that’s often overlooked yet significant is Thor’s hammer necklace. The hammer represents a symbol of protection and power in Norse mythology. Wearing a hammer necklace adds a touch of authenticity to your Viking costume. It also connects you to the rich lore and legends of the Viking era.

Makeup and Tattoos in Viking Costumes

Makeup and tattoos can greatly enhance the authenticity of a Viking costume for men. Vikings were known for their elaborate tattoos, a symbol of their warrior spirit and tribal affiliations. Temporary tattoo kits are available in the market, allowing you to create intricate Norse designs on your arms, chest, or face.

As for makeup, it plays a subtle yet essential role in a Viking costume. Darkening the eyebrows, adding a bit of a rugged, weathered look to the face, or even outlining the eyes with kohl can add to your warrior persona. Remember, the aim is to reflect the hardy and fearsome Viking spirit.

When deciding on makeup and tattoos, consider the character you wish to portray. A Viking chieftain may have more elaborate tattoos than a common warrior. Be sure to research and choose designs that resonate with your chosen Viking persona. Remember, makeup and tattoos are an extension of your costume and can significantly contribute to achieving an authentic Viking look.

Embracing the Warrior Spirit: Perfecting Your Viking Costume for Men

Crafting the perfect Viking costume for men is an exciting journey into the rich history and mythology of the Norse people. With attention to detail and a touch of creativity, you can transform into a formidable Viking warrior, ready to embark on epic quests and conquer new lands.

Whether you’re donning this costume for a special event or simply for the joy of embracing your inner adventurer, the key is to have fun and let the spirit of the Vikings guide your transformation. Skol!

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