West Coast Dealz Review – How to Make Money Flipping Products

Many people have been looking into ways to broaden their income stream, which comes in many forms.

Whether you’re a business owner, retailer or Amazon reseller, you’re always thinking about the next steps.

That’s where West Coast Dealz enters, where you’re able to grow your online reselling business and make an income doing something innovative and new.

The good news is that they are currently accepting new members on their program, looking to expand and grow and looking for results.

In this review, you will learn more about WestCoastDeals and everything that must be considered prior to signing up. Let’s start by understanding the services offered.

What is West Coast Dealz?

West Coast Dealz is made up of two people, known as Sam and Misty. Sam operates West Coast Goodz, and Misty operates West Coast Gemz. Together they make up the dynamic pair that has mastered the art of reselling.

Since 2007, they have come a long way when they saw the potential that reselling could have. They had a blackberry for sale, and they resold it, but the resale brought them double what they paid for it. In a sense, they were flipping deals, buying products and reselling them at a profit.

For years, they have understood the importance of the resale industry but found that many teachers were not always forthcoming with information that could help people. By 2017, things shifted, and they built an online learning system that would show people like you the in’s and outs of reselling with eBay and Amazon. Additionally, in 2019 they decided to get even more practical by creating the West Coast Dealz group that helps people find items online that are sure to generate a profit.

That’s the story and what the company has done, helping hundreds of people generate 6 and 7 figures in their business.

You may be wondering what’s in their deals and how it may help you. Let’s consider this in the next section below.

What West Coast Dealz Offers to It’s Members

When you become a part of West Coast Dealz, you will have access to countless benefits.

I’ve included details surrounding these details below:

  • Instant price alerts on deals that you may never have heard of before and deals that may not have seemed profitable but are.
  • Countless deals provide variety in terms of the price points as well as the category it serves.
  • You don’t have to keep any lists and manually update them because West Coast Dealz has the information available instantly, and it’s consistently updated.
  • There is a community of individuals who have become resellers and mastered the tricks of the trade. You can use the available chat rooms and share best practices with these individuals.
  • You get customer service available around the clock, where ten administrators and moderators are at your beck and call to support you in finding profitable products.
  • The service tells you where to source the products and which would be most likely to make the most profit. 
  • The group provides 50% retail and 50% online arbitrage, meaning you have eBay and Amazon leads.
  • Gain swift access to all the automation, tools and bots needed to run your business without learning how to code.
  • With 98% retention of resellers seeking to make a success of the business, you will likely see this group as your stepping stone to enhanced business.
  • As a member, there have been multiple reports of testimonials of people seeing an increase in their return on investment after month one.
  • Each member will receive notifications during the day with the most relevant leads.
  • Comprehensive support staff that help you understand the deals and help you ensure your deals are profitable.
  • Aside from providing 100’s of deals per month, you’ll be part of an exclusive group of resellers who will share best practices. This means answers to burning questions too.
  • Get potential affiliate commissions of up 50%, which would be paid weekly to you.

Included in Each West Coast Dealz Membership

There are many perks that you can expect when you decide to choose a deal.

This has been included below for you:

  • You will get the prices at a cost resell price. This means higher profits from each sale.
  • Detailed information on where to buy the products specifically.
  • Highlights of where to sell your products for the best results.
  • A range of comparable products that has been sold, helping you learn more about products that sell faster.

Additionally, along with the deals highlighted above, you will receive the following:

  • There will be mentoring and support from a range of individuals.
  • This includes access to West Coast Goodz, West Coast Gemz and West Coast Flipz and many more expert resellers that can help you grow your business.
  • Live Zoom calls on Wednesday and Saturday with experienced guest speakers who will share tips on growing a business.
  • Rewards in the form of giveaways weekly to keep you motivated and pushing forward.
  • Sneaker drops
  • Full availability and access to Amazon Un-gating guides
  • Up to date monitoring of items to confirm if it is in stock or out of stock.
  • eBay viewers.

Looking in detail at the deal can be so helpful in choosing the right opportunity, but it’s also a good idea to compare the different pricing for each service. Let’s consider this next.

West Coast Dealz Pricing

You can expect the following pricing for West Coast Dealz at the time of writing.







Every 6 months




There are many different pricing that will suit your current situation. The good news is that you can always choose a package, test the service out for a month, then extend as necessary.

Next, let’s move onto a summary of the benefits to expect.

Benefits of WCD

WestCoastDeals offers many opportunities if you are currently running a reseller business and not making the desired income. In addition to that, please see a list of further benefits to expect:

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s best guides.
  • Perfect for online arbitrage.
  • Help keep profits up when retail sales are not optimal.
  • Supportive courses and founders.
  • Quick and long-lasting results.
  • Receive daily online leads and tools and resources.
  • Ability to create another stream of income through the affiliate program earning 50% of commission for group membership and sales.

In the next section, you will learn about areas that you should consider before using West Coast Dealz.

Additional Things to Consider

As with most new opportunities, some areas must be considered.

These areas have been summarized for you below.

  • Consider your budget and which plan will work best for your current business.
  • Review the time needed to invest in applying the resources available.
  • Test out the service using the monthly package, then once in, make adjustments to your plan.

Final Thoughts on West Coast Dealz

It’s likely you have reviewed the opportunity present and wondered if it is helpful for your business. The public reviews have indicated that the service provides many benefits and support that is needed when growing a reseller business.

You may have noticed that the company has become well versed in the reselling business, buying products and services at lower rates than expected, marking them up and reselling or packing for better prices.

The service offers you all the experience the founders have gleaned over the last 14 years of working in the industry. In that sense, whether you are starting your reselling journey or a seasoned reseller looking for results, the service will offer courses and guides that are practical and easy to understand and apply.

More than anything, it’s a service that is about teaching you how to grow your reselling business by connecting with other like-minded individuals. Naturally, consider that the reselling industry is challenging, and this will take time to get started, but with proper direction and support, you will get there much faster than expected.

If you need a solution that caters to your business and if you want first-hand guidance on how to succeed, then learn more about how to join the West Coast Dealz team. Sign up and grow your reselling business.