West Seattle Blog Reviewed and How to Start a News Blog of Your Own

Blogs can serve some different purposes. From personal blogs to business or family blogs, they can help you reach more of your target audience than other types of digital assets. A blog can serve as one of your most important digital properties that you use to keep your customers and audience up-to-date on your company or projects.

In the News

If you are a news agency, a blog can be a great place to put your online news publication. Check out the West Seattle Blog and see what they have done with their online news agency on their blog. They have some different stories and features that interest their target audience, which is composed mostly of local West Seattle residents who want to keep up on what is going on in their city and surrounding area.

The West Seattle Blog

The West Seattle Blog uses their platform to share news items that are of interest to West Seattle residents. They focus on issues that are of interest to people who live in the Seattle area and include elements that are of public concern such as job fairs, community meetings, and events that affect West Seattle residents. They say that they publish news “24/7” and work on putting out important news stories that are relevant to their target audience.

In the News

The main part of their blog is focused on the daily news. They have several entries on various topics on any particular day, and they add to the posts as the story develops, so the news will be fresh. Check out the Traffic Transit section. They keep people informed about the traffic conditions in Seattle through this section. Other sections include a section on Community to Comedy, where they feature local events. Videos are often included to enhance the content.

They also have a Seattle Crime Watch segment that includes the latest news about local thefts or other crimes that were committed most recently in the area. This helps community members to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Seattle area and keep them alert to crimes as they happen.

Each “section” is a different blog post, but they tend to try to cover a variety of different topics and categories when they publish a new day’s blog articles. If you read their blog, you will see that they have a good grasp of what is important to their readers and work to address the concerns of their subscribers.

Tips to Use for Building Your News Blog

If you plan to make news your focus on your blog, it is important to remember a few things:

1. Keep the content fresh and current.– The news is “new.” That’s why it is called, “news.” Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your news current if you are going to call yourself a news service. Blogs can be used as a way to keep a community up with the latest happenings. But once you get an audience, you need to make sure you do a good job of posting the latest news.

2. Make sure your news stories can be corroborated and verified.– There is so much propaganda and fake news these days that it is more important than ever that your news publication stand out as one that tells people the truth at all times. You should double and triple-check your sources to make sure they got their information from credible sources and not just take their word for it.

Becoming a reliable news source is not easy, but you can do it if you focus on getting accurate news to people promptly.

3. Include media such as video to increase engagement levels.– If you include media like videos and photos, you will improve your credibility as a news agency. Whether you are running a national or a local community news blog, using media to enhance your message helps to build your credibility and increase the level of engagement.

4. Include other features to generate more interest in the blog.

– The West Seattle Blog also features a Jobs page that features local jobs in the Seattle area, a weather page that shows the local Seattle weather, and other links users can click on to learn more about various topics.

Building a News Blog

If you always wanted to start a news blog, but you weren’t sure where to begin, you can start by getting a WordPress blog. WordPress makes it easy to create and maintain a news blog or any blog that you wish to create using their downloadable software and plugin.

They also have several other plugins that you can use to enhance your blog including contact forms, stats tools, and others you can download right from the WP site. Also, there are plenty of additional third-party plugins that you can use with your WordPress site to give your readers more options and make posting more convenient and easy.

Why create a news blog?

One of the most effective ways of generating traffic today online is with news stories. People flock to social media, blog, and online forums to get information that they want to know in a hurry. If you feature real news that tells the truth about any topic of interest to your readers, you may be able to increase your readership immensely.

Just remember that “with greatness comes great responsibility.” Winston Churchill said this first, and it is still applicable today. If you start a news blog, be sure that you get your information from reliable sources that you can trust and choose some other assets to add to your news page to increase your readership.

Go to our main page if you want to get started with your news blog and reread the West Seattle Blog to see what is making their news blog so successful. You may get some great ideas just from seeing what others are doing that will help you launch and maintain your successful news blog.