25 Powerful Women Featured in Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine, one of the most popular magazines in the world today was founded in 1981. Accessible through both a print and digital version, this publication is dedicated to covering topics related to women’s health and wellness.

From exercise and nutrition tips to beauty advice and relationship advice, Women’s Health offers a comprehensive guide for modern women. In addition to the print magazine, Women’s Health also publishes online content and has an active social media presence.

In recent years, Women’s Health has also become known for their strong emphasis on body positivity and promoting self-love. The magazine regularly features plus-size models on their covers and incorporates diverse bodies into their photoshoots. They also frequently tackle tough issues such as eating disorders or body shaming in a frank but approachable manner.

Overall, Women’s Health is a go-to resource for women looking to improve their overall health and happiness. From physical wellness to mental health and everything in between, Women’s Health has it covered.

Women's Health Magazine
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25 Women Sharing their Expertise and Stories in Women’s Health Magazine Over the Years

1. Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of Women’s Health this month, discussing her daily fitness routine and tips for staying motivated.

2. Singer Kelly Clarkson opens up about her struggle with weight and finding self-acceptance in the July issue.

3. In August, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba shares insights on balancing work and motherhood while prioritizing her health.

4. Former First Lady Michelle Obama talks about her journey to becoming a fitness role model in September’s issue.

5. October features tennis star Serena Williams, who discusses the importance of rest and recovery in her intensive training regime.

6. Actress Jennifer Aniston discusses finding balance between indulging herself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the November issue.

7. December’s cover star, country singer and actress Jana Kramer, shares her experiences with postpartum depression and maintaining mental wellness.

8. In January, actress and fashion mogul Blake Lively talks about staying fit during pregnancy and bouncing back after giving birth.

9. Singer Demi Lovato opens up about her road to recovery from addiction and eating disorders in February’s issue.

10. March features Gigi Hadid, who discusses finding confidence in embracing her athletic figure and staying fit while traveling for work.

11. April’s cover star is reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, who discusses her transformation through fitness and learning to love her body.

12. May’s issue features model and body positivity advocate Ashley Graham, who discusses the importance of self-love and body acceptance.

13. In June, actress and activist Kerry Washington opens up about balancing motherhood with her busy career while prioritizing her health.

14. Singer Meghan Trainor shares how she learned to love her curves and embrace a healthy lifestyle in July’s issue.

15. August features Orange Is The New Black star Danielle Brooks, who talks about the challenges of staying fit during her pregnancy and embracing her new body afterwards.

16. September’s cover star is singer Halsey, who discusses finding balance in the pressure to be thin and her love for food.

17. October’s issue features actress Gabrielle Union, who opens up about her struggles with fertility and how she prioritizes self-care in all aspects of her life.

18. November’s cover star is model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, who talks about feeling confident in her changing body after giving birth and enjoying a balanced diet.

19. December features Rebel Wilson, discussing the importance of body positivity and loving yourself at any size.

20. January’s cover star is actress Kate Hudson, who opens up about the challenges of balancing motherhood with staying fit.

21. February features singer Kelly Rowland, discussing her journey to becoming a fitness role model and the importance of self-care.

22. March’s cover star is actress January Jones, who discusses finding balance in motherhood and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

23. April features former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher, discussing her struggle with body image and how she learned to love herself.

24. May’s cover star is actress Sofia Vergara, who opens up about embracing aging and staying fit as she gets older.

25. June features singer Gwen Stefani, discussing her love for fitness and how it helps her cope with stress in the entertainment industry.

Facts About Women’s Health Magazine

1. Women’s Health first hit newsstands in 2005, but its roots date back to the early 1980s with the launch of Men’s Health magazine. Also, be sure to check out their official YouTube channel.

2. The magazine has a global reach, with 28 international editions.

3. In 2017, it was named Adweek’s “Hottest Magazine” for the second year in a row.

4. Each month, the magazine features a different female celebrity on the cover and delves into topics such as fitness, nutrition, sex and relationships, and career success.

5. In addition to creating original content, Women’s Health also partners with celebrities like Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles to create fitness videos for their website.

6. The magazine also offers a popular subscription service called “The Box,” which delivers curated fitness and wellness products to subscribers every month.

7. In 2016, the magazine launched its first annual Women’s Health Week to promote healthy living among readers.

8. In addition to the print publication, Women’s Health has an active presence on social media, with over 5 million followers on Instagram alone.

9. The magazine’s tagline is “Feel Strong, Look Sexy, Live Your Best Life.”

10. In 2020, the magazine launched “Women Up,” an initiative aimed at amplifying diverse female voices and promoting gender equality in the wellness industry.

Women's Health YouTube
In addition to a print and digital magazine, Women’s Health has it’s own YouTube channel.

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