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    I've created a complete course and support community for everything you need to grow a successful blogbrand and business on the internet. 

    All based off the same principles that helped me get to where I am today!

    I'm Zac Johnson, and I want to help you make money online!

    Thanks to my blog and online business I've been able generate millions of dollars online, travel the worldspeak at various conferences, provide a keynote in Australia and meet with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry and much more!

    I've also been featured in several magazines and news publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal and many more.

    I was also featured on FOX News anABC News... all thanks to my blog!

    I was also featured in a documentary called "Living Dot Com" and got to walk the red carpet while at the movie premier in Hollywood, California!

    As a result of the branding and exposure through my blog, I also launched my own podcast where I talk with hugely successful entrepreneurs & celebrities!

    And I've even called out to some of these experts to help you along the way!

    Blogging Heroes & Marketing Experts Interviews within each Course!

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8 Modules of Intense Blog & Affiliate Marketing Training
  • #1 - Jumpstart Your Blogging Success  - Over 100 million blogs are on the internet today, get a jump stat with this first set of videos and leap ahead of the competition.
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  • #2 - How to Dominate Wordpress  - Wordpress is the best platform out there for blogging. Don't waste time using the platform blindly, we have an awesome video series to show you what you need to know.
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  • #3 - Master SEO & Create Killer Content  - Every successful blog needs to have killer content and rank at the top of the search results. We show what's working and how to do the same.
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  • #4 - Explode Your Social Media Marketing - Discover how to tap into over 1.3 billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
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  • #5 - Cash in with Affiliate Marketing & Adsense - Turn your blog into a cash machine by monetizing it with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.
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  • #6 - Blog Monetization: How the Big Boys Make Money! - Bring your blog earnings to the next level by learning from the best blogs in the world. Must see videos for monetizing a blog.
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  • #7 - Automate Your Blog with List Building & Sales Funnels  - Put your blog on auto-pilot by building a powerful mailing list and sales funnel that generates leads and revenue while you sleep.
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  • #8 - Buy & Sell Blogs for 10-20X Profit!  - Master the art of buying and selling web sites, blogs and domains for 10-20 times earnings. This industry is huge and with enough money to go around!
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Inside You'll Discover 
Everything You Need to Find Success Online

  • Inside the Members Area
    • 8 Modules  -- Over 100+ training videos broken down into eight solid courses
    • Video Directory -- Tons of extra bonus videos in addition to the 8 module course videos
    • Private Forum  -- Members share their experiences, ask questions and also get full support
    • Featured Experts  -- Each module contains exclusive interviews & tips with high profile bloggers.
  • Featured Experts
    • Jeremy Schoemaker 
      Famous for his $132,994.97 Google Adsense check, Jeremy has catapulted his success through the use of his ShoeMoney blog. Now with several successful web sites and businesses sold under his belt, Jeremy shares his story of success and how you can get the most out of your blog. 
    • Neil Patel
      As one of the most well known and smartest SEO and content creators in the world, Neil shares his tips for how to create engaging content that results in more traffic, search rankings and links back to your site. These simple and actionable tips are a must for every blogger, no matter what niche you are in!
    • John Chow
      No introduction needed on this one! John Chow went from writing about his favorite foods, to how he's earning over $40,000 a month from blogging... oh wait, now he's earning over $1,000,000 a year from his blog -- all thanks to his amazing list building tactics and sales funnel which he shares with you!
    • Syed Balkhi
      Over 70% of the people that visit your site will never come back! Capture their email and keep them for life! OptInMonster co-founder, Syed Balkhi shares his best tips for how to increase opt-in rates and build your mailing list like ever before.
    • Ian Cleary
      Creating amazing content isn't enough, you also need to know how to use social media to explode traffic to your site after the blog post goes live. Ian Cleary has one of the top social media marketing blogs in the world and tells you how to do the same!
    • John Rampton
      Build a powerful name and brand for yourself when John Rampton tells you how he went from a no name in this industry to writing for Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur and many other top 100 sites. John is the "go to" source for everything and everyone in Silicon Valley.
    • Spencer Haws
      Discover what it takes to create killer niche sites that rank at the top of the search results and make money through the use of Google Adsense and Amazon's affiliate program. Spencer has made a full time living off his niche sites and is also the creator of Long Tail Pro, one of the most successful long tail research softwares on the internet today!
    • Kevin Muldoon
      An experienced blogger, affiliate marketer and master at Wordpress. Kevin shares his advice on how to best setup Wordpress for your sites, create amazing content and also how he's racked up over six figures in successful blog sales!
What the Experts are Saying:

Zac is a pro at internet monetization and has helped tens of thousands of people (if not more) achieve their dreams and make money online. Definitely one of the top go to experts if you want to learn how to make money on the internet from someone who has actually done it themselves."

Jeremy Schoemaker - Author of “Nothings Changed But My Change”

With over 2 million in referred earnings, Zac Johnson is the referral king. Over the last 5 years Zac has consistently brought Neverblue strong new talent to our network allowing both of our businesses to grow. Thank you again Zac for all of your hard work and dedication, we can't wait to see what the next 5 years will bring."

Leanne Lowe - Senior Marketing Manager, Neverblue

If you want to learn online marketing, Zac has one of the strongest backgrounds to help. Zac helped me become the blogger I am today. I wasn't making a dollar online when I started, now I'm making a full time living in Silicon Valley. I attribute a lot of this to Zac Johnson.”

John Rampton - Managing Editor,

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