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Well, not quite on Shark Tank but on the site of a fellow Shark Tank site.  I Want To Draw A Cat For You featured on their site this week with this spectacular cat drawing! Thanks, we love the cat drawing! On Shark Tank might happen some day!

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Coed Magazine Mentions is going big.  Coed Magazine, a large teen magazine in the United States mentioned us in one of their posts today.  The posts talks about Craigslist and mentions us about mommy bloggers.  I know we’re not mommy bloggers but still, it’s cool to be mentioned in a magazine that has 11 Million teen girls […]

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This is the beginning steps of our own video that’s being put together for our customers to know how to use Blogging dot org!  We hope to have it up in the next coming weeks but are very excited to launch and get this going! Let us know your thoughts on the back end […]

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