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Most Expensive Keywords

Most Profitable Google Keywords & Adsense Niches

The next time you are trying to come up with a topic or idea for your site, it’s always good to consider all of your options while also looking at what some of the most profitable keywords and niches in the industry

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Demystifying some Myths That Continue to Rule Social Media and Content Marketing

The war has moved to the cyberspace. Big business houses are fighting it out over the web to claim their supremacy. Of course, there is no such bloodshed happening around the web, but being a marketer I have a terrible

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The Search Industry Is Evolving. Are You?

The SEO industry is facing a strange problem. Everyone seasoned web marketer around knows that the traditional ways of website optimization are slowly fading. If you attend a seminar or search conference you will come to realize that most SEO’s discuss the importance of doing ‘real marketing’

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4 Ways to Get Your Website Slapped by Google in 2013

4 Ways to Get Your Website “Slapped” by Google in 2013

With Google’s release of Penguin 2.0, and plans for additional search engine algorithm updates this summer, business owners and their webmasters must be more vigilant about the type and quality of content they put on their websites. Google’s summer updates have

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Checkout the Top 5 Ways to Write a Killer Content

The never ending debate between content and SEO is almost over after Google slapped many over optimized blogs with un-clear and non readable content. As content is the backbone of a good blog so we must always give stress on

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how to write your first e commerce blog post

6 WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Your SERP In 2013

Want to rank better on SERP, then why not check this list of 6 perfect wordpress SEO plugins for 2013. Today wordpress is no more just a simple blogging platform. Millions of internet marketers and webmasters are using it to

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Five Tips to Save Time and Money Creating SEO via WebHosting

If you are wondering why your carefully designed website isn’t being picked up by search engines and no matter how hard you try, your business is still loitering on page two or below of the search engine listings, then it’s

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Google Webmaster Videos Every Blogger Should Watch

Bloggers and website owners are always searching for ways on how they will improve the search engine results and Google can help with this issue. Google’s search engine which is uses various methods in order to identify which pages

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can you over optimize your blog

Can You Over Optimize Your Blog?

The new Google Penguin update brought many changes and one of them caused many sites to lose significant amounts of traffic. Just like you wouldn’t cut a cake with a chainsaw, you can over do it by optimizing your blog

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How To Decrease The Time Needed To Blog

One of the most time consuming parts of running a quality website is generating the content. Sometimes it can take extremely long to come up with a topic, to do research on the topic, write a draft, edit the draft,

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