About Zac Johnson and Blogging.org

About Zac Johnson and Blogging.org

The world of blogging and internet marketing is vast and the opportunities that come along with it are simply endless. Unfortunately, when it comes time to dive into the world of blogging and possibly starting a brand or business of your own, along comes wasted time, upfront costs and many frustrations. This is exactly what Blogging.org was created — to remove the frustrations and get you on the right path as soon as possible.

As a member of our private community, you will have access to eight weeks of training videos that walk you through the process of starting your first blog, understanding how to write content that not only works for you but also converts your readers into customers, how to use social media to your advance, the best ways to monetize your site and much more. In addition to the scheduled eight week course available to all members, we also include weekly interviews and videos with some of the smartest and most successful experts in the industry to help inspire you along the way.

While the eight week course is the backbone of what Blogging.org has to offer, the most powerful part of the site is within it’s private forum when members can communicate with each other, share their experiences and ask any questions that they might have.

In short, Blogging.org is the last training program you will ever need to buy, as we are a growing community that helps all of our members succeed in as many ways as possible.

Meet Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur, online marketer, blogger, author and podcaster… with the majority of these titles being as a result of his blog that was launched in 2007.

With nearly 20 years of experience in internet marketing and another seven years in blogging, Zac has taken everything he’s learned over the years and created Blogging.org. Zac can truly appreciate the power of blogging as much as anyone, as it’s greatly changed his life and business for the better since the launch of his main blog at ZacJohnson.com many years ago.

From speaking at various conferences all around the world, helping his readers generate millions of dollars through his tutorials and guides, to appearing on Fox News and ABC News and even being featured in a documentary that premiered in Beverly Hills, CA — all of this simply wouldn’t have been possible without his blog. Now Zac wants to take you by the hand and walk you through the same the same steps and principles that helped get him to where he is today! (read my detailed bio here)

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